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Is Detox Right for Me?

Recognizing that you have a problem with substance abuse is a challenging step. Knowing what you should do next can be particularly confusing as well.

With all these new thoughts and feelings, you might be wondering if detoxing from substances should be your next step. Before making any big decisions, it is important to be aware of the facts about detox and treatment. You can better make healthy decisions for yourself when you have more information.

Why Should I Detox?

The importance of detoxing before diving into the other aspects of treatment cannot be understated. You need to rid your body and mind of the substance you were using so you can begin treatment with a clear head. Detox allows you to start treatment with a clean slate. Once the substances are out of your body, you can begin addressing the underlying issues, including unresolved trauma, that led you to substance abuse in the first place. 

By beginning with detox, you are giving yourself the chance to heal and be your authentic self again. Rather than suppressing your thoughts and emotions with substances, you can begin processing your issues in a healthy and safe way. 

Also, you should never attempt the detox process alone. You need to be medically supervised to detox safely. Without this necessary care, you risk putting yourself in a dangerous scenario. When the body is deprived of the substance you have been abusing, you will experience withdrawal, which can result in death in some cases. In a medically supervised detox, medications are used to help individuals taper off substances in a controlled way and to manage withdrawal symptoms. In addition, you will have access to emergency medical help if it’s needed.

How Do I Decide?

If you are unsure if detox is what you should do, reach out to mental health and addiction specialists for more information about detox. These individuals can evaluate your substance abuse and any co-occurring mental health issues in order to gauge what might be the most beneficial for your treatment. They can help guide the way by giving you much-needed suggestions for your next steps.

Detox can seem intimidating. You might wonder if you need to detox at all. For most people, detox is a necessary first step in treatment, which can lead to long-term recovery. In order to safely detox, you need to be medically supervised. If you are unsure about what to do next, contact The Guest House. We offer medically supervised detox as part of our personalized, comprehensive treatment services. We provide round-the-clock care in our serene center in Central Florida. To begin healing, call us at (855) 483-7800.