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Learning to Become Functional in Leadership Roles

For most of your life, you avoided being the one in charge and making decisions. Being in a leadership role takes responsibility and, in some ways, bravery. However, some people have a fear of leadership, but this can be overcome, and you can learn to be a leader in a healthy and empowering way.

Being in a leadership role is a service in recovery, and it helps the person striving to learn to be a leader as well as those they are trying to help. Learning leadership traits in recovery is crucial because most of the characteristics that make someone a good leader are also traits that help someone on their recovery journey succeed. Leadership is a new personality trait for most people, and it will allow you to grow but takes time to develop.

Can You Develop the Ability to Be a Leader?

If you are self-aware, that is the first step toward leadership. It is possible to learn leadership skills. Self-awareness means you have the ability to communicate, influence people, and learn how to be agile in your thinking and your communication. These qualities of self-awareness can help you build a bridge of new opportunities and responsibility for everyone around you. Knowing your own weaknesses gives you the ability to grow, change, learn, and help others do the same.

What Are Leadership Qualities?

The following qualities can firm up resilience, commitment, and responsibility while in recovery from substance use disorder (SUD):

  • Learning from those around you
  • Being and supplying the support you need
  • Turning struggles into triumphs
  • Being open to new opportunities
  • Seeing things from more than one angle
  • Making the most out of what happens
  • Seeing the positives in everything
  • Being resilient and prepared for both success and failure
  • Planning
  • Adjusting to change
  • Understanding small victories can add up to success

Leadership is essential in recovery, as it identifies a vision for the group and helps create steps to get there. A leader demonstrates the behaviors and attitudes necessary to assist others in their recovery journey, making meaningful contributions and allowing others to do the same. This person can make tough decisions and keeps the recovery process on track and moving forward. Leadership is not a one-person task; everyone involved in the process can take a turn supporting the overall process. Call The Guest House to uncover how leadership can strengthen your recovery. Call (855) 483-7800 today.