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Making Sober Connections In Ocala

If you have completed your time in treatment, this is an accomplishment in and of itself. During your journey ahead, you will apply all that you have learned. Most likely, you have learned about the importance of sober connections. You may have explored how these connections are instrumental in your recovery.

As you consider how you can make more sober connections, perhaps you are weighing the pros and cons of staying in this area and starting your new life here. After all, you have received so much support from the Guest House and want to be nearby Ocala, Florida. Perhaps you like this environment and enjoy the way the palm trees blow in the wind and how you can smell salt water nearby. This article will discuss how to make sober connections in Ocala. We will also explore resources that the Guest House has to offer to connect you with sober communities outside of treatment.

Making Sober Connections at The Guest House

Making positive connections is difficult in general. When you add recovery to that mix, it can seem overwhelming. At The Guest House, we understand the way you may feel about this. We want to make this transition easier for you to navigate. That is why we offer an alumni program for everyone who completes treatment with us.

An alumni program can provide positive and sober connections throughout your recovery journey. What’s more, you are free to participate in the program as much or as little as you prefer. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), sobriety can most successfully be maintained long-term when a person is engaged with a recovery community.

What better what to engage in recovery than to have others around you who support every victory and provide hope when you need it? The following are the benefits of the alumni program at The Guest House:

  • Ongoing support
  • Like-minded peers
  • Healthy relationships
  • Sober connections
  • Fun sober activities
  • Opportunities for growth

Ocala Kava Bar Promotes Sober Connections

In the heart of Ocala, you will find a tea shop that promotes a sober community. Muddy Lotus Tea is a well-established beverage space that offers specialty non-alcoholic beverages. The locals say that when you enter through the doors, you will experience a comfortable and free-spirited atmosphere. You will enjoy a phone-free venue where people can peacefully enjoy the company of others.

This venue hosts experiences like drum circles, yoga, and singing classes. Muddy Lotus Tea offers a place to just sit and sip or play a friendly game of Jenga, darts, chalk walks, or card games. It is a relaxing and healing place where you can talk about the day’s stress and let it melt into your comfortable seat. While there, you also may enjoy sipping on your tea while staring at the mural painted by a local artist. All kinds of people come here to take part in this relaxing scene.

Exercise Your Way to Recovery Connections

The power of following a regular exercise routine in recovery is often underestimated. Exercise can seem daunting and you may not even know where to start. This is all too real of a reaction for most people. Yet, exercise in recovery can be a great way to facilitate sober connections. Not to mention it will help you feel better mentally and emotionally.

Part of what makes exercise beneficial is the structure and routine it provides. Signing up for an exercise class holds you accountable to someone else and could create a new relationship. For example, Zone Health and Fitness in Ocala offers a free five-day pass to new members. If you are not sure what works for you, you could give it a try for several days to get a taste of all that is offered.

At The Guest House, we believe in community connection within recovery. This is why we offer meditation and yoga, adventure therapy, and equine therapy. These activities take place outside and can provide exercise and an activity to look forward to.

Get Creative in Making Sober Connections

People love to connect by exhibiting their creations. Perhaps you are the artsy type of person that enjoys crafting, painting, coloring, drawing, or anything art-related. Making art is a form of connection through expression. In some cultures, people find connection through art. One way to express yourself and create connection could be to create art that heals the broken pieces of your past.

At The Guest House, we offer healing through art therapy. This therapy provides a venue that allows people to express themselves through whatever medium they choose. The misconception is that you have to be good at art or drawing to do it. However, as long as you create, you are expressing yourself, no matter what that looks like. You can use art to convey a sense of feeling through color. Creating with colors may allow you to identify your patterns of thought, emotions, and behavior.

Ocala Recovery Festival

The sixth annual Ocala recovery festival happens every year in September. This year, you can enjoy many people sharing their stories of overcoming substance abuse as well as music and special guests. This festival brings a sense of hope and encouragement to people’s journeys. What’s more, you will have the option to camp on the grounds. If this interests you, grab your camping gear and start planning for a weekend of hope, support, and connection in Ocala, Florida.

Treatment is hard work. On top of that, finding sober connections in recovery can be difficult. At The Guest House, we understand every bit of your struggle and we want to help you every step of the way. No matter how long you have been in recovery, you will be more successful when you have healthy and healing connections. In all seasons of your journey, we are here to provide you with guidance, love, and support. Connection is hard no matter what, but we have the resources to help make this transition easier for you. If you or someone you know is struggling and needs connection, we want to hear from you. Give us a call at (855) 483-7800.