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Seeking Trauma Treatment Prevents Harm

Mental health experts describe trauma as any upsetting experience that has a lasting effect on the person who experienced it. Trauma can happen to anyone. An important point to keep in mind is that what is traumatic for one person may not be for another. One person could be traumatized by the effects of chronic illness; another could return from combat and shake off the experience fairly easily. Trauma is not so much what happens to a person, but the effect that the experience has on them.

The ill effects that a person suffers from the event can be both physical and mental and can include (but not be limited to) anger, panic, anxiety, hopelessness, guilt, insomnia, headaches, and increased blood pressure. No matter how trauma comes about, seeking treatment can prevent further harm and lead to healing.

Traumatic Events and Experiences

Many people all across the United States struggle with the after-effects of traumatic events. The trauma could be a physical or psychological situation where they experienced extreme pain or emotion. Trauma in individuals’ lives can range from a single incident like a car accident to a repeated occurrence, like domestic violence.

No matter what type of trauma individuals experience, it impacts individuals for the rest of their lives. Anyone who exhibits symptoms of trauma needs help from a mental health professional to guide them through the experience and learn how to cope with it in the future. Some individuals who experience a traumatic event will relive the event in their minds and may turn to drugs or alcohol for relief.

Substance Use Disorders and Trauma

If a person is suffering from trauma, they are more apt to develop a substance use disorder than people who haven’t been through a traumatic experience. Since trauma can lead to substance abuse, many individuals will need treatment for both. Seeking treatment for trauma can prevent harm to those who have experienced trauma and the people around them.

In treatment, trauma survivors will process the experience and learn healthy coping mechanisms. Ultimately, they will heal and be able to live a life filled with purpose and happiness. If you struggle with substance abuse or have been through a traumatic event that has caused you to suffer emotionally or physically, remember there is hope and help.

At The Guest House, we want each client to find safety and security, especially if they have undergone a traumatic event or experience and struggle with substance use disorders as a result. We understand that dealing with trauma is complex, and we are ready to meet you where you are, with no judgment. We tailor an individualized treatment plan for each client, incorporating talk therapy and a range of holistic treatment options. For more information on treatment for trauma, be it for yourself or someone you love, call us at (855) 483-7800.