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Recognizing Triggers of Trauma Before Relapse Begins

Managing recovery is difficult enough without a history of trauma. When balancing your recovery from addiction to alcohol or other substances and behaviors, you might try to avoid people, places, and things that could trigger you to revert to old behaviors. However, when you are also recovering from trauma, avoidance of triggers is not alwaysRead More

Why Am I Angry?

Anger is a normal human emotion. Feeling irritable, annoyed, or even enraged isn’t something to worry about. Everyone experiences different levels of anger throughout a day, week, or month. What’s not normal is when anger escalates and becomes uncontrollable. When anger is uncontrollable, it’s not a normal reaction; it’s a problem. Can Anger Be Healthy?Read More

Addressing the Deeper Issues of Trauma and Substance Use

Most individuals who develop a substance use disorder (SUD) due to trauma never confront or effectively process their trauma; this results in a devastating relationship between trauma and substance use. Individuals with a SUD are more likely to experience traumatic events because of their lifestyle. Unfortunately, this leaves millions of people stuck in a damagingRead More

Handling Trauma After Leaving Treatment

Treatment provides us with a safe space to process emotions and traumas of the past. We hope going into treatment improved your life in a multitude of ways. Not only can treatment help you develop skills for recovery, but it can also help you process the beginnings of your addiction and the life events thatRead More

Is Role-Play Therapy Right for Me?

People use role-play to help them prepare for interviews, speeches, or meaningful conversations. Practicing what they’re going to say or identifying potential obstacles is how role-play can help. Role-play can also help you in your recovery. What Is Role-Play? Role-playing, also known as psychodrama, with two or more people helps transition you from a placeRead More

How to Start Treatment With a Trauma Treatment Center

Many individuals want to understand how to get started with a trauma treatment center. Due to the variety of self-defeating behaviors, trauma is most effectively handled and addressed with a professional’s advice and guidance in a trauma treatment center. Trauma treatment centers are comfortable and confidential, but how should you begin the journey of gettingRead More

Seeking Trauma Treatment Prevents Harm

Mental health experts describe trauma as any upsetting experience that has a lasting effect on the person who experienced it. Trauma can happen to anyone. An important point to keep in mind is that what is traumatic for one person may not be for another. One person could be traumatized by the effects of chronicRead More

Does My Body Store Trauma?

Many people have experienced or witnessed some trauma. Those traumatic experiences settle into the mind and body, manifesting psychological and physical symptoms. The idea that past traumatic experiences will disappear diminishes the impact the incident has on your life. Your mind can store memories tucked away until something triggers those memories. That’s why learning toRead More

What Is Forgotten Trauma?

The word trauma is thrown about, often without regard to its meaning. Trauma is not seeing a spider or not having your favorite food available when you want it. Distressing events or frightening experiences can create psychological or emotional responses that disrupt a person’s life. While most people can recall the events or person whoRead More

You Can Heal From Trauma

Going through traumatic experiences in your life doesn’t mean it will take control of everything. However, after going through addiction treatment, many individuals face the conflict of trauma, even if they worked on their issues with a therapist. It’s important to remember that the recovery process is different for each individual, and no one approachRead More