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Past Trauma and Personal Relationships

When faced with a traumatic event, it is normal to experience a variety of responses. Some people may react by shutting down emotionally or feeling numb. Others may feel as though they are on edge and unable to trust anyone. These are all natural reactions to trauma. However, it can be troubling when these responsesRead More

Move a Muscle, Change a Thought: Exercise and Coping With Trauma

After surviving a traumatic event, you may feel as though your life will never be the same. The aftereffects of trauma disorders can be devastating for anyone. It’s common to experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety, and other negative effects due to what you’ve been through. However, with the right coping mechanisms, you canRead More

Trauma Triggers: How Do I Handle Them in Recovery?

As you navigate through treatment, you may wonder about trauma you have experienced and how that will affect your recovery. You know that trauma has affected you in some shape or form. There is no right or wrong way to navigate your trauma. Each person handles events in their life differently. Trauma can take formRead More

Simple Routines to Combat Trauma

Mental health issues like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can impact anyone. There is no set formula for when and how a person experiences trauma, but the effects can be far-reaching. In the aftermath of trauma, it’s natural to feel scared, confused, and alone. However, there are many different ways you can begin to rebuild yourRead More

Understanding How Past Trauma Relates to Addiction

Understanding how past trauma relates to addiction can be a shocking discovery. Studies show that people who have been through traumatic experiences are more likely to start using drugs or alcohol later in life. This information can provide helpful insights into how best to help you heal from past traumas and begin your journey towardRead More

Do You Need to Forgive Your Abuser to Heal?

When former child actor Jenette McCurdy released her autobiography, I’m Glad My Mom Died, it sold out at every major retailer in less than 24 hours. The book tells McCurdy’s experiences with a physically, mentally, and emotionally abusive mother. Many readers related to McCurdy through her raw and dark-humored retelling. The book raised an importantRead More

How The Guest House Uses Music to Promote Trauma Healing

Music has the power to heal. In a world filled with stress, violence, and fear, music can help us cope. Music has been proven to reduce stress, increase empathy, and promote healing. Music therapy can be used to manage trauma symptoms and improve the quality of life for people who have experienced traumatic events. ReadRead More

How Can I Plan Ahead for a Trauma Anniversary?

If you’re preparing for a trauma anniversary, you may want to consider planning your actions ahead of time. Let’s discuss why trauma anniversaries impact you so much and how you can make them easier in the long run. The Effects of a Trauma Anniversary Trauma anniversaries can cause you significant emotional distress. The event canRead More

The Many Methods of Treating Trauma

Trauma is something that can follow us for a very long time. Trauma isn’t something we can easily see or prepare ourselves for. It can happen because of one event. It can also occur because of recurring events or a multitude of different ones. Why We Should Treat Trauma Studies consistently show that trauma affectsRead More

Brainspotting and How It Helps Trauma

When we experience a traumatic event, our brain takes all of the memories, sights, sounds, physical sensations, and emotions that occur during that event and stuffs them into all sorts of hiding spaces in our minds and bodies. As a result, we are constantly at risk of a random sight, sound, or memory triggering devastatingRead More