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Overcoming Social Anxiety in Trauma Recovery

According to Mental Health America (MHA), 15 million or 7% of U.S. adults have social anxiety disorder (SAD). Moreover, for more than 75% of people, symptoms of SAD manifest in childhood or their early teen years. The prevalence of SAD developing before adulthood speaks to a strong relationship between adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and anxiety.Read More

Breaking Through Barriers and Embracing Resilience in Trauma Recovery

Many people recover from traumatic and stressful life events with time. However, finding resilience in trauma does not come naturally to everyone. There are a variety of protective factors and risk factors that contribute to your ability to recover from trauma. When you lack the necessary protective factors to support resilience in trauma, you becomeRead More

Unraveling the Complex Threads of Trauma

Healing trauma is a very delicate journey that takes time. Threads of trauma can linger in your body long after the traumatic event is over. For that reason, it’s important to take your healing one step at a time. Threads of Trauma: Lasting Effects Trauma can be extremely complex, affecting individuals in many different ways.Read More

Brain-Spotting: A Revolutionary Approach to Trauma Healing

As noted in “How to Manage Trauma” from the National Council, 70% or 223.4 million U.S. adults experience trauma. Experiencing one or more traumatic events is a common part of life; many people recover from trauma and move forward. However, for some people, traumatic events can trigger the development of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Thus,Read More

Beyond Trauma: Uncovering the Continuous Patterns of PTSD

Misconceptions lead people to think post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) only happens to soldiers or after a traumatic event. In reality, anyone can develop PTSD, and symptoms can manifest immediately, after years, and even reemerge. Moreover, perceptions about trauma and PTSD often focus on trauma rooted in one traumatic event, like a car accident. However, traumaRead More

Learning About Your Attachment Trauma

Trying to wrap your head around your attachment trauma diagnosis can be understandably distressing and confusing. You are in the early stages of building self-understanding about the roots of your self-defeating behaviors. However, it is important to remember that you are not alone in your diagnosis. As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)Read More

Caring for Your Mental Health During Collective Trauma

Everyone is impacted by stress to some degree in their daily lives. Some stress is healthy because it motivates you to challenge yourself and grow, like the stress of a first date or changing jobs. On the other hand, prolonged or chronic stress can have a devastating impact on your well-being. According to Medline Plus,Read More

Discussing Trauma in Addiction Treatment

Addiction has been cast under a shadow of stigma that places the weight of responsibility on the individual. As the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) states, stigma about substance use disorder (SUD) stems from flawed beliefs that addiction is a moral failing. Stigma can be detrimental to your well-being as it leads to feelingsRead More

Facing the Aftermath of Trauma

Trauma can come in many different forms, from physical and emotional abuse to natural disasters and man-caused incidents like car accidents. Moreover, traumatic events can happen once, multiple times, or occur as a set of chronic events throughout your life. When people in the general public and media talk about trauma, they often refer toRead More

The Lasting Effects of Trauma

Trauma knows no bounds, coming in all forms and affecting all different types of people. When traumatic situations initially happen, they can be devastating. The lasting effects of trauma, however, can continue popping up throughout a person’s entire life. Long-Term Effects of Trauma When a traumatic event or disaster occurs, there can be immediate devastation.Read More