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Should I Tell My Family About My Trauma?

Talking about our trauma is difficult. Most of us are too uncomfortable, scared, or overwhelmed to get those words out. For some of us, telling our loved ones about our trauma is far more difficult than telling a professional about it. We do not want to put that stress or worry onto someone else. Many ofRead More

How Can I Get Myself Through A Crisis?

It is always a good idea to work with a professional if you may be in a crisis. Having a strong support system in place can make all the difference in maintaining your mental health. Learning the skills and tools necessary to understand what you are feeling is a great first step in knowing howRead More

Can Trauma Affect My Relationships?

Everyone experiences trauma differently. What may significantly affect one person may have little effect on another. For some people, trauma can affect every aspect of their lives. It can turn daily activities into strenuous and stressful events. Trauma can also significantly affect the relationships we have. When we begin to work through our trauma, weRead More

The Value of Acknowledging Your Pain

Sometimes burying our feelings seems to be the easiest option. If we just suppress those emotions deep enough, they can not possibly bubble to the surface and hurt us, right? You cannot feel what you do not acknowledge, right? For most people, it is not that simple and not that easy. When we avoid our trauma,Read More

How to Handle Feeling Worthless

We have all had moments when we feel down. We do not feel as if we are succeeding in life, connecting with others, or worthy of any praise. Feeling worthless often includes feelings of hopelessness and insignificance. When feelings such as these arise, it can be challenging to move through the day in a usualRead More

Myths About Schizophrenia

Almost everyone has heard the word schizophrenia. However, few people understand the disorder, the real symptoms, or what life is actually like with this disorder. Whether the misinformation stems from movies, television shows, or just the passing down of stereotypes, it is important to try to break those myths and spread the truth about schizophrenia.Read More

Does Trauma Destabilize Us?

Trauma can impact every part of us. It can affect our relationships, our employment, what we enjoy in life, or even what we are scared of.  Trauma has the ability to change everything if we let it and control every aspect of our lives. Traumatic experiences have the ability to push us towards risky behaviorRead More

Is Sex Addiction a Response to Trauma?

Behavior cycles exhibited by people with sex addiction often connect to traumatic childhood experiences. This attachment-related trauma can continue to impair your ability to form interpersonal relationships. Such trauma could include physical, sexual, or emotional abuse from a parent or caregiver. It may also include neglect, leaving you feeling unworthy of affection, attention, and love.Read More

Understanding Dissociation

Dissociation is complicated, as it holds a lot of different connotations. For some, thinking of dissociation immediately leads to thoughts of “dissociative identity disorder.” However, the concept of dissociation encompasses much more than just this one aspect. To a degree, everyone experiences a level of dissociation, and it can be a very useful coping mechanismRead More

Can Adventure Therapy Help Diminish Cognitive Blocks to Treat Trauma?

If you have been struggling with trauma for a long time, you might have learned coping and defense mechanisms as early back as your childhood. Often, these coping and defense mechanisms translate into adulthood. However, when introducing alcohol or drugs, many of these mechanisms are masked by the substances’ escape and relief. This behavior createsRead More