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What Is the Connection Between Eating Disorders and Trauma?

Co-occurring disorders are pervasive with people who have suffered from trauma. A co-occurring disorder means that a person is battling two (or more) disorders that need to be treated at the same time, but with different methods. The various methods will give the individual a chance to recover from both. When mental health issues andRead More

Can My Untreated Trauma Affect My Kids?

Whatever you are going through, your kids inadvertently will go through it too. If you suffer from untreated post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), there could be some effects on children from your words and in your actions. Even though you would never want to harm your kids, some of your symptoms could unintentionally impact them. DepressionRead More

How Can My Trauma Help Others?

The irony of going through something traumatic is that the last thing you probably want to do is share this adverse situation with anyone. Revisiting the trauma seems only to upset you farther. You may believe the best option is to avoid thinking about it all, which can make the memories more prevalent without anRead More

Having a Large Tool Kit: Coping With Trauma

Recovery from trauma involves learning how to live a healthy and happy life. We may have been hiding away in the shadows of our pain. We may have been blunted in our experiences of living life to the fullest. Dealing with the stress of everyday life requires a multifaceted approach as not all stress isRead More

Eating With Intent After Trauma

People who have dealt with different traumas are often looking to achieve similar goals, although they cope in many different ways. After an emotionally scarring experience, the survivor may look for ways to regain control and numb the pain they are feeling. Many people turn to food and dieting to fill the void and achieveRead More

How Does Art Therapy Heal Trauma?

As trauma continues to remain a prevalent influence in an individual’s life, they may find it necessary to want to alleviate the symptoms. Depending on the depth and weight of the trauma, some therapeutic outlets have enormous potential to heal the pain. Art therapy is an approach that has shown excellent results for someone whoRead More

Does Aromatherapy Work for PTSD?

Aromatherapy is a holistic therapy that has been used for centuries using natural plant extracts to promote well-being and health. Essential oils are used to bolster the mind, body, and soul with their medicinal use. Using aromatherapy can significantly enhance someone’s health by influencing the limbic system of the brain directly through the olfactory organs.Read More

Trauma: Unacknowledged and Unwitnessed Life Injuries

Trauma may be difficult to deal with as we may feel that our pain goes unacknowledged or unwitnessed. We may feel a lack of validation of our pain as others in our lives may not fully understand what we have gone through. A lack of acknowledgment can be painful in and of itself. We mayRead More

Trauma Work Is an Ongoing Process

Healing from trauma is an on-going process for those suffering from the negative effects. Trauma can be deep-rooted within our thought processes and affect our nervous systems, as we may be over-reactive to any stressors in our life. We may need to break down multiple defensive barriers to get to the root causes of ourRead More

Trauma and Shame

Survivors of trauma often carry around a lot of shame. Shame can manifest in different ways, but it’s not uncommon for the person who abused or neglected a child, for example, to transfer what should be their shame onto the survivor. This can give the survivor intense shyness, embarrassment, and blame. If you have beenRead More