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How Do I Cope With SAD And Trauma?

In our previous QA article, we discussed SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder and how it can potentially be a manifestation of, or trigger of, trauma. During the changing of the seasons, particularly when winter onsets, millions of people suffer a mild form of depression. Feeling a change in their energy, emotions, and mood, people become uncomfortableRead More

Trauma As A Public Health Crisis

Childhood trauma is a concerning topic in recent months as the world has taken a focus on the mental wellbeing of children. As far as history goes, the mental wellbeing of children is rarely a focused concern unless children’s mental wellbeing is threatened. Today’s children are suffering, all around the world. Their mental health issuesRead More

Being In Trauma Recovery Makes You A More Empathetic Adult

The effects of childhood trauma have been a popular focus of research in recent years. Researchers have found that childhood trauma can have a number of adverse effects: mental illness, propensity toward addiction, physical health problems, and much more. Typically, these studies focus on the negative, possibly problematic effects of trauma in childhood instead ofRead More

“Addiction Swapping” Risks In Trauma Recovery

Quitting an addiction is hard to do. If quitting an addiction were easy, more people would find changing their lifestyle for the better easier to do. The challenge in quitting an addiction is not because there is an addiction present. The challenge in quitting an addiction is that there is a habit present because addictionRead More

Don’t Let Isolation Creep Into Your Recovery

Maya Angelou once said, “I think we all have empathy. We may not have enough courage to display it.” Empathy is the foundation of human connection which allows us to recognize and identify with one another. Our ability to have empathy toward one another is our ability to be human toward one another and seeRead More

Mindlessness to Mindfulness: 3 Things We Need to Remember This Holiday Season

Sang H. Kim, author of the book titled “Mindful Movement: Mastering Your Hidden Energy” stated, “The ultimate experience of being mindful occurs when we forget about everything, even the mindful self and doing. In that mode we are full of energy, utterly self-generated.”  Have you ever heard of the phrase, “running on auto-pilot”? Perhaps you canRead More

Understanding the Magnitude of Mental Illness

With stigma surrounding mental illness being so prevalent within the United States and around the world, it’s hard to believe that so many people around us experience it. We can’t always easily “see” or recognize mental illness, which may be a large part of the reason why it goes so unnoticed at times. When hearingRead More