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Dr. Ashlee Seek is the co-founder and co-executive director of Faithfully Guided Health Center, LLC and co-executive director of the Faithfully Guided Foundation 501(c)3. She received her nursing degree from University of Central Florida and her Doctor of Nursing Practice from South University. She has also trained in functional medicine with the Institute of Functional Medicine.

As a board certified advanced practice nurse, Ashlee knows firsthand the profound impacts that emotional stressors have on physical health. Time and time again she has witnessed the consequences of mostly preventable diseases affecting the well-being of individuals. Her passion is to create a culture of health through generational change that utilizes an inter-professional approach to connect the spirit, mind, and body. As a health enthusiast, Ashlee believes optimal health should be available to everyone and that in fact, most diseases can be reversed, eliminated, and prevented through modulating responses to stress and making lifestyle changes. Since this is a tall order, a guide is necessary!

Ashlee has been involved with outreach programs within her community for many years and feels best when she is giving back. She is a lifelong learner and creative leader. She has completed thirteen marathons, enjoys rigorous cycling vacations with her family (a passion that is not always shared by her children), and was recognized among the “Top 100 nurses in Marion County.” She is passionate to improve health outcomes and is working diligently to share resources and inspire others to do the same.