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Heal Your Life With Core Energetics

Do you ever feel like it’s impossible to find lasting sobriety or happiness, no matter what you do? When you feel stuck like this, it may be due to the lasting effects of trauma on your mind and your body. An innovative therapy called core energetics can help you overcome these effects and release deep-rootedRead More

How Can I Learn to Budget Money Better in Recovery?

In recovery, you continue to learn about emotions, triggers, and healthy coping skills. You probably did not learn enough about how to budget money, even though it is one of the most important keys to a successful future. In addition, most humans spend their savings on illicit substances until there is not a dime left.Read More

Finding Courage and Resilience Through Adventure Therapy at the Guest House

Nature and physical activity have a long history of supporting physical and psychological well-being. As noted in “Nurtured by Nature” by Kristen Weir, spending time in nature helps you feel more connected to yourself and the natural world. Through movement, expending energy, and structured activities, you can engage the mind-body connection to foster self-awareness andRead More

How to Stop Letting Negative Thoughts Control You

For people in recovery, it’s easy to spiral into negative thinking. You may be used to operating in a mindset of guilt, shame, and fear. When you begin your recovery journey, cultivating a more positive mindset is crucial. With the right tools and guidance, you can stop letting negative thoughts control you and find lastingRead More

How Do I Work Through Anxiety When Trying Something New?

Your heart is beating so loud that you think others can hear it, your palms are sweaty, and anxiety is rolling throughout your body. Does this sound familiar when trying something new? If so, you are not alone. According to the National Insititute of Mental Health (NIMH), at least 31% of people will experience anxietyRead More

5 Helpful Tips to Constructively Confront Those Who Have Hurt You

There are difficult conversations that you cannot ignore, no matter how good you are at avoiding confrontation. Recognizing that the time has come for you to confront those in your life can be overwhelming and exhausting to think about – let alone make a plan and follow through. With every relationship comes a point whereRead More

Holistic Approaches to Self-Care in Trauma Recovery

According to “Taking Time for Yourself” from Mental Health America (MHA), on average people only spend 15 minutes on health-related self-care a day. While any engagement in self-care is good, 15 minutes a day does not support long-term positive health outcomes. Moreover, the little time taken for physical health-related self-care does not account for otherRead More

How to Reprogram Your Mind for Happiness in 60 Days

Did you know it takes about 60 days to reprogram your mind? With the right action plan, you can have a more positive outlook, create new habits, and find lasting success in recovery. Reprogram Your Mind: The 60-Day “Sweet Spot” It’s been repeatedly said that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. However,Read More

Trauma Healing for Highly Sensitive People

Mental health professionals consider one in five individuals to be “highly sensitive people” or HSPs. These individuals generally feel emotions more deeply than most. For those who have experienced trauma, being an HSP can be even more challenging. Finding tools and methods that work best for you will greatly help your healing journey. Highly SensitiveRead More

5 Tips for Travel in Recovery

There are many things that you have to consider when in recovery, and learning how to travel in recovery is no exception. It may be the time when you feel the itch to plan a trip, and you find yourself apprehensive about doing so. Traveling in recovery takes a bit of preparation and strategy. ThisRead More