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Sharing your story can have a tremendous effect on your recovery. Often people feel as if they should not share their recovery story because there is nothing special or unique about it. Fight those feelings. Your recovery is unique to you and is filled with positivity and strength.

Working through addiction was hard. You discovered so much about yourself and what you are capable of. Everyone around you is proud of and inspired by you. Now that you are in recovery, you are facing unique challenges and facing your struggles head-on. As you continue with your recovery and sobriety, consider sharing your story. Here are a few different reasons that sharing your story can be beneficial.

See Your Progress

It can be easy to get caught up in the moment and not realize or acknowledge your progress. You have come a very long way since the first day of treatment. You have faced your struggles and worked to understand your mental health issues better.

When you share your recovery story, you will start at the beginning when you were facing active addiction. You will talk about that first day in treatment and the struggles and worries you faced. You will then move forward through treatment and all of the growth and discovery you experienced. Every time you share your story, you will be reminded about where you began and where you currently are.

Instill Hope in Others

You may shy away from sharing your story because you are worried that your story is not remarkable or that it is simply not worthy of sharing. However, that is untrue. Your story can instill hope in other people. You worked through an extremely challenging situation. You found the courage to ask for help and attend treatment. Other people listening to your story may still be in active addiction. They may be terrified of asking for help. They may not want to attend treatment. By taking the time to explain your story and what helped you, other people may begin to realize that they can also find the courage to seek help.

Recovery is a life-long journey. This journey is often filled with highs and lows. Do not be afraid to talk about the negative parts of treatment or recovery. If you only talk about the positive, people may not trust you. Talk about what scared you. Talk about how it felt taking that first step and deciding to enter treatment. Have you relapsed? If you have, then talk about that experience as well. Explaining what your real-life experience was like will help others to feel prepared. It can help them to connect with and trust you.

Focus On Your Goals

Talking about your recovery will help you to focus on your goals. Where do you want to see yourself a few years from now? You will probably talk about your goals when you share your story. You may also realize that your goals have changed as you have changed. Helping other people understand your goals will allow them to better understand your journey and what you are striving for. Everyone will have different goals and journeys. However, helping other people understand that they can also strive towards big goals can be a positive experience.

When you were facing active addiction, you probably had difficulty creating goals outside of using your substance of choice. You may have thought you were incapable or unworthy of such goals. When you share your journey with people who are still facing addiction, it can help them realize and understand that they can also strive towards and achieve meaningful goals.

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Many people do not want to share their recovery stories because they do not like speaking with strangers or in front of a group. This fear of public speaking is common. However, facing your fears and pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone can be an empowering experience. You have faced so many challenges that you probably thought you could never overcome. Think of stepping outside of your comfort zone as a fun challenge that you can work towards.

Fight Stigma Surrounding Addiction

One significant benefit of sharing your story is that you can help fight the stigma that surrounds addiction. You can talk with people who have never experienced addiction and help them to understand it better. Often the stigma surrounding addiction comes from misinformation and stereotypes. As someone in recovery, you have the ability to explain why those stereotypes are untrue and that certain information is wrong. As you fight the stigma surrounding addiction, you help yourself and everyone who is currently struggling with addiction or who is in recovery.

Sharing your story can be an empowering part of recovery. There are many different reasons a person may want to share their story. You can help other people who might still be experiencing active addiction. You can help them understand that they are worthy of recovery and can face their struggles. You also can work towards fighting stigma and help to educate people who have never experienced addiction. Sharing your story can help you acknowledge your growth and success. Try to step outside of your comfort zone and share your story. Here at The Guest House, we understand that trying new things is hard. Sharing your recovery journey with others is personal. We are here to support you as you journey through recovery and face numerous challenges. Call us today at (855) 483-7800 to learn more about how we can support you as you journey through recovery and share your story.