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Choosing to seek help or support for your mental health disorder or addiction is a huge step to take. Once you decide it is time, you probably realize that there are many different programs and types of therapy. It can feel a little overwhelming. You may even start a program only to discover that it is just not right for you. If you find yourself in this situation, do not panic. Here are a few suggestions to keep you moving in the right direction and to find the help that is best for you.

Acknowledge Your Feelings

Try to figure out exactly what you are feeling. Growth is often uncomfortable at first. Therapy often addresses deep trauma that needs to be worked through. Figure out what exactly you are feeling and why you think the therapy program isn’t working for you.

When you can acknowledge your feelings, you can look to the root of those feelings and gather a lot of information on how to change the situation for the better. Try to be open to the process and realize it may take some time to sort out what you are thinking and feeling.

Talk With Your Therapist 

If something about your treatment is bothering you, not working, or making you uncomfortable, then talk with your therapist or other mental health professional. They are there to support and help you. There is a good chance they can modify your treatment to help you feel more comfortable.

Working on your mental health issues can be hard work. Accept the help from those around you. Everyone wants you to succeed.

Consider Your Options 

Just because you start in one program or with a specific therapist does not mean you need to stay where you are. There are many options. Your current therapist will be able to talk to you about those options. If you are uncomfortable talking with your therapist, reach out to a different mental health care provider.

Deciding to seek help is a huge decision. It can feel overwhelming trying to determine what form of therapy is best for you, and you may realize you are in a program that isn’t right for you. Be open and honest with your therapist about what is and isn’t working. Here at The Guest House, we know that it can be frightening to speak up. We are here to support you on your recovery journey and help you every step of the way. Call us today at (855) 483-7800 to learn more about our treatment options.