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What is "Goal Setting", how can it help us in treatment and life?

Setting goals both in treatment and in life can shift your focus on the things that are crucial to you. Recovery is a big lifestyle change, and change is difficult. Setting small achievable goals helps you measure your progress and keep your focus on what you are trying to accomplish.

Once you achieve the small goals regularly, your self-esteem increases and your focus gradually shifts to larger goals until, eventually, change does not feel so impossible, and your success soars.

What Is “Goal Setting”?

Goal setting sets a timeline and provides guidelines for measuring and achieving success towards your goals and expectations.

  • Goal setting allows you to create a roadmap for life in treatment
  • Goal setting gives your life focus and direction
  • Goal setting provides motivation
  • Goal setting organizes your thoughts
  • Goal setting keeps life from becoming too overwhelming
  • Goal setting puts everything into a clear picture of what is achievable

What Are the Benefits of Setting Goals?

  • You have a clear direction, and you know where you are going
  • Your focus is clear, which supports your clear direction
  • With focus and clear direction, your decisions become easier to navigate
  • A sense of control over future events
  • You can measure your behavioral changes and successes which in turn builds self-esteem and a sense of satisfaction with life at each accomplishment
  • Clear goals cause you to know you have a purpose

How Does “Goal Setting” Keep Us Moving Forward?

Each goal you accomplish is like another stepping stone to where and who you ultimately want to become. Understand that no goal is too small, and any accomplishment should be recognized. Here are some other ways goals propel you forward.

  • Goals cause you to plan, and when there is a plan, you look toward a better future
  • Goals give you the motivation to continue because you can see goals being achieved
  • Accomplishments are measurable and a reason to create opportunities
  • Achieving short-term goals provides the opportunity to create long-term goals

Setting goals allows the opportunity to create organization in the challenges of recovery. At The Guest House, we incorporate goals into your plan to allow you the opportunity to identify what needs to be achieved. We understand that goals provide structure to what life should become during recovery. Goals bring a purpose to each day, and achieving the goals allows a sense of achievement and boosts self-esteem. If you or a loved one needs help, don’t wait; reach out today. For more information, call us at (855) 483-7800