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What Is Sound Healing?

In recent years, sound healing has become a common form of treatment. Rooted in Eastern healing techniques, this tool can be used to help people overcome addiction, trauma, anxiety, and many other conditions.

Western Healing vs. Eastern Healing Techniques

According to a 2020 study in Integrative Medicine (Encinitas), “Western medicine techniques often involve pharmacological and surgical interventions, however, they do not tend to address the underlying issue of stress.” This type of approach can be compared to putting a bandage on the condition instead of getting to the root cause. Discovering the root of the issue would allow you to heal more completely.

The same study noted that traditional Eastern medicine approaches, on the other hand, “perceive the individual in more wholistic terms.” These old methods have recently found renewed popularity as more people recognize the need for different approaches to healing the mind, body, and soul. You may heal more fully by incorporating Eastern healing techniques.

What Is Sound Healing?

Sound healing is a traditional Eastern medicine therapeutic approach. This method uses sound from instruments like Tibetan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, cymbals, and bells to help you feel more relaxed. Sounds can help heal different mental health issues through vibrations, music, and tones.

Sound Healing for Anxiety

Much like music therapy, sound healing can help you manage your anxiety and stress. This ancient Eastern approach can even be considered a form of meditation with many of the same benefits.

A 2017 study in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine sought to examine the effects of sound healing meditation on mood, anxiety, and spiritual wellness. The study found that participants reported feelings of “significantly less tension, anger, fatigue, and mood” as well as an increased feeling of spiritual well-being. This study also noted that sound healing might be a “feasible low-cost low technology intervention” for reducing those feelings.

Sound Healing for Trauma and Addiction

Treating trauma begins with learning how to regulate the nervous system. Sound healing, mindfulness, and many other techniques can help with this regulation. These types of Eastern healing techniques help regulate toxic stress levels caused by trauma.

Sound healing can also offer benefits for those experiencing addiction. The mindful moments you experience during sound healing can help you shift your focus away from substances.

Holistic Treatment Plans

When searching for treatment, you may want to research programs that offer holistic and integrative care. Holistic treatment plans often include Eastern therapeutic modalities like sound healing, yoga, and meditation. These may be combined with traditional therapies for the best effect.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that your healing journey is all about you. Some facilities, like The Guest House, provide a variety of modalities that can help you create your very own treatment and recovery plan.

Sound healing has been used for centuries as an effective means of treating anxiety, stress, trauma, and even addiction. This traditional Eastern medicine approach can help you get to the root of underlying issues and heal more fully. At The Guest House, we understand you have your own story and needs. We offer many therapeutic modalities, including sound healing. We believe that engaging in holistic treatments like sound and music can lead you toward recovery. At our facility, you can explore modalities that suit your needs. For help, call (855) 483-7800.