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Is Social Media Good for Me?

Social media is here to stay. Undoubtedly, social apps have become a part of people’s everyday routine. Some check messages before they go to sleep and after they wake up. So how is social media affecting people’s lives? Does Social Media Hurt Me? Researchers have studied social media apps’ effects on people’s mental health. TheRead More

Why Should I Take a Road Trip?

The thrill of the open road beckons you — the freedom to go anywhere and see anything are two benefits of a road trip. While you’re thinking about taking a road trip, there are some points to think about, but don’t let them stop you from experiencing the country. Why Is a Road Trip anRead More

How Do I Know if I Have Anxiety or Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder?

Mental health disorders don’t just happen overnight. Those close to you may notice minor changes but may not know what those changes mean. Unfortunately, it’s easy to miss early signs of mental health disorders like anxiety or obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Learning how to spot early signs of anxiety or OCD can help you or aRead More

How to Build Healthy Coping Techniques

After leaving treatment, reducing your stress and anxiety helps improve your mental, emotional, and physical well-being. With various reactions and behaviors, understanding the importance of utilizing multiple strategies is beneficial for those who want to live a healthier lifestyle. After treatment ends, managing your anxiety and stress helps can help you manage your recovery andRead More

Am I Being Too Critical of Myself?

Holding yourself to high standards and goals can be great. You can work towards creating the life you have always wanted. However, being too critical or displaying perfectionistic tendencies can hinder your progress and growth. Take some time to think about the standards you hold yourself to. Here are a few suggestions to help ensureRead More

How to Better Understand Your Anxiety

Anxiety can often be complex. Everyone experiences anxiety slightly differently and for different reasons. Understanding your specific mental health issues and anxiety will be significant in learning how to work through them. Mental health issues can feel complicated and even overwhelming. You may not fully understand why you are feeling as you are feeling. AsRead More

How to Reduce Stress at Home

Stress is an almost inevitable part of life. Everyone will feel stress at some point in life. If you struggle with stress or anxious feelings, then creating a space at home that helps alleviate those feelings is essential. Everyone is unique and will all need something different to feel calm and at peace at home.Read More

How Can Painting Help My Anxiety?

When symptoms of anxiety arise, it can feel challenging to find coping strategies at times. One approach that helps many people find relief from anxiety symptoms is art therapy, more specifically, painting. While many people think activities like painting are supposed to create aesthetically pleasing results, this is not always the case. Painting to relieveRead More

4 Tips for Overcoming Your Fears and Anxieties

Everyone experiences fears and anxieties at some point in life. Often these fears come and go and are easily worked through. However, sometimes fears and anxieties become so extreme that they begin to impact daily life and relationships. When those situations begin to occur, it can become essential to overcome your fears to gain betterRead More

How Can I Handle Stress and Anxiety in College?

College can be an amazing time in your life. Typically college is full of discovery, learning, pushing boundaries, and finding out who you really are.  However, college can also be a time where stress and anxiety become extreme. With the pressure of college classes, meeting new friends, and being in a rigorous learning environment, itRead More