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Do I Have to Hug People?

We have all been there: you reach out to shake someone’s hand and they swat it away explaining “Oh no, I am a hugger!” They then open their arms wide and embrace you in a tight hug. You might have smiled–or grimaced. But you probably stood still and took it because we have been conditionedRead More

Benefits of Restorative Spaces

Many of us live, work, or play in bustling cities. We are met with constant noise, movement, smells, and interactions. We are constantly going from one thing to the next without any thought. Our society places being busy on a pedestal, praising those with a strong work ethic and never taking downtime to relax. IndividualsRead More

The Importance of Positive Self-Talk

How we speak to ourselves has an immense impact on our mental health. We can definitely be our harshest critic and our worst motivator. Truth is, you cannot simply rely on others to remind you of your worth, importance, or how well you are doing on your recovery journey. Learning to have positive self-talk isRead More

The Benefits of Yoga

Chances are you have heard of yoga, even if you have never done it. Yoga has some amazing physical and mental health benefits, which makes it a great option to explore many different struggles. Here are just a few of the benefits that one could experience practicing yoga.  Reduce Stress Learning to find your innerRead More

Managing High-Stress Employment

The process of getting sober and journeying through recovery yields a lot of amazing and new experiences. We find that our friends and loved ones trust us more. We have more free time for hobbies and activities. We also will still have some type of employment, either the position we had during our active addiction,Read More

Valentine’s Day and Loneliness

Every year when February rolls around, every store gets decked out in large stuffed animals and everything pink and red. Valentine’s Day takes over, creating a loving time for some. For others, the idea of Valentine’s Day emphasizes loneliness and isolation. It can increase anxiety, depression, and even addictions. Learning to work through stressful holidaysRead More

Is Watching Triggering TV Shows Safe?

Many television shows push every boundary possible. That is what can make television good and entertaining to watch. However, when you are struggling with addiction or mental health issues, some television shows can be triggers for our issues.  Shows can make us uncomfortable, place dangerous ideas in our minds, or transport us back to timesRead More

Learning to Relax

For those suffering from an addiction, the concept of relaxation may be a difficult thing to imagine. As an active user, you may be struggling with chaotic thoughts, actions, and plans. You may find yourself always on the go and never fully understand why. The chaos that typically surrounds addicts can make it challenging toRead More

What Are the Physical Symptoms of Anxiety?

If you suffer from anxiety, you know that it is a disorder that affects both the mind and the body. Most people tend to only think about what is happening within the mind when talking about mental health issues. The body and the mind, however, are extremely connected. The mind controls the body. Our nervousRead More

Three Common Misconceptions About Anxiety

As more people begin to open up and talk about mental health, you may be finding that you know more people than you thought with anxiety. At some point or another, everyone will feel some sort of anxiety in their life. Some may experience anxiety during a large test or a presentation, while others struggleRead More