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Mindful Breathing To Control Anxious Thoughts

Anxious thoughts or feelings of panic are perfectly normal when we are making significant changes to our behavior. You might have worked on mindful breathing while involved in a program of intensive therapy. Breathing is something we don’t think about – it just happens. We go through our life inhaling and exhaling without thinking anythingRead More

What Does A Panic Attack Feel Like?

The stigmas surrounding mental illness can deter many people from getting the help they need. When panic attacks start becoming part of a person’s life, they can begin to feel hopeless and uncertain about why they are occurring. In fact, some people do not even know that they are having a panic attack and reallyRead More

Social Anxiety: When Crowds Are Too Much

Social anxiety and shyness can appear to be somewhat similar. Shy people tend to be uncomfortable in crowds or in opening up to others. People dealing with social anxiety may appear somewhat shy or introverted. They may appear quiet or withdrawn. Whereas shyness may be a personality trait, social anxiety may have been triggered byRead More

Why Social Media Causes Anxiety

As the world came to a stop with all the country’s lockdowns experienced in the first quarter of 2020, the best way to communicate became digital. The saving grace that people around the world were able to connect online kept things like recovery meetings going through screen time. Even though the means of interacting withRead More

Tips to Handle Public Panic Attacks

As you are going about your day, doing what you usually do, you may suddenly be gripped with fear and panic without knowing what you should do. You may even have a harder time coping with the dread and heaviness you feel in public without being able to escape. What you are experiencing is aRead More

How Do I Find the Upside When I Am Feeling Down?

Finding a silver lining in each day can sometimes be challenging. When you are experiencing cessation from drugs and alcohol, you may already be on edge. With all the problems of today, you may feel down and hopeless. There are tons of reasons to feel anxious and depressed, but many more reasons to be thankfulRead More

How Do I Deal With PTSD on July 4th?

  Independence Day each year is celebrated with barbeques, swimming pools, and tons of fireworks. For many Americans, this is an exciting time to see the nighttime sky blowup with beautiful colors and booming sounds. For someone with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), the fireworks could actually be a trigger for symptoms to surface along withRead More