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What Is Wellness Recovery?

Everyone has ups and downs in their lives. Some days are amazing, and other days, you may not want to get out of bed. Perhaps you struggle with emotions you do not want to deal with, or maybe someone gets on your nerves. Sometimes you have no idea why your thoughts take you to a place that you have no desire to go. Understanding your wellness recovery could be just the thing that you need for days like these.

On the other hand, you may wake up and be ready to embrace the day. Your day may start with completing a chore while singing your favorite song. You may feel wonderful. Rest assured, this is all a part of being normal. You may think of this as odd or weird, that you can do the same thing each day and feel two separate ways. Understanding the whys behind your actions will give you a sense of empowerment and hope to continue throughout your day.

This article will explore wellness recovery and guide you to identify areas in your life where you can create wellness within your recovery.

What Is Wellness Recovery?

Wellness recovery is a framework with which you can develop an effective approach to handle your symptoms of stress and gain insight into patterns of behavior. It is a tool to help you gain more control over your thought processes and actions.

Wellness recovery teaches self-advocacy about your wellness within recovery. This conception is known internationally to bring a positive mindset to anyone who struggles with maintaining positivity. As you know, recovery is a personal journey of wellness, resiliency, and transforming your thought processes. Wellness is a conscious, evolving space to reach your potential.

Adding these two words together creates a powerful dynamic of reaching your greatest potential through resiliency and transforming your thought process. Wellness recovery is a structured plan for anyone who wishes to make a positive change in their life.

How Do I Get Started With My Wellness Recovery?

In treatment, you learn many tools to help you maintain the life that you deserve. Understanding that those tools continue to guide you in maintaining the best version of yourself is key to your wellness recovery.

It would be beneficial to start a list of healthy coping skills in your recovery. This list would be the foundation of your wellness recovery. You may be practicing some of those right now and not even know it.

Sometimes you can get into a routine where you feel stuck in your recovery. Understanding your wellness and exploring how it affects you can be life-changing. Just as your recovery belongs to you, so does your wellness. You are empowered and can choose with whom you share your life and wellness recovery.

4 Simple Steps to Wellness Recovery

First, you have to identify what you feel like when you are well. Think about it like a recipe for your recovery. You have to have all the ingredients to feel your best. Identifying your emotions is one of those ingredients. Sometimes it can be difficult to identify how you feel as maybe you were raised within a household that did not recognize feelings.

Second, remember the toolbox of healthy coping skills, as mentioned previously? Those will be another ingredient in your recipe for wellness. Having a go-to list of healthy coping skills to promote overall wellness is key to success. Those reminders will help you maintain consistency within your recipe.

Third, think of the daily goals that you need to maintain your wellness recovery. This can be anything from taking a shower to listening to a particular song on your way to work. Again, this is your wellness recovery plan, no one else’s, and only you get to dictate what your wellness recovery looks like.

Lastly, you have to identify and explore your triggers. It is always important to revisit potential triggers and healthy ways that you can practice wellness to extinguish those triggers. This is compared to the utensil used to mix your ingredients. You have the power within your recovery to choose whatever works for you, and only you know what tools will be best utilized.

It Is Good to Stop and Reflect

Asking yourself what you have learned through this process will create a sense of self-empowerment. Taking several minutes to understand your thoughts and emotions creates a sense of pride within yourself. Knowing who you are and what makes you tick is an important part of your recovery.

All too often, you can get wrapped up in daily life and perhaps not take the time to reflect on how far you have come within your journey. Pat yourself on the back and give yourself praise. This is the key to wellness recovery and permitting yourself to feel and acknowledge your accomplishments.

You have been working hard in your recovery to shape yourself into the person that you want to be. You continue to attend meetings and learn more about yourself. It can be difficult to have daily stressors and attend to yourself during recovery. You know the challenges, and sometimes you think that you just need a little more help with these stressors. Understanding your wellness recovery is important to create a sense of empowerment in your recovery journey. You deserve to have people in your support system who will be the key to wellness. At The Guest House, we value your wellness and know that this is the key to recovery. Call us at (855) 483-7800 today.