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What Levels of Care Are Offered by The Guest House?

The Guest House is a treatment facility on the edge of Ocala, Florida, that offers treatment for addiction, mental health conditions, and trauma. Our levels of care cater to the needs of each patient.

We offer five levels of care to patients. These vary in intensity, time commitment, and medical care. A typical patient may not need all of these levels, but they may attend more than one during their overall treatment.

Medical Detox

With 24/7 supervision provided by qualified medical professionals, detox at The Guest House offers high-quality care. Each patient receives a private room for their comfort. Doctors, nurses, and therapists will monitor a patient’s progress in the withdrawal process. We offer medication treatment to relieve symptoms.

Residential Program

This 30 to 90-day inpatient program provides consistent care. We design the treatment plan to meet each individual’s needs. With our co-occurring disorder treatments, we address all mental health needs at the same time. Patients will participate in traditional therapies as well as complementary therapies.

Day/Night Program

The day/night program offers a middle ground between residential and intensive outpatient programs. In our day/night program, patients participate in full-day schedules of psychotherapy and holistic therapies. They’ll complete 25 hours a week, equalling five hours every weekday with the weekends off. Patients will go home every evening and night. It is ideal for patients who need a high level of structure and accountability but have outside responsibilities that they must attend to. The day/night program also works well for individuals who have completed a residential treatment program but still want a highly structured environment.

Intensive Outpatient Program

In our intensive outpatient program (IOP), patients visit the treatment center two to three days every week. They’re offered more independence and are expected to hold themselves accountable while outside The Guest House. Patients only need to attend in the afternoons or evenings. They participate in individual and group therapy. Collectively, this accounts for nine to twelve hours every week.


In addition to the usual inpatient and intensive outpatient programs, The Guest House offers aftercare designed for patients who have completed a treatment program. We allow patients to attend individual therapy, group therapy, and retreats without actively attending a program.

What Level of Care Is Right for Me?

After reading through these descriptions, you may not know what level of care you need. That’s okay. The National Institute on Drug Abuse recommends 90 days as the minimum for long-term effectiveness. You can expect your overall treatment to last at least that long. The best way to determine your specific treatment needs is to consult a medical professional. They can discuss the pros and cons of each program with you. Ultimately, your care should be a collaborative process. Don’t forget to advocate for yourself whenever necessary.

If you’re coping with addiction and mental health conditions, you might feel hopeless. You may have convinced yourself that you aren’t capable of getting better. This is simply untrue. With appropriate treatment, you can have a beautiful life ahead of you. At The Guest House, we help you find your confidence in healing. We offer five different levels of care, each catering to varying treatment needs. Often, patients attend more than one program at our facility. This longevity and continuity of treatment provides for the best outcomes. When you’re ready to put yourself first, call us at (855) 483-7800.