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What Levels of Care Are Offered by The Guest House?

The Guest House is a treatment facility on the edge of Ocala, Florida, that offers treatment for addiction, mental health conditions, and trauma. Our levels of care cater to the needs of each patient. We offer five levels of care to patients. These vary in intensity, time commitment, and medical care. A typical patient mayRead More

Art Therapy for Long-Term Sobriety in Ocala, Florida

Art therapy is an alternative therapy frequently used along with talk therapy to treat substance use disorder (SUD) and mental health disorders. People have used art to communicate since the beginning of time. Art was the primary way people left behind a record of their lives for thousands of years. Formal art therapy has onlyRead More

Coping With Co-Occurring Disorders While in Treatment

As the saying goes, nothing happens in a vacuum. In life, most things are connected even when we don’t realize they are linked. Understanding that connection can help us to overcome problems when we encounter them. Substance use disorder (SUD) often occurs along with other mental health disorders. Sometimes the effects we experience from theRead More

Limiting Beliefs Follow People Long Into Recovery

People begin establishing beliefs about themselves from birth. Some of them we form consciously, and others develop subconsciously. It is essential to remain aware of and continue looking into limiting beliefs, conscious or unconscious. If you become aware that you have negative thoughts that need work, you must learn to release them to stay healthyRead More

Recovery Is a Lifelong Journey

If you have been successfully sober for any length of time, you may be surprised to find yourself still being triggered and having cravings for a substance you gave up a long time ago. Your conscious self has no interest in returning to that life, yet here you are, having a craving that you can’tRead More

Is My Therapist Right for Me?

Therapy can make you extremely uncomfortable at first, especially if you have trust issues. Your mental state could fluctuate from session to session. Over time, you should become more comfortable opening up to your therapist. You may never feel entirely at ease, though. 10 Signs of a Good Therapy Match This list, heavily influenced byRead More

How Do I Find Continuing Care Following Treatment?

It can feel scary to exit an inpatient treatment program. An inpatient environment is highly controlled, offering you fewer triggers and stressors. You might worry about staying on the path to recovery when faced with these external factors. If you need continued mental health and sobriety support, aftercare can offer an effective solution. Planning forRead More

Learning to Communicate in Treatment as a Quiet Person

It may not be in your nature to be chatty, but in order to be successful in recovery, communication is essential. It is necessary during recovery because you need to support your peers, and you also need to express your own struggles and needs. Why Is Communication Important in Recovery? Communicating effectively is beneficial inRead More

How Do I Overcome Self-Defeating Behaviors?

At some point, you will encounter self-defeating behaviors throughout your life. Left to their own devices long enough, you could develop patterns of behavior that require professional treatment to remedy. These harmful behaviors are particularly difficult to cope with because, deep down inside, you may feel like they are entirely your responsibility because you areRead More

Is Everyone’s Journey to Addiction the Same?

No two addiction stories and journeys are the same. The cause of addiction can be different for each person; for some, it is trauma; for others, it could be physical pain, mental illness, or a combination of any of these. The most important fact about the journey being unique is that everyone needs their ownRead More