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Having Fun During Treatment: Adventure Therapy

When you have decided to seek help for mental health issues or addiction, you may not give much thought as to whether you will have any sort of fun or adventure during your healing process. It is easy to think of fun as a luxury, or as something not needed or necessary. Or maybe youRead More

How to Manage Cravings Post-Treatment

Plenty of science and research exists that looks at drug cravings post-recovery. This can be a difficult period for drug users. Lacking the tools to deal with cravings may lead to relapse. Drug use changes the brain in many ways, and it can be beneficial to learn more about how the brain changes due toRead More

Implementing Blackout Times

Scheduling and structuring one’s life, even on a daily basis, is intended to introduce elements of consistency and control through the recovery process. Not only is a person actively taking control of their own day, but they can use this ability to continue to best avoid triggers or unnecessary additional stress. Implementing a blackout timeRead More

How Psychoeducation Can Benefit Your Recovery

We’ve heard countless times that “knowledge is power,” and it seems like a cliche these days. The reason that expression is so popular, however, is because it is true. When we learn about new topics and ideas, it empowers us to progress past our current levels. When dealing with health issues, education is paramount, andRead More

The How’s and the Why’s of Continued Peer Support After Treatment

Following on from your treatment at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program, you may realize it is necessary to drop former relationships in favor of making positive and lasting changes in your personal and social life. Rebuilding your life following your treatment plan’s initial stages, as your therapist or case manager may have told you,Read More

The Grieving Process: Honoring Our Experiences

Grief is a way of honoring the painful experiences and losses that we have encountered in our lives. We may have lost a loved one or experienced a change in life that feels like a loss. Processing grief can help us acknowledge the important roles that people and things have played in our lives. EveryoneRead More

Cinema Therapy: Creating Distance From Personal History

Watching movies can be therapeutic. We can observe the cause and effect of actions that are resolved within the relatively short timespan of a film. Cinema therapy can be helpful to those suffering from the effects of trauma or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Cinema therapy can help us learn to look at our past experiencesRead More

Can My Untreated Trauma Affect My Kids?

Whatever you are going through, your kids inadvertently will go through it too. If you suffer from untreated post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), there could be some effects on children from your words and in your actions. Even though you would never want to harm your kids, some of your symptoms could unintentionally impact them. DepressionRead More

Are There Risks to Getting Sober Without Rehab?

Attending a rehabilitation facility for drugs, alcohol, or trauma is a great place to get the support you need for your sobriety. You may have concerns about the time commitments, the financial aspects, or fear of the unknown, but do not let that deter you from getting the help that you need to remain sober. Read More