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How Can I Overcome My Fear of Rehab?

For many people, the idea of going to rehab stops them in their tracks. They want to move forward and begin to heal, but they are afraid to take that big step of entering rehab. The need to work through this fear is essential. You can change your life for the better. Here are aRead More

Warning Signs of Bulimia Nervosa

There is a good chance you have heard the word “bulimia” before. You may have an idea of what it is or, more likely, stereotypes about the condition. However, when you or a loved one is facing an eating disorder, it is crucial to understand the disorder and know the warning signs that come withRead More

What Is Somatic Therapy?

Somatic therapy is a form of body-centered therapy that focuses on the connection of the body and the mind. Typically this form of therapy combines talk therapy with an additional form of physical therapy. These physical therapies could include massage, dance, yoga, exercise, meditation, deep breathing, and relaxation techniques. Somatic therapy was developed in theRead More

What Is Medical Detox?

Individuals who struggle with substance abuse often become physically dependent on their drug of choice and build a tolerance. Stopping cold turkey can often be difficult and can be medically dangerous in some situations. Medical detox is often the first step to take when treating addiction. Here is some basic information about medical detoxification toRead More

Alcohol Abuse and Pregnancy

Almost everyone knows that you are not supposed to drink while pregnant and that consuming alcohol is harmful to the baby. However, few people know the actual effects on the baby and even fewer give thought to the women suffering from an addiction to alcohol who find out they are unexpectedly pregnant. This can beRead More

The Use of Early Recollections in Therapy

There are many different therapeutic methods that a therapist may use to help open up dialogue and get to know you better. Understanding themes in your life can be helpful in understanding your actions, reactions, and behaviors better. One method that can be used or explored is called early recollections. This concept is part ofRead More

Why Do You Self-Sabotage?

When struggling with mental health issues or addiction, we may find ourselves self-sabotaging situations for many different reasons. Ultimately this is something we need to work on to have a successful recovery and a healthy life. Self-sabotage should not be a part of a normal day, and learning to work through our challenges is key.Read More