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What Are Alternative Trauma Treatments That I May Not Have Heard Of?

Everybody’s trauma is different. Even after experiencing similar events, each person responds to trauma differently. The impact of the traumatic experience is different for each person and your treatment plan may look different from others. If you have been impacted by traumatic experiences or suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), take some time to exploreRead More

When Will I Move on From Trauma?

The more you suffer from trauma, the more you will find yourself feeling overwhelmed and suffocated from the symptoms. Trauma is painful and can lead you into a pit of despair, the longer you allow it to exasperate you. You may even believe that you deserve the agony you are experiencing because you see noRead More

Should My Convictions Be Rooted in Recovery?

Those in the recovery world could misunderstand the word conviction. Many of us have been convicted of crimes that have been a product of addictively consuming drugs and drinking alcohol. Under the influence, we have done things that we would never attempt sober. If your legal convictions stem from drinking and using, your convictions inRead More

Why Do They Want to Hear My Share?

  Telling your story to complete strangers is the daunting part of recovery. One person sharing their experience with another person, strength, and hope, is necessary for the longevity of your recovery. Allowing yourself to become vulnerable in a way that may seem ludicrous at first can become the very thing that gets you toRead More

Gratitude as a Treatment Practice for Trauma

  Gratitude can be seen as an emotion we feel when we are grateful for the good moments and people that come to our lives, but it can also be a trait that allows us to see the good in our life, as well as a practice of focusing on what is going well forRead More

Take a Break

Learning to navigate the space that is recovery can take some getting used to. You can have everything planned out down to a color-coded rubric and still, you will find yourself in a position you hadn’t planned for. Part of why you’re receiving treatment might be because you have a need to control things, whichRead More

Exercise Your Way to Recovery

We all know the benefits of exercise on our physical health, but our mental health can be greatly impacted as well. You don’t have to run a marathon to achieve these benefits, either. A little bit of exercise can go a long way when it comes to our health and recovery. Continue reading to learnRead More

Creating an Emotional Space in Cinema

Cinema is a powerful ally for people to find expression or to experience any number of emotions. Movies and television shows are curated to create a particular feeling or set of feelings. They elicit a desired emotion in a person as the story unfolds, through the use of different camera angles, color, music, and timing.Read More

Your Brain on Trauma

The majority of us have experienced trauma in our lives, which has made our ability to cope with daily life very challenging at times. Understanding what is actually going on in our brains when we are struggling to cope can help us to be more compassionate with ourselves. In turn, we can seek the appropriateRead More