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Which Level of Treatment Is Right for Me?

Substance addiction is more than dependence on a chemical. People who know someone or have a substance use disorder (SUD) themselves understand the complexities of alcohol or drug addiction. When a person decides to start a treatment program, a counselor conducts an assessment to determine what level of care is needed. What if I Don’tRead More

Peers in Treatment

It only takes something as a simple debate, strange look, or a difference of opinion to cause conflict; the same is true in addiction treatment facilities. Some people in treatment will clash because of their different personalities, life experiences, and backgrounds. If you know that you may disagree with someone while in treatment or struggleRead More

Exploring New Hobbies After Substance Abuse Treatment

Many people who went through treatment for drug or alcohol abuse carved out a time in their day-to-day schedule to explore new ideas and activities free from drugs and alcohol. However, when we get caught up in the day-to-day rush of work demands, family obligations, and volunteer commitments, it can sometimes seem overwhelming, and theRead More

The Role of Nutrition in Treatment

Good nutrition plays a vital role for those in treatment for substance abuse because it is part of a healthy lifestyle. Among other benefits, proper nutrition helps with mental clarity, which means that nutrition can help individuals make good choices about the habits they want to develop as part of a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, itRead More

How to Create a Balanced Life in Recovery

Recovery from substance abuse will often involve an individual making significant changes to improve the quality of their life and their overall happiness. The health and wellness benefits that come along with substance abuse recovery are heightened, especially when balance in your life is attained by being substance-free.  The Journey and the Changes As youRead More

Earning Back Family Trust in Treatment

Battling substance use disorder (SUD) takes a toll not only on the individual but also on family relationships. The damage that substance abuse is doing to the individual affects others as well. When individuals struggle daily with substance abuse, they may begin to isolate themselves from family and behave in ways that cause trust toRead More

The Role Families Play in Treatment and What to Expect

It’s easy for family members to experience a roller coaster of emotions when a loved one enters treatment. Family members may feel excited, hopeful, worried, or stressed. It is important to try to temper any expectations you may have about your loved one’s recovery journey but instead find a suitable way to express your supportRead More

What Is a Secondary Issue In Substance Addiction Treatment?

Addiction isn’t limited to alcohol or drugs. Some habits are not connected to mind-altering chemicals but can cause as much damage as a substance use disorder (SUD). Therefore, a secondary issue can present as you work on your well-being in substance addiction treatment. What Is a Secondary Addiction? Your primary addiction is your substance ofRead More

Treatment Is Not a Cure; It Begins a New Way of Life

Success stories of people leaving treatment for substance abuse and embracing sober lifestyles have led to the misconception that treatment is in and of itself a cure for addiction. This concept, however, is the furthest thing from the truth. Treatment is not a cure; it’s the beginning of a new way of life. A WordRead More

How Do I Begin Substance Addiction Treatment?

Life-changing decisions are challenging. Once you choose to transform your life, the next task is to take the steps needed to work towards your goal. The decision to enter a substance addiction treatment program is one of the hardest and healthiest decisions you can make. Now that you have chosen to heal your body andRead More