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Implementing Mindfulness

  Recovery is about striving for your goals while also being open to the changes going on around you. When you’re working toward your recovery goals, it’s a good idea to stay connected with the world. You don’t want to have your head down all of the time because you might miss some important toolsRead More

How to Love Someone Through Their Trauma

As you start to see the progression of someone’s trauma, you may also realize that they can be challenging to deal with at times. This is not necessarily saying the person with trauma is difficult, but the highs and lows of emotions related to traumatic experiences can be difficult to endure. Not knowing what toRead More

The Theme of Trauma in The Perks of Being a Wallflower

The Perks of Being a Wallflower is a young adult book written by Stephen Chobsky. This book is about Charlie, a high school freshman who becomes friends with a group of seniors that show him a good time, but unconsciously help him confront his trauma. The Perks of Being a Wallflower can show young andRead More

How Can We Manage Our Stress?

The stress we feel in our daily lives takes a toll on our health and can play a major role in our addictive patterns. We use our drugs of choice as a way of coping with our stress and all of the difficult emotions we have a hard time managing. Our stress can manifest asRead More

What Our Addictions Represent

Behind the painful and difficult symptoms of our addictions, our substance use and dependence issues, are the deeper meanings as to why we’ve developed our addictions in the first place. There are underlying issues that we sometimes fail to look at. We aren’t always mindful of the fact that when we come to depend onRead More

Accepting Our Negative Emotions in Recovery

As we’re working to recover from our addictions, sometimes we hope that the negative emotions of our turbulent experiences with addiction will be a thing of the past. We want to believe that we’ve done the majority of our hard work, and that we’ll no longer have to be so challenged by our emotions. We’dRead More

The Normalization of Drug Use in Mainstream Media

As we’re working to recover, we begin to see striking evidence of how much addiction and drug use are normalized and even glorified in our mainstream media. Television and movies minimize the devastating effects of drug use and trivialize the harm they cause. These portrayals routinely ignore how people’s lives are negatively impacted by theirRead More

The Costs of Smoking Weed

While many of us who regularly smoke weed don’t consider ourselves to be addicted to it, and while we often don’t self-identify as addicts, the costs of smoking weed can really add up, and they can take a toll on our health and our well-being in many of the same ways that other drugs andRead More

Exploring Weed Addiction

Many of us who smoke weed are convinced that marijuana can’t be addictive because it is a naturally growing plant rather than a synthetic drug. As such, we might not identify as addicts even if we fit the bill. For many of us, we can be just as dependent on smoking weed as any addictRead More

When Love and Compassion Compound Our Guilt and Shame

Our experiences with addiction can come with some very complex interpersonal relationship dynamics that can be very hard for us to understand. One of these dynamics is our resistance to the compassion and support of our loved ones. Most of us would probably assume that anyone would want to be helped while struggling with somethingRead More