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Trauma As A Public Health Crisis

Childhood trauma is a concerning topic in recent months as the world has taken a focus on the mental wellbeing of children. As far as history goes, the mental wellbeing of children is rarely a focused concern unless children’s mental wellbeing is threatened. Today’s children are suffering, all around the world. Their mental health issuesRead More

The Loneliness Paradox Of The Modern Digital Age

Social media is perhaps one of the wildest phenomenons to ever take over mankind. If you think about it in a certain way, the few millions of years man has developed is a relatively short amount of time. If we think then about the development of the modern world, from electricity to engines, the telegramRead More

Jada Pinkett Smith’s Story on Addiction

Celebrities are often in the spotlight because of their role in the entertainment industry; what they do both on – and off – camera becomes a national discussion. When celebrities talk about their past struggles with addiction, this often inspires other people to come forward and talk about their problems – or at least, considerRead More

Cannabis, Alcohol, and Socioeconomic Implications: Risks for the Future

Substances such as alcohol, prescription medication, and illicit drugs are of major concern in the United States, particularly as Americans are finding unhealthy ways to deal with stress, chronic pain, and more. Cannabis use has risen over the past decade, and continues to soar as marijuana becomes legal either medically and/or recreationally throughout America. AccordingRead More

5 Things You Should Never Say to Someone with Depression

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) states that 16 million adults in the U.S. experienced depression, a serious mental illness is which individuals often feel hopeless, guilty, isolated, lack of energy and motivation, and much more. A common misbelief is that depression is simply sadness, something that a person is assumed to get overRead More

Activities You’ll Find In Drama Therapy

Healing is vital to our happiness and health, and sometimes this cannot be done through simply talking, such as what occurs in psychotherapy (also known as “talk therapy”). Creative processes give us the ability to unleash the unspoken in ways that haven’t been expressed before – through movement, a person can uncover a lot ofRead More

Depression During The Holidays: 5 Recovery Tools You Need to Use Immediately

With Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s coming up, the holidays can be very triggering for people, especially for those who have lost family members, are disconnected from their family, associate traumatic events around that time period, or have seasonal affective disorder (SAD) or another disorder. With the stress and tension surrounding this time of year,Read More