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Facebook Behind The Scenes: Moderators Are Experiencing Trauma

Have you ever wondered how it is your video uploads to the worldwide social media platform Facebook get approved? Once you upload something, you get a notification that you are in the approval process to make sure that the video meets the guidelines and standards for published Facebook content. Shortly thereafter, you are most likelyRead More

5 Steps For Recovering From A Trauma Nightmare

Dreams are the place of fantasy and wonder, but can also be a realm of terror and horror. For every ounce of fantasy that our dreaming brain can conjure up, it also has the ability to recall more moments of trauma than we are willing to remember. Dreams aren’t always meant to be enjoyed. WhenRead More

How Trauma Changes Our Perception Of The World

Defining reality and the idea of truth has been the mission and perplexity of philosophy since such inquiries started taking place. There are innumerable schools of philosophical thought which all take different perspective on the idea of the truth. Some believe there is an Absolute truth which cannot be argued. Others believe that our conceptsRead More

Trauma As A Public Health Crisis

Childhood trauma is a concerning topic in recent months as the world has taken a focus on the mental wellbeing of children. As far as history goes, the mental wellbeing of children is rarely a focused concern unless children’s mental wellbeing is threatened. Today’s children are suffering, all around the world. Their mental health issuesRead More

Jada Pinkett Smith’s Story on Addiction

Celebrities are often in the spotlight because of their role in the entertainment industry; what they do both on – and off – camera becomes a national discussion. When celebrities talk about their past struggles with addiction, this often inspires other people to come forward and talk about their problems – or at least, considerRead More