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What happened in June at The Guest House Ocala?

Each week at The Guest House Ocala, we offer something new for our guests.  The month of June was full of those moments. We walked the beaches of Daytona, floated down the sparkling waters of Rainbow River, visited EARS (Endangered Animal Rescue Sanctuary), and kayaked the clear waters of Silver Springs. We strive as a trauma treatment facility to offer the best recovery.  And that includes enlivening the weekly schedule of our guests with healing time spent in nature and by experiencing different animals. Below is a sampling of the past couple of weeks.

Beautiful Daytona BeachWe were blessed with a beautiful day spent on Daytona Beach.

Kayaking on Silver SpringsOur guests enjoyed Florida’s first tourist attraction, as they took a kayak tour of Silver Springs River. Getting to see the gentle and giant Manatees up close and personal was really an amazing feeling.

Floating Down Rainbow RiverOur guest were able to spend the afternoon floating down the spacious and beautiful Rainbow River. It was a two hour gentle float where you can see wildlife, and enjoy the crisp clear waters that Florida has to offer.

Visiting EARS (Endangered Animal Rescue Sanctuary)Visiting EARS was a real treat, EARS is a not-for-profit organization in Citra, Florida that exists specifically to provide a permanent home for unwanted and/or abused endangered animals.