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How Have We Been Conditioned for Unwellness?

Part of our work in recovery involves looking at how we’ve been trained to think, act and feel over the years. Upon more closely examining our thought patterns, emotional responses, choices and behaviors, many of us discover that we’ve been perpetuating very toxic limiting beliefs that contribute to our mental health issues, including our strugglesRead More

Nature-Deficit Disorder

Nature-Deficit Disorder is the term used to describe certain mental, emotional and behavioral issues we can develop from not having enough access to nature. When we’re deprived of our connection to the natural world around us, we can experience heightened anxiety, depression and other mental health issues. We can develop behavioral problems that are especiallyRead More

Exercise for Sobriety

When we’re in recovery, we will want to find healthy coping skills to replace our addictions and the ways in which we’ve used them to cope. We become dependent on addictive substances and behaviors because of how they make us feel. We experience feelings of pleasure, release, relief and even euphoria. We feel a boostRead More

Learning to Prioritize Our Well-Being

Many of us struggling with addiction and mental health issues have a very hard time putting ourselves first and caring for ourselves. We prioritize our drugs of choice and the high we receive from them over everything else because it feels better in the moment to escape our difficulties than to confront them. We prioritizeRead More

Does Exercise Help Everyone Struggling With Depression?

Exercise has become a nearly universal suggestion for coping with depression. Innumerable personal and scientific accounts have confirmed that regular exercise at at least a daily minimal average of twenty to thirty minutes can greatly alleviate many symptoms of depression. Exercise boosts happy brain hormones, gets the blood pumping, builds confidence, routine, esteem, and muchRead More