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Nurturing Inner Strength in Recovery

Many areas of your life will change as recovery transforms your life. The nerves that come with trying something new or completing something stressful will remain, but you will be better equipped to deal with those nerves. If you’re just starting out on your recovery journey, these nerves may feel overwhelming. There are steps youRead More

Is It Safe to Go to Rehab During a Pandemic?

As an addiction unfolds before your very eyes, you may be concerned that your loved one will not be able to receive the treatment you were hoping for due to the current pandemic. Now that most of the country has been put in lockdown situations and has strict guidelines for where everyone can go, youRead More

Improving Your Sleep

  Sleep is a huge component of trauma recovery and addiction recovery. If you’re struggling to get enough restful sleep, your recovery is taking a toll. On the other hand, your trauma and addiction may be impacting your sleep, causing problems. This leads to an endless negative cycle. Part of your recovery is listening toRead More

Exploring Vulnerability and Resilience

  Not many people are experts at relying on vulnerability to help build a reservoir of resilience. It’s extremely difficult to let your guard down and accept that you can succeed through vulnerability. Resilience isn’t just about white-knuckling it through a difficult situation with a plastered on smile so that you can come out theRead More

How Addiction Changes Our Reality

  Everyone is living in their own world. Sometimes your world intersects with someone else’s world. You see their point of view and they see yours. But, sometimes it isn’t that easy. This is because your world isn’t the world, your reality isn’t the reality. Add an addiction into the mix and your whole worldRead More

Why Are People With Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Prone to Exhibiting Self-Harming Behaviors?

  Self-harm is a complex behavior with many causes. The causes of self-harm often depend upon the person’s state of mental wellness. One of the misconceptions of self-harming behaviors is that self-harm is a way of seeking attention. While for some mental health diagnoses, attention-seeking may be the primary motivation for self-harm, for those withRead More

Ways That Self-Care Can Relieve Trauma

Every day is a good day for a person to start practicing self-care for themselves. The problem with that statement is many people do not take the time to give care for themselves because they believe they are not worth it. Self-care is not just for someone to maintain physical and mental health, but toRead More

How to Become the Change You Want to See

To say that many people across our country are yearning for change is the understatement of the year. With everything that has taken place in 2020, you may feel the same way. You may feel paralyzed with fear about what you can do to make things better around you. Instead of waiting for the otherRead More

Treat Others With the Kindness You Want Returned

There is so much rudeness in the world today. Many of us grew up with the saying, “treat others the way you want to be treated.” However, not many people take note of this saying and act upon it. From strangers cutting you off on the road to a person hiding behind their keyboard, thoseRead More