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Staying Active Through The Winter

The winter months bring long periods of night and cold temperatures, and it can be very tempting to hunker down in a comfortable blanket with a warm drink. This cozy environment is a staple image of the season. However, staying active is still an important part of maintaining a healthy physical and mental state. WhetherRead More

Exploring Lightboxes in Addressing Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal affective disorder, or S.A.D., can turn the winter months into an exceptionally trying time for those in recovery. The dwindling hours of light and colder temperatures can introduce greater feelings of depression, anxiety, and isolation, while also making it more and more difficult to get outside. While this time of year can have aRead More

Four Ways: How to Be Comfortable in the Present?

When recovering from substance use disorder, not only can life seem to move pretty fast, but you may no longer be viewing situations in black and white. Another part of overcoming addiction involves learning how to experience yourself, others, and the world while living in the present. After a long history of substance use, learningRead More

Why Is The Way Forward: How to Discover Your Why?

Your “why” is the gatekeeper between your past and present. Moving forward takes an understanding of why you turned to use substances as a way to escape. When you become aware of past triggers, patterns, and behaviors, you become less inclined to follow the same patterns again. Understanding your past and what you can changeRead More

How Changing Your Diet Can Aid In Recovery

Proper nutrition and hydration are crucial in recovery because they help restore physical and mental health and improve the chance of recovery. Individuals who suffer from substance abuse typically have depleted levels of vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids and fats, which can lead to several mental and physical problems. Some drugs cause extreme withdrawalRead More

How Do You Use Your Inside Voice?

Everything that you say to yourself matters. Your inner critic is not just a harmless passing thought – this is your inside voice. It inhibits you and keeps you from pursuing and enjoying the life you want and deserve. It steals from your peace of mind, and if you let it speak to you negativelyRead More

Reconnecting With Your Inner Child

Stresses are commonplace in daily life. Whether a person is at work, dealing with financial stresses, or simply trying to find enough time in the day to sit down and rest, stress and expectation can dictate much of a person’s daily schedule. For those in recovery, there can be even more additional stresses, as anxiety,Read More

The Art of Gift-Giving

The holidays present a number of unique and difficult hurdles for those in recovery. Anxieties can be high, as each individual prepares to cope with the stressors of the holidays, and the effects of seasonal affective disorder (S.A.D.) can create greater feelings of isolation and depression. However, the holidays also create a unique opportunity toRead More

How Do You Celebrate Your Uniqueness?

There is a term in recovery often used when someone is trying to look for differences rather than similarities and lives in self-pity with the mindset that they are the one who has been dealt with the harshest consequences. “Terminal uniqueness” can hold a person back from being able to relate to others because theyRead More