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creativityBeing creative can help you work through mental health struggles, trauma, and addiction. Being able to harness your creativity can be a powerful tool on those days where you feel as if you’re really struggling. Here are a few different suggestions that may help you feel better and work through anything you may be experiencing. 


  1. Scribble

Have you ever doodled on the side of a piece of paper, a napkin, or even a book? You have probably found yourself scribbling or drawing little pictures that did not seem to have much meaning to them at one point or another in your life. For some people, doodling can help with anxiety or other strong emotions. Sometimes those absent-minded doodles can help us to better understand what we are feeling and experiencing. 


  1. Move

Getting up and moving can help some people feel better and lighten their mood. Maybe try a dance class, go to yoga, or simply take a walk. Learn what your mind and body respond best to and go with it. Take a chance and go outside of your comfort zone. Maybe you will find out that you actually love rock climbing or scuba diving. 


  1. Write

Writing is a great creative activity. Whether you choose to write a journal, poetry, or novels, writing is a way to decompress and get your thoughts out. Many of us struggle to say what we are feeling. Writing can give you an outlet for everything you cannot say out loud. Writing can be kept private or shared with your support circle. You may even find yourself reading poetry out loud at a cafe. When you try new things, you learn new things about yourself. You may realize you actually struggle with issues that you have never thought about before. You may find triggers or patterns as you begin to journal every day. Keep an open mind, and give new things a try. 


Creative activities can help you lighten your mood. They can help you better understand what you are feeling, give you an outlet, and explore more about yourself. Many of us struggle with trying new creative activities because we worry about not being good at them; we may look silly or simply fail. There are many underlying emotions when you try new things, and taking the time to analyze those feelings may be extremely eye-opening and helpful in determining what you are really going through and feeling. Here at The Guest House, we understand that mental health can be complicated and difficult to understand. We are here to help. Call us today at (855) 483-7800 to learn more about our different treatment options.