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Addiction Recovery and Healthy Choices

When you’re in recovery, making healthy choices is more important than ever. Even though it may seem intimidating at first, creating a wellness plan can help you navigate your recovery journey in a much easier way. The more you incorporate wellness practices into your day, the better you will feel.

Healthy Choices in Recovery

Recovery, in and of itself, is actually a process that helps you create more healthy choices in your life. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), recovery is “a process of change through which people improve their health and wellness, live self-directed lives, and strive to reach their full potential.”

If you have been experiencing substance use disorder (SUD) for any amount of time, both your mind and body may have suffered difficult experiences. A healthy routine can help you heal, reach your fullest potential, and re-write the patterns of addiction.

Healthy Choices for the Body

When you are in active addiction, your body can take a lot of hard hits. Once you begin recovery, it’s important to make healthy choices to help the body heal and get back to a stronger state. Diet, nutrition, and exercise are all great areas to start getting back on track with your body’s health.

SUD Affects Diet and Nutrition

According to a 2021 study in Nutrition Reviews, substance abuse “can compromise the user’s nutrition and greatly affects their dietary habits.” People experiencing SUD can have a “chaotic lifestyle” that may disrupt regular healthy eating practices.

The study also found dietary issues among people who used specific drugs. For example, those who use cocaine often have irregular eating patterns and may rely only on one daily meal each night. Those who use opiates will normally eat meals higher in sugar and alcohol without essential nutrients.

Another issue is the fact that many people in active addiction will spend money on substances rather than food. This can cause serious health issues, but once you begin recovery, you have an excellent chance to turn everything around.

Create a Healthy Diet and Nutritional Practice

At first, it may feel intimidating to create a healthy diet or nutritional practice. Do not worry or shame yourself, because this is very normal. Instead of trying to stick to a strict or restrictive diet, the best way to approach healthy eating is to take small, consistent steps each day in the right direction.

According to MedLine Plus, a person with SUD is “more likely to relapse when they have poor eating habits.” Eating regular meals is crucial in recovery, and having regular mealtimes each day can help you stick to your new routine.

MedLine Plus also lays out other guidelines for a healthy diet in recovery. These include eating low-fat foods, more protein and fiber, complex carbohydrates, and even vitamin and mineral supplements. It’s also important to have plenty of water and other healthy liquids.

Exercise and Body Movement

Regular exercise is one of the best healthy choices you can make in recovery. According to a 2016 study in The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, exercise has “broad positive health, mood-enhancing, and anxiolytic effects” that can be a big help in the treatment of SUDs. The study mentions that exercise can even have the capacity to “reduce the acute distress of withdrawal”, making it an “appealing adjunctive intervention to help attain abstinence and prevent relapse among individuals with SUDs.”

You may want to start by incorporating exercise into your week one day at a time. There are also a multitude of options for working out, like running, weight training, yoga classes, and more. The most important thing is to find exercise practices that you will enjoy and stick with.

Healthy Relationships

Food, nutrition, and exercise aren’t the only ways to incorporate healthy choices into your recovery journey. In fact, it is just as important to have healthy relationships that will lift you up and support your wellness practice.

If you had a circle of “drug friends”, or people who brought you down, it’s more important than ever to seek out supportive peers. Recovery programs with group therapy, like that at The Guest House, are a great place to find support among people who understand your journey.

Learning to set boundaries among friends and family is also crucial to building healthy relationships. The more you stand your ground and stick to your values, the more you will find yourself with growing confidence and self-respect.

Healthy Choices at The Guest House

One of the best ways to create a healthy routine and stick to it is by joining a recovery program that specializes in holistic wellness, like that at The Guest House. At The Guest House, we offer a wide variety of cutting-edge modalities to help you heal your body and re-discover your sense of self. From adventure therapy to meditation, yoga, and even conscious connected breathwork, there is a multitude of techniques for you to explore.

A Wellness Plan That Lasts

One of our main values at The Guest House is to approach your healing journey on a completely individualized basis. Our highly-trained staff is here to guide you through practices and methods that suit you best. You’ll also receive personal guidance and accountability to create a wellness plan and stick with it.

Even after you have completed your program here, you will still find support in our robust alumni network to help you continue your wellness practice as you re-enter daily life. No matter where you may be on your recovery journey, you can find lasting success at The Guest House.

Making healthy choices and cultivating a positive wellness routine is crucial to finding success in recovery. Healthy eating, regular exercise, and healthy relationships can all help you re-discover your sense of self and overcome the cycle of addiction. At The Guest House, we combine cutting-edge holistic therapies with traditional modalities to help you form a comprehensive plan for lasting success. We offer a wide variety of active programs that will help you exercise and move your body, like adventure therapy, meditation, and yoga. Our highly-trained staff and clinicians are here to support you and provide you with accountability. At The Guest House, you can create a lasting wellness routine that supports long-term sobriety. Call us at (855) 483-7800.