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Are Family Reunions Helpful in Recovery?

Summertime is a common time for families and even family friends to get together and have a reunion. Spending time with family members you do not usually get to be around can be fun. Creating more memories together can be extremely meaningful as well.

What To Watch Out For At Family Gatherings

Even though you love your family members, getting together for a summertime reunion can be triggering when you are in recovery. This does not mean, however, that you must avoid family reunions altogether. Luckily, treatment facilities that offer family therapy can help you and your family better communicate with and relate to one another.

So how can family therapy help you cope with your family in social situations?

Family Therapy Can Help With Communication

When arguments or other triggering situations occur in familial dynamics, most times, this is due to communication issues. You may not know how to communicate to a loved one that a comment they made or behavior they are engaging in is triggering for you. As a result, you may build up resentment towards them and maybe make snide comments about them. Alternatively, if you do communicate your discomforts to a family member, you could run the risk of doing so in an aggressive, accusatory way that leaves the family member feeling defensive. 

Family therapy can help you and your family learn how to effectively communicate with one another in a respectful way. It can teach you all the skills needed to learn how to not react out of an emotional state when communicating with one another.

Family Therapy Can Help You Learn More About Each Other

If family members are not aware of your triggers, they cannot be mindful of them. If you do not feel comfortable telling your family these personal things about yourself, professionals can advocate for you in family therapy groups. They can also help you understand more about your family members and why they engage in the behaviors that they engage in or say the triggering things they might say. This can help family reunions allow for healthy, fun connections that strengthen your recovery.

Even though you love your family, sometimes family reunions can prove to be rather triggering. In order to help these reunions be helpful instead of harmful, consider participating in family therapy groups. These groups can help you and your family engage in healthy communication and learn more about one another. At The Guest House, we have family therapy groups available to help you and your family members help one another rather than hurt each other. Call us today at (855) 483-7800.