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The workplace can be full of triggers from the people to the work itself. One of the many gifts of recovery is the opportunity to reenter the workforce and start independently.

Triggering People

Spending a typical 8 hours a day in the office means spending a lot of time with coworkers. You might have to sit next to people who are unpleasant, work on a team with people who are difficult, have a boss who is less than compassionate- the possibilities are endless. When you are in an office or on part of a team for your job, you will have to interact with people who are in some way, triggering to you.

High Expectations

You have a boss that drives you beyond what seems like conceivable standards. Emails off-hours are just the beginning of the high expectations. Your project expectations are high, you can’t seem to get near a promotion, and the bar is always raising. The stress of perfectionism is common in the workplace and can be detrimental to your sense of self, your serenity, and eventually, your recovery.

No Celebrations

Your bosses almost seem to celebrate every time you make a mistake, do something wrong, or don’t live up to their impossibly high standards. A company culture that focuses on the negative instead of the positive is one that will rarely find consistent success. Employees will be sick in mind, body, and spirit. Productivity will not be high and turnover will be common. Life in recovery is about celebrating the good as well as the bad. Learn from your mistakes, celebrate your milestones, and continue to recognize your worth, your capabilities, and your accomplishments, no matter how small. Every day you are active in your recovery is a career-making day.

Lacking Boundaries

Boundaries are important in recovery of all kinds. Invisible, intangible lines, boundaries are what help us separate ourselves from others and their behaviors. A lack of boundaries at the office could mean someone making your business their business or, making their business your business. Bosses can become too invested in your life and use that against you in the workplace. Boundaries keep work, work and life, life. Separating your recovery from work helps you more bring the tools and elements of your recovery into work.