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How Can You Overcome Emotional Abuse?

Emotional abuse can be downright traumatizing. It can have lifelong effects if not worked through, generally with a mental health professional. Often emotional abuse gets glossed over; however, it is just as dangerous and traumatic as physical abuse. As you work through your trauma with a therapist, here are a few tips to keep inRead More

Can Trauma Affect Your Relationships?

Trauma has the ability to affect every single aspect of an individual’s life. When a person experiences something traumatic, it can have a lasting effect if not worked through. If you are experiencing trauma in your life, know that you are not alone. Working with a mental health professional is often encouraged to learn moreRead More

Maintaining Authenticity Through Rehab and Beyond

Maintaining your authenticity as you journey through life is essential. Being who you are and loving yourself is the ultimate key to happiness. Often, after individuals go through treatment, they feel as if they need to hide that part of their past. There is a fear that if new friends or acquaintances learn about theirRead More

Healthy vs. Unhealthy Relationships in Recovery

The relationships you participate in can have a direct impact on your mental health. As you journey through recovery, it is crucial to keep your sobriety in mind as you decide which relationships are healthy to continue post-treatment. Putting your sobriety first can feel overwhelming at times. You will be faced with many choices andRead More

Building Stronger Bonds With Loved Ones

Deepening bonds with those we care about can be difficult, as relationships can often be complicated and intricate. If you are also suffering from addiction, trauma, or struggles with your mental health, it may feel impossible to deepen your relationships. It is essential to understand that as you work through your struggles in life, itRead More

How to Nurture a Support System

Whether you struggle with anxiety, depression, addiction, trauma, or anything else in life, having a support system is essential. We all need support and having people you can be open with and rely on will help you through the difficult days of recovery.    Understand Your Loneliness   Understanding your emotions can be challenging. MentalRead More

Why Is It Hard to Ask for Help?

Many people struggle with asking for help, but why is it so hard to ask others to help you? The reasoning for that struggle looks different for everyone. Some people will avoid asking for help because they are insecure, while others feel as if they should be able to handle every situation that gets thrownRead More

How to Overcome Defensiveness

Defensive behavior can feel automatic. We may find ourselves in situations where we automatically jump to defending our actions. However, learning to hit pause and think through these situations will help you not become so defensive. If you frequently find yourself becoming defensive, here are a few pointers to keep in mind.    Watch YourRead More

How Can I Strengthen Bonds With Those I Love?

Surrounding yourself with people who support and love you is a fantastic thing. We all need support at times. If you have gone through a hard time, you know how important it is to have people to lean on, talk to, and rely on. However, it has become harder and harder to form strong bondsRead More