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Give Yourself Permission to Have Relationships

Coping with trauma is a complex process that continually weighs on a person through every minute of every day, reframing what the world around us looks like. The constant barrage of emotions such as depression and guilt all constantly work to create a feeling of isolation. We are left feeling lonely in both the physicalRead More

Am I Codependent?

Codependency is a broad term that is often recognized in unstable relationships, especially when addiction and mental health issues are present. People who have dysfunctional families tend to take this behavioral condition into their other relationships without even realizing it. Healthy relationships can be sabotaged by the emotional and behavioral issues that are caused byRead More

Ways to Deal With Difficult People

If you are dealing with trauma and addiction, you can probably be incredibly sensitive. All you have already had to endure when dealing with difficult people may be baffling to you. Having to walk around on eggshells trying to keep any confrontation at bay could be the very thing to lead you to drink andRead More

Showing Compassion to Others (Even When It’s Hard)

One of the beautiful aspects of any recovery program, or even of life, is that we meet so many different people. All of these people have different types of personalities, experiences, and backgrounds. On occasion, we encounter someone who we don’t particularly enjoy being around. They may have strong character traits that we find toRead More

Why Can’t I Make My Non-Sober Friends Understand?

There will always be friends, coworkers, or family members who don’t understand the process and importance of our recovery. We may have a friend who is completely baffled and turned off by the 12-Step program, or a coworker who questions why we can’t just have one drink. If we are comfortable with our peers knowingRead More

How Can I Set Boundaries in A Healthy Way?

Every relationship is a two-way street. There are compromises, give, and take. Whether you are interacting with family, friends, coworkers, or a significant other, boundaries are a vital part of maintaining a healthy connection. Setting and keeping boundaries is not a weakness, in fact, it shows a strength in a relationship. If this is somethingRead More

I’m Scared to Make My Amends!

Moving through our 12-step program, we come to the point where we make amends with the people we have harmed in our past. This is a step that can be intimidating. Reaching back out those we own amends to may be less than ideal. We may have not been in contact with a few ofRead More

How Can I Let Go of Judgement?

Judgement can control our lives and is heavily linked to our fears. Whether these are fears of rejection, failure, intimacy, or of not being good enough, we sometimes cloak them in judgement as a form of protection. Unfortunately, this creates a barrier between us and others and restricts our ability to lead happy and peacefulRead More