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Deciding How to Get Support and Establish Quality Relationships

Understanding what makes a relationship healthy instead of unhealthy is essential during recovery. During active drug use, you likely surrounded yourself with toxic people that enabled your substance use. Therefore, you have to unlearn many ways of thinking and learn what is healthy and what will help you grow. Such efforts will require building aRead More

Will Couples Therapy Improve My Relationship?

Substance addiction and mental health treatment look at what led you to therapy. Exploring triggers and underlying issues gives people a greater understanding of why they react to their environment in specific ways. There’s no denying that individual and group therapy are vital to people’s mind-body connection. When it comes to talking with loved ones,Read More

Finding the Right Support System

If you’re looking to find the right support system, understanding the different types of therapy and support that work best can help you in your aftercare plan. It’s critical to you and the success of your recovery journey to find out what options are available that will meet your needs. Often, many individuals will tryRead More

I Have a Love Addiction: Now What?

What is love? Philosophers, poets, and most people ponder what love is. Some love the idea of being in love, and many of those people form deep, meaningful relationships. Love is felt and expressed in different ways because everyone is different. Sometimes, the time spent finding or keeping love can become disproportionate to other dailyRead More

How Can I Form Meaningful Relationships?

Relationships take work. There will be good times and bad times, but you can build a solid, meaningful relationship with commitment and willingness to adjust to situations. Regardless of where you are in your relationship, you can take time to deepen the connection with a few new habits. Is My Relationship Healthy? Every person isRead More

Relationships May Change in Treatment

Life is funny, and our casual connections may develop into relationships over time. There are various types of relationships you may have, whether it is a new connection or one that’s been in your life for an extensive period. Relationships can change over time due to experiences, influences, and personal growth. In the path ofRead More

Tips to Help Your Partner With Anxiety

Having a partner with an anxiety disorder can challenge a relationship. The stress placed on relationships with friends and family can damage healthy relationships. The strain that an anxiety disorder places on romantic partnerships is often intense. Luckily, if you have a partner struggling with anxiety, there are things you can do to help them.Read More

How to Set Boundaries With Your Friends

Relationships thrive when you set boundaries. Healthy relationships are built on mutual respect include limits. However, the idea of telling your friends or family you have limitations can seem scary. Learning to set boundaries and let others know what is acceptable and unacceptable helps you maintain your mental well-being. Why? When you set limits, youRead More

The Benefits of Acknowledging Your Feelings

Learning to acknowledge your feelings can be a process. If you have pushed your feelings down for a long time, it probably has become an act done without much thought. Changing your automatic behavior takes time and effort. Being able to acknowledge your feelings as you feel them will come with many benefits that canRead More

What Are Boundaries and How Can I Create Them?

Boundaries are an essential part of the recovery process. Boundaries are the limits that we establish for ourselves within relationships, whether professional, romantic, or familial relationships. They help keep you safe and out of situations you are not ready for. Having firm boundaries is essential for healthy relationships in your life and helps you maintainRead More