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Why Are We in Codependent, Addictive Relationships?

When we experience relationships that are codependent in nature and that function like addictions, there are often some very difficult underlying issues going on that we haven’t fully healed from. We have subconscious fears and limiting beliefs that affect our ability to be alone, to be independent, and to feel we’re enough on our own.Read More

Letting Go of Unhealthy Relationships

Many of us struggling with addiction and mental health issues find ourselves in toxic, unhealthy and even abusive relationships. We attract these relationships into our lives because of our own feelings of unworthiness, our own self-rejection and insecurity. We don’t believe we deserve partners who value us and treat us well. We don’t believe weRead More

Why Do We Choose Toxic Relationships?

When we are struggling with addiction and mental illness, many of us tend to choose relationships that are toxic, unhealthy and destructive. We choose partners who are bad for us, who devalue and demean us, and who contribute to our feelings of worthlessness. We tend to attract and choose partners who themselves are struggling withRead More

Boundaries in Co-Dependent Relationships

      Boundaries are an often overlooked and neglected factor in our mental and emotional health and well-being. Having healthy boundaries means we know what we want and need in our relationships and in our daily lives, and we take regular measures to make sure we’re getting everything we need in order to beRead More

The Harm in Co-Dependent Relationships

Many of us living with addiction and mental health issues are also often grappling with toxic relationships, many of which are co-dependent in nature, whether those relationships are platonic, romantic, or familial. When we are co-dependent, we rely heavily on each other for our emotional balance, for reassurance and validation, and for our feelings ofRead More

The Trauma Of Breaking Up

A broken heart has been the lament and inspiration of our entire lifetime as feeling-prone human beings. We were programmed to bond, to connect, to mate, to reproduce, and to stay bonded for a lifetime. Our ideals of romance, love, and partnership have changed significantly over time and the way we relate to romance, love,Read More

Breaking The Barrier: Taking Online Friendships Offline

Living in a modern digital age has its benefits as well as its discrepancies. Social media platforms like Facebook have given us the opportunity to feel closer than ever to friends, family, celebrities, public figures, and others all around the world. We can watch and witness the daily events of people in our lives withoutRead More

Facebook Friends: Reality And Relationship Problems

Facebook notifications have become a drug of choice for millions upon millions of adults around the world. Separated from old friends, constrained by the matters of distance, time, and availability, too many adults are suffering deeply from the disease of loneliness. When Facebook became a website available to more than college students, adults started findingRead More