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How PTSD Could Affect Your Relationships

Someone who has experienced trauma can be susceptible to developing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) due to the flight or fight response to their fears. With PTSD, relationships might be unintentionally altered because the trauma will undoubtedly change them emotionally. A once-happy person can turn into an angry, depressed, impulsive, or detached trauma survivor, whichRead More

How to Love Someone Through Their Trauma

As you start to see the progression of someone’s trauma, you may also realize that they can be challenging to deal with at times. This is not necessarily saying the person with trauma is difficult, but the highs and lows of emotions related to traumatic experiences can be difficult to endure. Not knowing what toRead More

Having Sex After Sexual Assault

People who have gone through something as traumatic as sexual assault may experience consensual sex differently. For some, sex can trigger unsettling traumatic memories of their assault that leaves them depressed afterwards. For others, it may cause them to have a lot of sex without feelings of intimacy. By confronting your trauma, you should beRead More

How to Break Away From a Trauma Bond

A trauma bond is when someone uses fear, excitement, and sexual feelings as a way to trap another person to stay with them. It is the cycle of being devalued only to be rewarded again and again. Once you realize you are in a traumatic bond with someone, you need to break that bond soRead More

Give Yourself Permission to Have Relationships

Coping with trauma is a complex process that continually weighs on a person through every minute of every day, reframing what the world around us looks like. The constant barrage of emotions such as depression and guilt all constantly work to create a feeling of isolation. We are left feeling lonely in both the physicalRead More

Is Love Really Necessary in Recovery?

  “We will love you until you love yourself,” they said. You were baffled how this could even be possible. How could someone love you after every shameful thing you did and when you are not capable of loving anyone, including yourself? Recovery meetings are places where people can join a motley crew of peopleRead More

Am I Codependent?

Codependency is a broad term that is often recognized in unstable relationships, especially when addiction and mental health issues are present. People who have dysfunctional families tend to take this behavioral condition into their other relationships without even realizing it. Healthy relationships can be sabotaged by the emotional and behavioral issues that are caused byRead More

Ways to Deal With Difficult People

If you are dealing with trauma and addiction, you can probably be incredibly sensitive. All you have already had to endure when dealing with difficult people may be baffling to you. Having to walk around on eggshells trying to keep any confrontation at bay could be the very thing to lead you to drink andRead More