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Disclosing Our Addictions in Relationships

One of the hardest things we have to do when trying to have a healthy relationship is disclose the fact that we’re addicts. Many of us are so afraid of this difficult disclosure that we avoid relationships altogether. We push people away when they try to get too close to us. We isolate ourselves andRead More

Couples Counseling with Addiction

When we’re struggling with conflict and unresolved issues in our relationships, couples counseling is one of the healing tools we can try, to help us with our conflict resolution patterns, strengthen our communication skills, and deepen our connection. When one or both of us is living with addiction, the counseling dynamic can be impacted inRead More

Why Am I So Afraid to Leave?

When we’re in any kind of relationship with an addict, there are so many factors at play that keep us in that relationship even when we feel we’re being hurt. Our love makes us protective, and we want to protect our loved ones from harm, which very often is of their own doing. We wantRead More

How Can Trauma Affect Our Relationships?

As we’re working to recover from our addictions and mental health issues, our relationships can be one of the things that most blocks our healing and that keeps us from becoming the happiest, healthiest versions of ourselves that we’re capable of being. Our unhealthy relationships often have a lot to do with our past trauma,Read More

How We Sabotage Our Sobriety with Relationships

Many of us recovering from addiction tend to sabotage our sobriety in all kinds of ways, many of which we often aren’t conscious of. We’re working against ourselves and undermining our progress without being aware that we’re doing so. We’re striving for sobriety but holding ourselves back. We can feel like we’re taking two stepsRead More

How Our Bonds Hold Us Back

Sometimes as we’re working to recover, we come up against certain impediments that we feel are holding us back, contributing to our addictive patterns and triggering us to relapse. We might feel that they are adding to our depression, anxiety, grief or anger, all of which can be emotional triggers that we use our drugsRead More

How Can Our Friendships in Recovery Help Us?

Now that we’re in recovery and working to prioritize our sobriety, the friendships we have with other recovering addicts can make all the difference to our success. When we were still actively using, many of us surrounded ourselves with other addicts who were also using, and we exacerbated each other’s addictive patterns by encouraging eachRead More

Being in Relationships with Partners Who Still Use

When we’re working towards sobriety, everything changes in our lives in order to support our recovery. We’re transforming our habits and routines. We’re developing completely new lifestyles for ourselves that support our efforts. We’re learning to replace our self-destructive patterns with healthy ones. We’re transforming our ways of thinking. We’re shedding things that don’t serveRead More