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Learning to Trust

Struggling with addiction and mental health issues often leads to chaotic relationships full of conflict and stress. Whether those relationships are romantic, family, or friendships, trust can be something that is hard to find. Addiction affects far more people than simply the addict, and trust is a two-way street. Many times an addict feels shameRead More

Embracing Normal Conflicts In Relationships

During any relationship, we will experience some type of conflict. We might step on each other’s toes or unintentionally cross a boundary. When we have suffered trauma, especially in relationships, we might fear any conflict. We might not express when something is bothering us for fear of the response. We might have a deeply ingrainedRead More

The Importance of Setting Healthy Boundaries

You may be feeling a new sense of freedom and empowerment in recovery. You might start to regain your sense of self. Now that you are building your self-esteem and creating the life that you want, you may need to remember to set healthy boundaries with others. Boundaries help you maintain your sense of selfRead More

How Do I Deal With Difficult People in Recovery?

Going through life means going through life with others. With approximately 7.8 billion people on the planet, there is no doubt that you will encounter difficult people from time to time, especially in recovery. As people recover from their hurtful past and shameful guilt, they may say and do things that you could find off-putting.Read More

Is Sex Addiction a Response to Trauma?

With the disgrace of Hollywood sex scandals and the Me Too movement that has transpired over the last few years, sex addiction has been brought to the forefront by the media. Sex addiction, however, is much deeper than just wanting to gain pleasure through sexual activity. Sex addiction is considered a legitimate mental illness.  TheRead More

The Difference Between Trauma Bonding and Codependency

When trauma is part of someone’s life, there will be some difficulty in developing bonds with others. Healthy relationships can be nonexistent with a history of negative experiences. As a result of these challenges, any trauma that has yet to be resolved can cause trauma bonding or codependent behaviors to arise.  The Trauma Bond QuiteRead More

How PTSD Could Affect Your Relationships

Someone who has experienced trauma can be susceptible to developing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) due to the flight or fight response to their fears. With PTSD, relationships might be unintentionally altered because the trauma will undoubtedly change them emotionally. A once-happy person can turn into an angry, depressed, impulsive, or detached trauma survivor, whichRead More

How to Love Someone Through Their Trauma

As you start to see the progression of someone’s trauma, you may also realize that they can be challenging to deal with at times. This is not necessarily saying the person with trauma is difficult, but the highs and lows of emotions related to traumatic experiences can be difficult to endure. Not knowing what toRead More