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How Does Group Therapy Help People Process Their Own Pain?

  Group therapy sessions can be successful for those in recovery from trauma and addiction. Most 12-Step recovery programs were founded upon the principles that make group therapy work. The initial idea behind programs like “Alcoholics Anonymous” was that relating to others with the same struggles can advance the recovery progress of each individual inRead More

What Are Some Ways Sexual Assault Can Impact a Person?

  Sexual assault can impact a person’s overall wellness across several dimensions of health. Sexual assault can be a very traumatic experience, which may lead to a person feeling unsafe in the world. Like any other form of trauma, sexual assault can cause a person to feel on high alert throughout all of their dailyRead More

Why Are Some Sufferers of Trauma So Prone to Repeated Patterns of Abusive Relationships?

  Individuals suffering from past trauma due to abusive relationships beginning in childhood often have a difficult time breaking free from similar negative relationships in adulthood. Our childhood experiences shape how we perceive the world around us. Our perception of the world around us informs us about what we can and cannot expect from others.Read More

What Is Somatic Experiencing and How Can It Help With Trauma Recovery?

  Somatic experiencing is a form of therapy that has been effective in treating trauma. The root word soma comes from the ancient Greek word for the body. Somatic experiencing is a therapeutic approach to treating trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), or other mental health issues that emphasizes the mind-body connection. Somatic experiencing is aRead More

What Is Trauma?

  What is trauma? This is a question that is often asked because the lines may be hazy. You may question when an experience becomes a traumatic one. You may question how traumatic experiences are different from non-traumatic ones. You may question if what you have gone through really is trauma. If you are wonderingRead More

What Are Your “Yets”?

When you start attending recovery meetings, you may believe you are nothing like other people in A.A. Instead of seeing the similarities, you tend to harp on the differences. To look at others with disbelief or doubt their experiences might be a mistake. You should hear what they have to say. If their stories seemRead More

How Does Meditation Work?

  For centuries, meditative practices have assisted people in encountering spiritual clarity and an altered state of consciousness. Meditation was initially considered an Eastern religious tradition, which caused many Americans to turn their nose up at these New Age practices. In the 2000s, more people have become open-minded. They have started their own meditation practicesRead More

What Happens in the First 90 Days of Sobriety?

The first 90 days of sobriety are some of the most important days you will ever have in your lifetime. During this period, many things happen that can make or break your sobriety and save your life. Addiction tore through your life without any regard for what you needed. Your ability to repair this damageRead More