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Can Natural Remedies Help Me?

When we’re working to figure out how best to treat our mental health issues, along with our addictions, sometimes we’ll want natural alternatives to medication, or we’ll want to bolster the effectiveness of our medications with natural remedies. Many people find that their minds and bodies respond better to natural solutions and that their healingRead More

How Can Dual Diagnosis Treatment Benefit Me?

Addiction very rarely operates strictly on its own. More often, it is accompanied by other illnesses, many of which are quite serious, including depression, anxiety, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Common addictions to drugs and alcohol are also often accompanied by other kinds of addiction where we are addicted to a behavior, in what isRead More

Why Are We So Afraid of Therapy?

Therapy can be one of the more intimidating elements of addiction recovery treatment for many of us. We are often skeptical about its effectiveness. We assume we won’t be able to connect with our therapists in any real way. We doubt we’ll want to open up to them about the most problematic issues in ourRead More

Can Self-Doubt Lead to Relapse?

There are countless reasons why we might relapse, even when we’re committed to working our recovery program and are fully prioritizing our recovery. Sometimes we relapse not because we aren’t trying hard enough but because we simply are struggling to believe in ourselves. We can become so filled with trepidation and self-doubt that our anxietyRead More

Why Do So Many of Us Relapse?

Even though relapse is a common occurrence during the recovery process, it can nonetheless be painful and disappointing for both recovering addicts and all the people who support and care about them. We have high expectations for ourselves as we work towards sobriety. When we fall short of these expectations, some of which are impossibleRead More

Why Do We Demonize Ourselves as Addicts?

Many of us living with addiction develop patterns of rejecting ourselves and internalizing all of the stigmatization of addiction in our culture. We’re taught by our families that addicts are bad people, that addiction is equated with immorality, and that addicts use their illnesses as an excuse for bad behavior. We start to demonize ourselvesRead More

How Does Judging Others Hurt Us?

Many of us struggling with addiction and mental illness are also coping with wounded egos and all the fears that come with our woundedness. We fear we’re not good enough. We fear we’re in competition with other people. We feel easily threatened by other people and inferior when we think we’re falling short. When we’reRead More

How Are We Impacted by Abandonment?

Among the different kinds of trauma we experience, the ways in which we’re abandoned can have some of the most painful effects on us. When someone we love and look up to abandons us, we lose our sense of security and stability. We lose our ability to feel grounded and centered within ourselves. Feeling abandonedRead More

How Does Embracing Our Stories Benefit Others?

As we work to recover, we realize that no matter how far we might have fallen throughout our struggles with addiction, no matter how ashamed of ourselves we might have been, there is incredible power in having lived and survived our experiences. There is always something positive to be culled from the painful things we’veRead More

What Does Forgiving Our Parents Have to Do with Recovery?

As we’re working to recover, we start to discover that for many of us, our addictions are our way of distracting ourselves from the pain we’re unable to confront and heal within ourselves. Sometimes it’s the pain of our childhoods we’re most trying to distract ourselves from. Many of us experienced some form of traumaRead More