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Can Social Media Exacerbate Our Addictions?

We often think of social media as a harmless tool for connecting with people and expressing ourselves. We use it to share updates of our personal and professional lives. We use it to stay in touch with loved ones. We find helpful quotes, insightful articles, and uplifting material online. For many of us, though, socialRead More

What Is It Like to Live With An Addict?

Being the loved one of an addict can be a uniquely challenging experience. When we live with a loved one struggling with addiction, the challenges can increase exponentially. What is it like to live with an addict? What can we expect to experience and learn from living with an addict? The Turmoil and Instability ofRead More

How Can Recovery Coaching Help?

As we’re working to recover, there are certain resources we can take advantage of that can greatly increase our chances of being able to stay sober. Many treatment programs offer recovery coaching, and there are also private coaches you can work with. Similar to addiction counselors and therapists, coaches have experience helping people to recoverRead More

How Do Our Addictions Relate to Our Physical Health Challenges?

Many of us struggling with addiction find that we’re also coping with serious physical health challenges. We use our drugs of choice not only to escape our psychological and emotional difficulties but also to cope with our physical pain. We might have painful physical health symptoms that we’re desperate to relieve ourselves of. We mightRead More

What Do Communication Skills Have to Do With Recovery?

Many of us struggling with addiction also struggle with unhealthy relationships full of conflict, misunderstanding, and miscommunication. We’re dealing with intense emotional issues that keep us from having healthy relationships with ourselves, let alone with other people. Many of our relationship challenges come from the fact that we’re lacking in communication and conflict resolution skills.Read More

How Do We Go About Forgiving Someone Who Has Hurt Us?

It is a practice to cultivate forgiveness for something that has had a deep and significant impact on us, and it’s often an ongoing process that requires time and energy. It’s far from easy, and it requires a great deal of courage. We need to make the commitment to working toward forgiveness, which can beRead More

Is It Possible to Enjoy the Recovery Process?

We tend to associate the recovery process with all the daunting and overwhelming challenges we’re being faced with and all the sacrifices we’re making, namely having to let go of our drugs of choice, as well as the unhealthy relationships that fueled our addictions. We think of the recovery process as being an arduous andRead More

Can Having Forgiveness Help Our Sobriety?

When we struggle with addiction, our drugs of choice are the coping mechanisms we use to manage and often avoid and suppress our emotions. One of the most painful emotions we encounter is that of anger, especially when someone has deeply hurt or wronged us. It can feel impossible to forgive someone who has woundedRead More

What Can Push Us to Get Better?

When we’re struggling with addiction, we can feel disheartened when we’ve come to believe that nothing can make us quit. We know that it has to be our decision to get better, and we might not feel ready to make that decision yet. We might be scared of failing at our recovery. We might beRead More

How Can We Stop Our Patterns of Self-Abandonment?

Self-abandonment is the act of neglecting ourselves and our well-being, of turning our backs on ourselves, of hating and rejecting ourselves. Many of us have grown so accustomed to abandoning ourselves that we don’t realize we’re doing it. We think that the ways in which we’re treating ourselves are normal, acceptable, and even healthy. WeRead More