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How Do I Support My Student With Anxiety? Part Two

In our previous FAQ post, we looked at the stress students today are facing, the role stress takes in their lives, and the difficulty they have in regulating that stress. For our first tip on how to support a student who is struggling with stress, we recommended bypassing the “I’m so stressed” escape route byRead More

How Do I Support My Student With Anxiety?

High school and college finals are quickly coming which means our country will be buzzing with millions of students who are trying their best to pass their exams in addition to managing their stress. Stress is on the rise for teenagers and young adults with reports of stress, distress, depression, and anxiety consistently on theRead More

Does Digital Media Cause Depression In Young Adults?

Studies which assert that digital media is devastating for the mental health of young adults fluctuates. Over the past few years, the evidence has started to pile up that it may not be digital media itself which causes depression, anxiety, stress, eating disorders, and other body image related issues in teens, among other mental healthRead More

Does Exercise Help Everyone Struggling With Depression?

Exercise has become a nearly universal suggestion for coping with depression. Innumerable personal and scientific accounts have confirmed that regular exercise at at least a daily minimal average of twenty to thirty minutes can greatly alleviate many symptoms of depression. Exercise boosts happy brain hormones, gets the blood pumping, builds confidence, routine, esteem, and muchRead More

Is There Trauma In A Breakup?

Judy Crane, the author of The Trauma Heart defines trauma as any single or series of life events which changes the way we see. Trauma changes how we see ourselves, which therefore changes our sense of self. How we see ourself can largely affect how we see the world around us. If how we seeRead More

Why Are PTSD Symptoms Worse For Some Than For Others?

Creating a strictly objective rule about how we experience trauma, process trauma, and respond to trauma is extremely difficult. Trauma and how we individually handle, as well as respond to trauma, is incredibly subjective and highly individualized. Even if two people experience the same exact trauma event, they will have two completely different experiences andRead More

Could PTSD Put You At A Higher Risk For Cancer?

The scientific and medical repercussions of surviving trauma are complex and innumerable. Constantly, we are making new advancements in research and understanding of both the short term and long term effects of trauma, both in the mind, as well as the body. Today, we have a growingly comprehensive understanding that trauma affects both the bodyRead More

Should We Talk About #MeToo At The Holiday Table?

There’s an old saying about keeping religion and politics away from the dinner table. We are taught that the heavier of subjects are meant to be left away from social, polite conversation because where there is heavy conversation there is sure to be heavy conflict. With the current political climate and tensions running high, thereRead More

What If You Can’t Handle The Holidays?

We’re becoming more and more familiar with this sensation as internet memes and empathized tweets share the sentiment worldwide. Some days, we just can’t. There’s no more energy or motivation left to continue doing whatever it is we have to be doing and bearing the burden of the stress of life. Our self-care has runRead More

Could Your Habits Be Adding To Your Holiday Stress?

In recovery we hear the saying “one day at a time” quite frequently. The adage is designed to help us take on life one thing at a time, which is more challenging than it sounds. Those of us in recovery, whether that be from trauma, addictions, mental health, or more, tend to bite off moreRead More