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What Does Ego Have to Do with Addiction?

Sometimes we associate ego with arrogance, with being full of ourselves, with being condescending and patronizing towards others, and thinking we’re superior to other people. Because our ego is our sense of self, these traits often arise in us when we have a wounded ego, when our sense of self has been injured, fractured orRead More

How Can Prayer Help Us Heal?

Sometimes as we’re healing, we feel emotions that can overwhelm us so much and be so debilitating that they feel as though they are detracting from our recovery. When we feel helpless, when we feel powerless and out of control, when we’re consumed with fear, we can feel like we’re going backward in our recoveryRead More

How Can the Idea of Powerlessness Impede Our Recovery?

One of the fundamental concepts in many addiction recovery programs is the idea of admitting our powerlessness over our addictions. The goal is to surrender our problems and our struggles, to stop fighting and resisting them, and to turn them over to our higher power to help us navigate them. The problem with this conceptRead More

How Can We Become More Self-Aware?

The work we do in recovery is all about learning more about ourselves and developing the mindfulness and self-awareness to really be able to heal from our mental health issues and addictive patterns. For much of our lives, we’ve been compounding our own pain, exacerbating our own unwellness and hurting ourselves. We’ve been acting outRead More

How Are Our Relationships and Addictions Related?

Many of us who struggle with addiction and mental health issues also find ourselves in toxic, unhealthy relationships we can’t seem to extricate ourselves from. For years we perpetuate the same relationship patterns, finding ourselves in similar tumultuous relationships and dealing with the same recurring issues and dynamics within those relationships. We often don’t knowRead More

Are We Using to Find Inner Peace?

As we learn more about ourselves and our addictions, we come to discover more about our motivations for using, the reasons why we’ve become dependent on our drugs of choice, and what purpose we’re trying to fulfill by using. For many of us, one of our greatest motivations is our lack of inner peace. WeRead More

What is Liquid Courage?

One of the reasons we become so dependent upon alcohol and other addictive substances is how they can make us feel, how they influence our self-perception, and how they can cause us to feel differently about ourselves relative to other people and to the world. When we drink or use, we can feel changes inRead More

How is Self-Directed Recovery Helpful?

The work we do in recovery is deeply personal and quite emotional in nature. We’re unearthing suppressed emotions and uncovering wounds we’ve been burying for years under layers of distraction. We’re confronting issues from our pasts and our families, traumas we’ve experienced, and fears we haven’t wanted to address. Because this work is so personal,Read More

What Are Withdrawal Symptoms?

If you’re struggling with thoughts of suicide, PLEASE call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255). When we remove an addictive substance from our system, we can experience intense symptoms related to the withdrawal process. They can vary from person to person and can depend on the kind of substance involved, and how long we’veRead More

Why Do We Question Our Faith?

For many of us struggling with addiction and mental illness, our faith in a higher power is something we’ve been able to rely upon in difficult times, to hold us steady as we undertook emotional journeys and overcame life hurdles. Our faith gives us comfort, peace, and solace. It reminds us we’re going to beRead More