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How Can I Deal With Being Ghosted?

Starting new relationships can be challenging, stressful, and, at times, a little scary. Romantic relationships and friendships make us step out of our comfort zones, create vulnerability, and open us up to being hurt. One situation that tends to be very painful is when we realize we have been ghosted.  Ghosted means stopping communication withRead More

Why Is Communication Important During Recovery?

Learning to communicate effectively is important for many different areas of life. It becomes even more essential when you make the big decision to seek therapy for various challenges in your life. Recovery can be a hard journey. You need supportive people around you and the ability to communicate your struggles and needs. Here areRead More

How Can I Learn to Be More Assertive?

Speaking up can be hard, especially if you are naturally more reserved or quiet. You may worry about saying the wrong thing, looking stupid, or answering questions incorrectly. Everyone experiences these concerns at one time or another throughout life. However, for some people trying to be more assertive can cause great stress and worry. ThisRead More

How Can Coloring Impact My Mental Health?

We have all colored before. It is a staple childhood activity. You grabbed your crayons and coloring book and let your creativity run wild. What most people do not realize is that coloring is a highly beneficial activity for adults as well. Whether you struggle with addiction, mental health issues, trauma, or something else, coloringRead More

What Is Adlerian Holism?

Adlerian psychology was named for Alfred Adler. Adler developed what is known as individual psychology, a therapeutic approach that centers around the client. One major component of individual psychology is called holism.  Holism is the idea that you should focus on both your struggles and successes when working with a mental health professional. Whether youRead More

Can Laughter Improve My Mental Health?

Laughter is such a simple thing. Many people experience this pleasure without even a second thought. However, for people experiencing mental health challenges, finding laughter and joy can be much more difficult. The work it takes to find happiness and joy is worth it, though. There are many benefits to our mental health from simplyRead More

How Can I Let Go of Negative Thoughts?

Everyone experiences negative thoughts. Days don’t go as planned, we have fights or arguments, or we do not do well in an activity, and then suddenly we find ourselves drowning in negativity. For many people, these thoughts go away after a little while. For others, it is difficult to escape from negative thoughts. It isRead More

Am I Holding Myself Back?

Almost everyone is striving for certain goals. We want to be someone specific, accomplish certain things, and surround ourselves with a specific group. However, you might be actually holding yourself back from achieving those things. Success can be just as scary as failure. When you are on top, it can be a long way toRead More

How Can I Get Through Disappointment?

Disappointment can be a hard emotion to navigate. If you struggle with your mental health, the addition of disappointment can feel overwhelming. Learning to handle disappointment will give you a strong tool for your toolbox. Working with a therapist is the best way to understand your mental health better. Here are a few things toRead More

How Can I Learn to Love My Appearance More?

Loving your appearance is difficult for many people. We see our flaws and imperfections on a magnified level. If you struggle with mental health issues, eating disorders, or confidence, you may find loving your appearance very difficult. Working with a mental health professional can help you better recognize and understand what you are feeling andRead More