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Can I Quit On My Own?

Our Resistance to Getting Help Our first approach to getting sober is usually to do it on our own. We’re hesitant to try rehab or to get professional help. We might be afraid to put ourselves through the demanding, challenging work of recovery. The delusion that we’re not really addicts at all can lead usRead More

What is Emotional Intelligence? 

As we’re making our way through our healing journeys, we might come across the term “emotional intelligence.” What does this mean? How do we know if we’re emotionally intelligent or not? Are there ways we can develop and strengthen our emotional intelligence? Seeking Emotional Awareness, Clarity, and Understanding Emotional intelligence is the ability to haveRead More

Why Do We Avoid Our Emotions? 

Our tendency to avoid emotions is one of the most significant contributing factors to our addictive patterns over the years. We’re using our drug of choice to avoid the feelings that are hardest for us to handle. Our emotional resistance and suppression create all kinds of energetic blockages. These impediments impair us and cause usRead More

What Does It Mean to Hit Rock Bottom?

If you’re struggling with thoughts of suicide, PLEASE call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255). “Rock bottom” is the major turning point in our addiction stories where we feel as though we’ve fallen as far as we could possibly fall. At this point, we’ve uprooted our lives and wreaked as much havoc and destructionRead More

Why Do We Associate Our Drug of Choice with Happiness?

  Addiction is a series of mental and emotional associations between our drug of choice and how we want to feel. We become attached to our addictive substance because we associate it with happiness, inner peace, calm, and relaxation. Sadness is one of the most triggering emotions for our addictions. By using our drug ofRead More

Can Rehab Help Me? 

Many of us just starting out in recovery, find ourselves resistant to the idea of rehab, for many different reasons. We might be afraid to identify as addicts. Going to rehab would solidify that identity for us. Recovery also includes hard work. It requires us to go inwards and explore our addictions, our histories, andRead More

How Does Addiction Impact Our Cognitive Function Over Time?

We know that our addictions cause severe damage and destruction. When we’re under the influence, our thinking becomes clouded, and our judgment is impaired. We’re making unhealthy and dangerous choices. Addicted people are not in control of their thoughts or behaviors. By using addictive substances, we’re limiting our cognitive function over time. The longer weRead More

Should I Forgive the Addict in My Life?

 The loved ones of addicts know all too well how hurtful and damaging the cycles of addiction can be. The addicts in our lives have caused us tremendous difficulty and harm over the years. They’ve betrayed our trust and hurt our feelings. At times they’ve angered us and even pushed us out of their livesRead More

How Does it Help to Take Things One Day at a Time?

The recovery process can be daunting, intimidating, and overwhelming. If we plan too far ahead, we find ourselves filled with worry and anxiety, unable to move forward at all. We worry about the future of our sobriety and doubt our ability to make our recovery last. The prospect of returning to work or finding aRead More

How Can Our Anxiety Impede Our Recovery?

Anxiety is the result of all kinds of different things. It can be triggered by stressful situations, troubling relationships, or addiction in general. Our struggles with addiction can be destabilizing and fear-inducing. We can feel anxiety around whether or not we’ll ever be able to recover. Failure is a terrifying possibility. Likewise, we fear thatRead More