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How Can We Practice Self-Love?

When we are embroiled in our addictions and consumed by our mental illnesses, self-love can feel impossible to achieve. It can feel like that elusive quality we often hear about, and we know how important it is, but we feel unable to experience it for ourselves. We feel self-love is reserved for those among usRead More

How Can We Manage Our Triggers?

When struggling with mental illness, our triggers are the things we’re most sensitive to, the things that bring out the most intense emotional reactions, and the things that cause us the most pain. When a trigger hits us, we feel overcome with an onslaught of difficult emotions – sadness, fear, panic, anger, bitterness. We reactRead More

Should We Embrace Our Flaws?

Ordinarily we tend to think of our flaws and imperfections as things we should be ashamed of, as deficiencies in our character, as evidence of our unworthiness and inadequacy. We see them as moral failings, as reasons to hate ourselves. We reject the parts of ourselves that we think aren’t good enough. We become self-deprecating,Read More

What Are Some Warning Signs of a Breakdown?

If you’re struggling with thoughts of suicide, PLEASE call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255). When living with addiction and mental illness, a common and very painful occurrence for many of us are the traumatic breakdowns we experience. We break down mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. We feel as though we can no longerRead More

What Does Forgiveness Have to Do With Recovery?

Recovering from addiction is a transformational process that invites us to challenge the many thoughts, emotions and behaviors that are hurting us and driving us towards our addictive patterns. When we are filled with pain we haven’t healed from, when we’re consumed by issues we haven’t resolved, we’re far more likely to turn to addictiveRead More

Is Shame Hereditary?

There are many traits, characteristics and afflictions we tend to inherit from our families, our addictions being chief among them. We can inherit thought patterns, emotional responses and behavioral patterns from our families, many of which we don’t understand because they weren’t originally ours to begin with. Very often these patterns are subconscious, and beneathRead More

Why is it Dangerous to Enable an Addict?

When we have a loved one struggling with addiction, our instinct is to help them, to protect them from themselves, and to put an end to their suffering. We hate seeing them in pain. We’re filled with endless worry, and we panic that they’ll only continue to keep hurting themselves. We think that if weRead More

How Do Our Fears Take On a Life of Their Own?

Our addictions and mental illnesses are very often a manifestation of the relationship we have with our fears, a relationship that is based on avoidance, resistance, denial and escapism. We suppress our fears hoping they will go away. We avoid confronting them at all costs because the weight of them and the pain they bringRead More

How Can We Fight Cravings?

When struggling with addiction, one of our biggest challenges, what often holds us back the most, are the addictive cravings, urges and temptation we feel to return to our drugs of choice. We tell ourselves over and over again that we’re going to quit. We insist that this is the last time we’re going toRead More

How Does Recovery Change Us?

When we undertake the recovery journey, we don’t always realize the huge impact it will have on our lives. We don’t understand, because we haven’t experienced it yet, that sobriety will turn our lives around in drastic and miraculous ways. When we do finally achieve the sobriety we’ve been working towards, we come to seeRead More