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What Happens in the First 90 Days of Sobriety?

The first 90 days of sobriety are some of the most important days you will ever have in your lifetime. During this period, many things happen that can make or break your sobriety and save your life. Addiction tore through your life without any regard for what you needed. Your ability to repair this damageRead More

Will I Ever Learn to Relax?

Relaxation is an essential component of self-care that allows people to take it easy. Chaos is a massive part of drug and alcohol addiction. It will also follow a person right into their recovery without corrective measures in place. Since addicted people become accustomed to chaos, learning to relax can seem impossible. Addicts still mayRead More

Am I Codependent?

Codependency is a broad term that is often recognized in unstable relationships, especially when addiction and mental health issues are present. People who have dysfunctional families tend to take this behavioral condition into their other relationships without even realizing it. Healthy relationships can be sabotaged by the emotional and behavioral issues that are caused byRead More

Do You Have a Relapse Prevention Plan Ready?

With no cure readily available to combat addiction, people who abuse drugs and alcohol need to have a plan in place to avoid relapse. The thoughts of drinking and using can occur at any time. Having a relapse plan ready to go can give an individual a better chance of staying sober long term. IfRead More

How Can I Implement Mindful Eating Into My Life?

Mindful eating is something that we can all practice. Eating mindfully means that you are paying attention to your eating habits so that you can be in control of your food, not the other way around. Noticing your thoughts and feelings about what you’re eating is one part of mindful eating that can improve yourRead More

How Can I Make Gratitude Work for Me?

Gratitude is a powerful tool in your recovery. Your mental health can be significantly improved by practicing mindfulness and gratitude every day. The Guest House is here to help you make gratitude work for you. Continue reading to learn more.    Gratitude Barriers If you’re not used to showing gratitude, it may be difficult forRead More

How Can I Be My Best Self?

If you’re in recovery, you’re probably always trying to find new ways to be your best self. Some days in recovery will be a struggle, and you’ll need more unique ways to be your best self. Other days will be a bit easier, and you’ll be able to get through your days with the toolsRead More

What Does Stepping out of My Comfort Zone Look Like?

Our comfort zone is a beautiful thing. We’re able to master specific tasks and complete them with precision and ease. What isn’t so great about our comfort zone is that we don’t feel the need to try anything new. We become uncomfortable because we often get complacent in our comfort zone. The Guest House isRead More

How Can Loneliness Impact My Recovery?

Although there are billions of people on this planet, many of us still find ourselves feeling lonely. We often struggle with our recovery if we aren’t getting the social interaction that we are used to getting. Loneliness can impact your recovery in many ways. Continue reading to learn more.   Why Does Loneliness Matter? LonelinessRead More

What Are Some of Depression’s Causes?

Depression can stem from many different things. The causes of depression can be different from person to person, but no one is immune. Everyone can be touched by depression in some way. The Guest House is here to help you understand the causes of depression.    Age Age is a factor when it comes toRead More