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Can I Stay Friends With Other Addicts?

When in recovery, there are some things we begin to question for ourselves, for the sake of our sobriety, for our well-being, and for our happiness in life. One of these questions revolves around whether or not we’ll be able to maintain friendships with other addicts, especially when they themselves are not yet in recovery.Read More

How Can I Facilitate the Transition Back to Work After Rehab?

Returning to work after completing a treatment program has its specific challenges, just as every part of our recovery journey does. We can be filled with trepidation, worry and self-doubt. We question how to handle the logistics and also the interpersonal dynamics surrounding the transition. Many of us are able to take time off fromRead More

Will I Be Able to Stay Sober?

You’ve managed to get sober successfully – congratulations! That is a huge milestone and something to really be proud of. You’ve worked extremely hard, and now you might be wondering if you’ll be able to stay sober for the long haul. The truth is, recovery is a lifelong journey and in order to stay sober,Read More

How Can We Cope With Loss in Healthy Ways?

When we experience loss in our lives, the trauma of it can devastate us in so many different profound ways. We can suffer from worsened depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. We can find that our loss exacerbates our problems with addiction because we feel driven to use our drug of choice to copeRead More

Why is Apologizing So Hard For Us?

One of the elements of our recovery programs that we find most challenging is the act of making amends to the people we’ve hurt throughout our struggles with addiction. We have a very hard time forgiving ourselves and also seeking forgiveness. We find apologizing to be extremely difficult. Some of us never move past ourRead More

How Do Our Losses Contribute to Our Addictions?

The losses we’ve sustained in our lives are some of the most difficult experiences we go through. They cause us tremendous sadness and grief. We live in fear that we’ll undergo the same huge loss we’ve experienced in the past. We fear getting close to people lest we lose them too. We isolate ourselves. WeRead More

How Can I Become More Receptive to Recovery?

For many of us, a major block in our recovery is how closed off we are to healing. We don’t believe it’s possible for us. We think recovery is an impossible ideal that we can’t attain for ourselves. We might have seen everyone around us struggle with relapse, unable to maintain their sobriety for anyRead More

How Do I Let Go of Things That Are Weighing Me Down?

When we’re living with addiction and mental health issues, one of the things that most holds us back in our pursuit of healing is our tendency to hold onto things that are weighing us down. We form strong attachments to things that we feel are important to us, habits, relationships, circumstances, certain issues in ourRead More

What Am I Self-Medicating From?

We all use our drugs of choice for different reasons, often as coping mechanisms for the things we find hardest to deal with in life. One of the main reasons we develop addictions in the first place is because we’re turning to addictive substances and behaviors to self-medicate and to cope with our pain. TheRead More

How Can I Overcome My Fear of Rehab?

Many of us trying to recover from addiction are blocked by our fear of rehab, our fears of seeking out help, and our fears of giving up our current way of life. We’re afraid of undergoing the withdrawal process, especially if we’ve experienced any difficult symptoms before. We’re afraid of working hard only to relapseRead More