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Is Sex Addiction a Response to Trauma?

Behavior cycles exhibited by people with sex addiction often connect to traumatic childhood experiences. This attachment-related trauma can continue to impair your ability to form interpersonal relationships. Such trauma could include physical, sexual, or emotional abuse from a parent or caregiver. It may also include neglect, leaving you feeling unworthy of affection, attention, and love.Read More

Can Adventure Therapy Help Diminish Cognitive Blocks to Treat Trauma?

If you have been struggling with trauma for a long time, you might have learned coping and defense mechanisms as early back as your childhood. Often, these coping and defense mechanisms translate into adulthood. However, when introducing alcohol or drugs, many of these mechanisms are masked by the substances’ escape and relief. This behavior createsRead More

Is Attachment Insecurity Hindering Your Love Life?

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, it is suggested that attachment insecurity begins during childhood. These attachment insecurities exhibit feelings of reluctance, dependence, and rejection. If you are involved in a bond that is contaminated by fear, this can result in various damaging psychological effects. It could even interfere with potential healthy relationshipsRead More

How Do You Find Peace In Recovery?

When you embark on the journey to recovery, you are actively deciding to experience the greatest pleasures that life can offer. While finding peace after substance use is a long and sometimes challenging road, it is worth the effort. Drugs, alcohol, and other substances are the source of your problems, not the solution. Therefore theyRead More

How Do You Safeguard Your Sobriety During the Holiday Season?

There are enough distractions throughout the year to test your will power in recovery. However, the holiday season can add stress and anxiety that may jeopardize your recovery even further. Before you succumb to thoughts of false-futures surrounding the holiday season, take a moment to recognize your sobriety and that the greatest joys in yourRead More

The Problem With Asking if You Are Worthy of Recovery

Trauma is incredibly difficult to overcome and can have lasting effects on a person, including anxiety and depression. Trauma can even compromise one’s sense of self-worth. When seeking recovery for trauma, simply feeling like you are deserving of your own happiness can be a very difficult hurdle to overcome. Trauma can cause a person toRead More

How Do You Find a Fresh Start After Years of Substance Use?

After years of struggling with substance use, you may feel emotionally numb and directionless. However, this is typical to feel in early recovery. You have suppressed your emotions, limiting yourself from experiencing things to their fullest. Some even compare becoming sober to coming out of a cave. You might start your recovery journey and becomeRead More

Replacement and Moderation

Overcoming addiction and unhealthy coping mechanisms is a difficult task. While recovery can help each person better understand the unique way addiction has affected their lives, it is also important to be constantly vigilant and employ self-checks to ensure that one addiction or unhealthy coping strategy isn’t being replaced by another in the same vein.Read More

How Do You Prevent a Gambling Addiction?

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, about 2.6% of the population (10 million people) have a gambling addiction and experience hardships from gambling. Gambling addictions can result from replacing and avoiding emotions associated with pain, stress, grief, and anxiety. They could also manifest to replace another addiction, such as substance use disorder. UnderstandingRead More