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Benefits of Giving up Total Control

Life is easier when you give up total control. Have you ever noticed that life goes smoother when you let go of control? One reason is that when you stop trying to force things to happen, what is supposed to happen will.

If you identify as a “control freak,” you may think the idea of giving up control can make your life more difficult. However, once you let go of what you can’t control, you can focus on what does matter. The time you spent trying to create a plan, predict the future, and prevent the unknown can now be spent on meaningful moments.

What to Know About Control

When you try to control people or situations, you often act out of fear. You don’t know what will happen if you don’t plan, predict, or prevent unknown circumstances. The keyword in the sentence is “unknown.” No one can have a fail-safe plan in place for something they don’t know about.

Focusing on an Exact Outcome Limits You to One Scenario

Open yourself up to the idea that by controlling a situation, you stifle potential. The thought that there is only one way for something to happen precludes what is best for everyone. Your way may not reflect what is suitable for you or everyone. By letting go, you can discover new possibilities or better circumstances.

Gripping Tightly Onto Control Can Limit Your Vision

Imagine how you feel when you try to get something to go the way you want it to go. Now, envision releasing your grip and letting the energy you would use to control float away. Take a deep breath and practice mindfulness. Find the peace necessary to pay attention to your surroundings and process the situation.

Needing to Be in Control Can Damage Your Physical and Mental Health

Needing to be in control can cause stress. Persistent stress can cause high blood pressure, heart disease, or obesity. Additionally, the urge to have total control can increase your risk of anxiety or depression.

Surrender Yourself

Let go and accept what is happening in the present moment. Then, pay attention to how you feel when you insist on having total control. Once you establish your physical and mental reactions to complete control, use your findings to identify when you go into complete control mode. Then, shift your control energy to surrender energy. You can do this by using healthy coping skills like mindfulness or meditation.

Total control can limit your ability to enjoy your life. The act of directing all your energy to make the unknown perfect is time you could spend with loved ones or doing something you enjoy. Let go and recognize you can’t control everything because you are only in control of yourself. The act of surrender is a vital part of your self-care rituals. The Guest House, located in Central Florida, believes everyone can release themselves from what they can’t control. Our therapists can guide you to find healthy coping skills. To learn more, call (855) 483-7800.