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Relaxation is not a luxury. The spa-like connotation of holistic healing practices like massage, acupuncture, yoga, and energy work can make it seem like relaxation is an exclusive opportunity. For those who are living in recovery from trauma, relaxation is a necessity. Rewiring and working against a disordered nervous system is key for making everyday living manageable. Long periods of relaxation are not periods without productivity. Holistic healing practices make showing up and participating in life easier to do, creating a space of spiritual safety and calm in the body as well as the mind. Each holistic healing modality has a wealth of benefits for the mind, the body, and the spirit. Try different healings to find the modality that works best for you and makes you feel the most supported in your holistic self.


Healing hands and human touch create deep physical relaxation and soothe the mind. Third party people who create a space of safety for being touched and cared for are extremely important in our recovery. Massage is about more than relaxation. The practice of massage works to release tension in the muscles and improve circulation. Circulation is important for a few reasons. First, blood flow is critical for good health. Second, the energy and emotion we store in our body when we become stressed gets stuck in our muscles. Helping to heal our physical self, massage therapy helps to heal our emotional self by gently approaching and releasing tension.


Operating on the same Eastern belief that the body stores stagnant emotions, acupuncture also believes that stagnant emotion becomes stagnant energy. The body has natural meridians and channels for energy to move, connection every muscle to every organ. When one part of the system gets stuck, energy cannot naturally flow, causing different health problems. Acupuncture works with both energy and emotion, helping the body release and regulate. Ear points can activate deep relaxation and stress relief.


Yoga is as much an exercise as it is a healing practice. Each asana or position of yoga has a specific benefit which could include activating the digestive system, opening the heart, or detoxing the liver. Deeply relaxing and inherently mindful, yoga is a gentle practice that brings the mind and body into a harmonious union. Yoga, by sanskrit definition, means union. Science has found that yoga has tremendous benefit: reducing stress, producing strength, reducing inflammation, increasing self-esteem, reducing risk of relapse, and much more.