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Building a Supportive Network at The Guest House as an Alumni

If you’re in recovery, building a supportive network after treatment is crucial. Being around people who support your journey and are focused on what is best for you can be the difference between sobriety and addiction. There are many places to find a support network. However, at The Guest House, we have already completed the work for you. All you have to do is show up with an open mind.

This blog post will explore the impact of a supportive network in your recovery. It will also cover the benefits of being a treatment facility alumni and how The Guest House can help you enlist support.

What Is a Supportive Network in Recovery?

A supportive network is a group of sober support people who help you maintain sobriety throughout your recovery. Most often, you’ll meet these people at sober events or 12-Step programs. These people are essential for your recovery because they understand all aspects of recovery and what you are going through. They will be there to celebrate all aspects of the recovery journey and you will be there for them as well.

Building a supportive network in recovery is an important part of the healing process. When you spend time with people who understand your journey and are living their lives to the fullest, this will motivate you to succeed. What’s more, this support group may inspire you to offer the same support for others.

Success in long-term recovery is about being humble, honest, and maintaining connection through a supportive network in recovery. There are many ways that you can build a supportive network in recovery. For example, you may participate at The Guest House as an alumni.

Rebuild Relationships for a Supportive Network

You may have found that your addiction has hurt your relationships. Rebuilding relationships takes a lot of effort and commitment on your part. The first step toward reestablishing connection in your life could include building a supportive network within the recovery community. With each season of your life, you have morphed into a different version of yourself. You cannot rebuild relationships with the version that you previously were. That ship has sailed and now it is time that you board a new ship.

Part of the process of recovery is making amends and exploring the spaces that you have previously harmed. This can be a space of vulnerability and shame (although it can also be a great source of healing). Additionally, it is important to accept that this rebuilding relationship in recovery will look different than you have expected in the past.

A supportive network can help you as you go through the process of making amends. A recovery-based group can provide the foundation of your widening net of connection. All the while, you are in charge of how you navigate your support system and what you want it to look like. You simply need to be open to different possibilities.

Accept That Things Have Changed

Just as your thought processes have changed as you’ve grown, other people have changed as well. You may continue to find new aspects of yourself and ways to express yourself. How you present yourself has even changed. Others may easily respond to your changes and others may not find that they have that capacity. Regardless, give yourself some grace and go slowly in searching for a supportive network.

You will want to be rather picky about the people you choose to support you in this journey of recovery. Think about the qualities you would like to have in a supportive network and how that will help you in your recovery.

Participate in the Local Community to Find a Supportive Network

Getting involved in your local community can be a powerful way to build a supportive network. You can join a book club at the local library or attend community events to connect with others. No matter how you choose to connect, it is important to remember that everyone comes from different walks of life.

Although you may think you don’t have anything in common with most people, this is likely untrue. You may find that you have similarities to people you never would have considered before. Let go of preconceptions. What matters isn’t doing it perfectly but simply getting yourself out there to share connections with others and seeing what happens. The worst that can happen is that someone declines. That’s no big deal; move on to the next person. You have come this far and now is the time to keep it moving forward.

How Can The Guest House Help Me Build a Supportive Network?

At The Guest House, we believe in a magical connection of recovery support. From the moment you arrive until the moment you leave, we are here to provide you with a supportive network. We offer an alumni program for those who have graduated from our inpatient or outpatient treatment regimens. The alumni program provides a supportive network of people who understand recovery. We know that positive supports are the link to long-lasting recovery.

The Guest House thrives on providing the utmost care to all of the people we serve. We continue to help others to grow into their best selves by supporting every person who seeks recovery through us. Support doesn’t end when you leave our doors. Being an alumni at The Guest House continues to offer benefits.

As an alumni, you have the benefit of never being alone on this journey. You can choose to spend as little or as much time as you want engaging in alumni activities through The Guest House. Regardless, we invite you to accept our help as you continue building a supportive network.

Choosing the right supportive network can be a challenge. Perhaps you’ve spent too much of your time in a state of isolation. However, you have come a long way in your self-understanding. It’s time to focus on what you deserve during this chapter of your life. You have put the effort into identifying and processing what your version of a healthy life looks like. It’s time to trust yourself enough to choose supportive and healthy people for your recovery network. Today is a new day for you to start a new journey. If you or someone you know is struggling with building a supportive network, give The Guest House a call today at (855) 483-7800.