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runningEveryone knows about the physical benefits of exercise, such as running. Many people fail to recognize that exercise such as running or jogging can create significant benefits for your mental health. Understanding your specific mental health concerns is the first step in learning which tools and skills may best help you. Here are a few different reasons that many people find success in running. 

Helps Manage Stress

Managing your stress has a big impact on your mental health. Knowing how to work through tough feelings and emotions is a large part of recovery. It is unrealistic to think you will never get stressed out or have an unpleasant situation. Learning to acknowledge our feelings then work through them is key. For some, running is a great activity that helps process those thoughts. 

Calms Your Mind

Running or jogging is a wonderful way to calm our minds. We all have moments or days plagued with racing thoughts and rumination. It is easy to get caught in a circle of negative thoughts and feel unable to break out. Running can be a tool to break out of those circular thoughts. 

Increases Productivity

When we get our bodies moving, it has the benefit of helping productivity. You may feel refreshed and ready to tackle those projects after completing your running goals. 

Boosts Creativity

Some people even claim that running helps with their creativity. Maybe you are a writer, and your time running is used for thoughts on your novels. Or maybe you are a painter, and running helps your mind notice new and unique details. 

Helps With Sleep

After a long and tiring run, you will probably not only find your mind relaxed but your body tired as well. Many people find the activity of running to be beneficial and helpful in maintaining a healthy sleep schedule. When we then maintain that sleep schedule, it can positively impact our mental health and recovery journey. 


Learning which activities help you not only understand but work through mental health struggles is important. Running is an activity that can have positive effects, including managing stress and calming the mind. If you struggle with your mental health or an addiction, it can feel difficult to know where to start or what to do to help work through obstacles or challenges in life. Mental health is often complex, with many layers. Here at The Guest House, we are ready to help you through every step of your recovery. Call us today to learn more about our different treatment options at (855) 483-7800.