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Can Trauma Recovery Change My Body?

Surviving trauma is a miracle. For years, you have lived as a miracle because you are a trauma survivor. You made it through the one or multiple horrendous things which have happened in your life, the things which drastically changed your sense of self, your sense of the world, and your sense of how you fit into that world. Most likely, if you are living with the effects of trauma, you don’t exactly feel miraculous, or that your survival could be called a miracle. Sometimes called survival guilt, not feeling overwhelmed by surviving your trauma experiences is completely normal in recovery.

Trauma manifests differently for every individual, including addictions, behavioral addictions, mental health issues, and even physical health issues. Trauma happens at every level of our existence, our body, our mind, our spirit, even our genetics, and our cellular structure. The severe stress of traumatic incidents doesn’t just weigh on us in the metaphorical sense. Our very cellular makeup is deeply stressed by the stress of trauma. In the body, stress leads to inflammation of our cells, our muscles, our joints, our bones, our heart vessels, our arteries, our veins, and every single inch of who we are. Chronic inflammation and stress are leading contributors to disease, disorder, illness, and more. Whether we know it or not, our unresolved trauma issues can result in sickness which keeps us physically sick in addition to being emotionally sick.

The moment we come to the realization that we need help in our trauma journey is the moment our bodies start to change. Just uttering the admittance, just realizing that the weight isn’t ours entirely to bear, our cells start to shift. With every conversation, every tear, every breakthrough, and every moment of progress, we are relieving the stress of trauma we’ve carried with us for years. As we release more stress, we heal our bodies and give our bodies the chance to finally heal. We’ve seen amazing miracles result from trauma recovery. Illnesses cured, symptoms put into remission, clients who were in a wheelchair stand up and walk. Trauma recovery isn’t a gimmick, it is a truly life changing process.

You can walk through your trauma. The Guest House Ocala offers residential treatment programming for trauma, addictions, and related mental health issues. Call us today for information on our customized programs and availability: 1-855-483-7800