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Choosing Self-Empowering Behaviors

Identifying Self-Destructive Behaviors

Part of recovering from our addictions is learning which behaviors and habits in our lives are self-destructive. Next, we need to identify behaviors that are self-loving and self-empowering. Using our drug of choice is the most obvious self-destructive habit, but there are countless other ways in which we sabotage our progress. Common examples include staying in toxic relationships, placing ourselves in risky situations, exposing ourselves to triggers, or rejecting support. We self-sabotage by making the same unhealthy choices over and over again. We go against our instincts and ignore our intuition. As long as these behaviors govern our lives, we’re sure to remain stuck in addiction. On the other hand, we can make great strides in our recovery when we choose self-empowering behaviors instead.

Prioritizing Feeling Better

How do we know when something is self-loving and self-empowering? We can check in with ourselves and examine how it’s making us feel. When we’re doing things that are empowering, we tend to feel light, free, happy, and calm. Peace, faith, and confidence are the symptoms of self-loving behavior. Our inner voice tells us we’re doing right by ourselves. A good example of a self-care routine would include support groups, treatment programs, and 12-Step work. When we engage in these activities, we feel a deep sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. It will feel exactly the opposite of our usual self-sabotaging behavior. We feel fulfilled, proud of ourselves, and confident in our ability to get well.

Practicing Self-Liberation

Self-empowering behaviors don’t make us feel the bitter regret, remorse, guilt, and shame we feel in response to our addictive behaviors. We don’t feel worse about ourselves after doing them. Our new, healthy behaviors don’t compound our insecurities or make us feel inadequate and ashamed of ourselves. We don’t feel as though our choices are holding us back and keeping us stuck in patterns of self-destructiveness. Healthy choices leave us feeling strengthened and empowered. Finally, we can make a conscious choice to put ourselves and our well-being first. For many, this may feel as though we’re following the voice of an inner power rather than listening to our inner demons. Ultimately, with every self-empowering behavior we choose, we’re liberating ourselves from the clutches of our addictions and our self-hate.

There is no prison more terrible than addiction. If you’re trapped in a cycle of self-hate and relapse, new behaviors centered around self-love can be the key. The Guest House focuses on guiding you as you discover the underlying causes of your actions and behaviors, and the outcome of this mission is to reduce and reverse any harm that your self-defeating habits have caused. Call 855-483-7800 today for more information.