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Finding a purpose for your life can be a significant component of the recovery process. When you find your purpose, you can also find a focus. Recovery is a life-long process filled with growth and exploration. It can also be challenging, riddled with fear of relapse or making the wrong choice. Finding a purpose can help stomp out those fears. A purpose will help you realize your worth, capability, and how much you can add to the world around you. Here are a few suggestions that will help you to find your purpose.

Create Goals

Creating goals is an essential part of the recovery process. How would you like your recovery to progress? Where do you want to see yourself in ten years? How do you want to spend your life? In what way will you continue your recovery and do what you love? Create goals that will help you to journey towards your purpose. Establishing and sticking with goals will be a large part of finding your purpose.

Try Reading

Reading is an activity that many successful people swear by. Read about others who have pursued similar passions as yours. Read about people who inspire you. Pick out books that educate you, motivate you, and move you. Educating yourself is a powerful thing. Head to your local library or search online and find something special to read. Opening your mind can help you think outside of your typical thought processes and step outside your comfort zone. Talk to your loved ones and friends to see what they are reading. Look online to see what books have won awards or look inspiring.

Connect With Others

For many, finding a purpose can be a process. It is much more than simply finding an activity that you enjoy. Your purpose will motivate you to be a better person. Your purpose may also help other people. Consider connecting with new people that inspire you. Learn as much as you can from people who achieved goals similar to yours. You can learn so much from other people.

How did they find a purpose? What did it take for them to be successful? Do you have the willpower to do what they did? Let other people educate you on what worked for them. Then take that knowledge and apply it to your own specific situation. Everyone is on a unique path and will face challenges in their own way. However, seeing how other people face challenges can help you learn how to face your own.

Find a Community

Feeling as if you belong to a group or a community is an essential part of the recovery process. Everyone needs to feel as if they belong and are welcomed. Everyone also needs to feel as if they are surrounded by their equals. Have you found a community to belong to? What activity or involvement do you have with your community? Work on connecting to a community and see if that impacts your sense of purpose.

Volunteer Your Time

Volunteering your time can be a great activity to do while in recovery. As you volunteer, you will be helping other people. This can help you feel good about yourself and see your capabilities. Addiction probably affected your life in many ways. It may have taken away your self-esteem and confidence. Working to gain those back is powerful. You can take care of yourself, and you can help other people at the same time. Consider helping others by sharing your story. Or you may want to help others work through the struggles you have been through.

Try New Hobbies

Trying new activities will help you expand your interests and broaden your horizons. You cannot learn what your purpose is if you do not try new things. You may be surprised what you connect with. You may discover that you enjoy being outdoors and want to pursue a purpose relating to the environment. Or you may gravitate towards a love of the fashion industry and realize your life’s purpose is to promote ethical and fair trade clothing to improve people’s lives around the world. Your options are endless.

Consider Travel

If you have the opportunity, consider traveling. You can learn so much by traveling. Learning about different cultures and ways of life can be enlightening and educational. Finding your purpose will become easier as you see new things and meet new people. Whether you travel to the other side of the world or simply a few hours away, you can benefit from stepping outside of your comfort and seeing new ways of living.

Finding a purpose after addiction can be an enormous task. It is something that can take time and energy. As you grow, you will discover who you are and what you want your life to look like. Think about what your goals are. What are you pushing yourself towards? Consider connecting with other people who have accomplished similar goals. Learn from them about how they have achieved their goals. Try new hobbies and travel when you can. Opening your mind to new experiences will help you to consider what your purpose in life truly is. Some may find that volunteering helps them to realize their true desires. Here at The Guest House, we understand that recovery looks different for everyone. You will face challenges and struggles as you work towards your goals. We are here to help and support you regardless of what stage of recovery you are in. Call us today at (855) 483-7800 for more information.