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From Surviving to Thriving: Making the Most Out of Recovery

Recovery is about transforming yourself into the person you wish to be. The process involves exploring different crevices of your life you were once hesitant to explore. Embracing your potential for change and keeping an open mind about how these changes will affect your life is essential within the recovery process. Throughout the recovery process, you will experience times of great joy and success as well as low self-esteem and disappointment. Ultimately, you will go from surviving to thriving in your recovery journey.

Recovery is a journey and there is no right way to get there. It is your way, and that will look different from everyone else’s way. This article will discuss the benefits of sobriety, ways to make the most out of treatment, and how to handle boredom and redundancy.

What Are the Benefits of Going From Surviving to Thriving in Recovery?

Sobriety is life-changing. Time and time again, you have heard that sobriety is the greatest choice you will ever make. Although it is a good choice, it will be the hardest and most challenging choice you ever make. Still, the benefits of sobriety outweigh the obstacles. It has been said that anything worth having is worth working for. Sobriety is no exception.

Some benefits of sobriety include the following:

  • Being sober will help you look and feel better about yourself.
  • You will save money.
  • Current relationships will improve.
  • You will have more energy.
  • There is a greater likelihood of finding your purpose.
  • You will think more clearly.
  • While sober, you will start to live your best life.

One of the many benefits of sobriety is that you will live your best life without substances. While in treatment, you learn that you may have inadvertently loved your substance use habit more than anyone in your life. In sobriety, you will begin to formulate healthy and positive relationships.

Surviving to Thriving With an Open Mind

There are many preconceived notions about recovery. Do not let these notions cloud your judgment. You are reading this article for a reason, most likely because you are choosing to thrive in recovery. No matter how you got into recovery, you did it. Leave the past behind with an open mind. When you open your mind to new possibilities, you will find endless alternatives for what your life can be.

At The Guest House, we understand that treatment is much more than quitting your substance of choice. Treatment is about opening your mind to different mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and social frontiers. Now you can choose to take that journey further in your recovery.

How Do I Go From Surviving to Thriving When I Am Bored in Recovery?

Everyone feels bored at times. When you feel bored, this can be time for self-exploration as you examine what is causing you to feel bored. Here are several questions to ask yourself:

  • How can I fill my schedule?
  • What 12-Step meeting can I attend?
  • Am I practicing gratitude daily?
  • How can I work on recovery right now?

It is hard to feel like you are thriving when boredom takes over. It is easy to get stuck in a cycle of boredom. In treatment, you were busy with individual treatments and groups. Your day was planned and time went by quickly. Now you have to plan your days and perhaps time is not going by as quickly as you would prefer. Reach out to your support system and ask for help. You do not have to face boredom alone. With just one phone call, you can be on the road from surviving to thriving.

How Can I Make the Most Out of My Treatment?

If you haven’t yet sought treatment or are planning to look for treatment soon, there are ways to ensure you get the most out of it. A few tips are as follows:

  • Focus on yourself. Remember that life will happen whether you are in recovery or not. Instead of paying attention to what is happening outside your window, divert your attention to what is going on inside your own world. Let it all go and pay attention to yourself.
  • Be open to learning as much as you can. Act as if your brain is a sponge and you are taking in as much as you can.
  • Get uncomfortable. If you are comfortable, then you are not growing. Vulnerability starts when you are willing to get uncomfortable and grow. Explore different traits or areas in your life that you struggle to accept. This will provide freedom from stagnant thoughts.
  • Be present in all things. It is easy to daydream or think about what is happening at home. However, this is not going to help in recovery. Mindfulness is becoming a popular tool to utilize in recovery. Be present. This will help you stay sober.

Make the Choice to Go From Surviving to Thriving

Remember the moment that you decided enough was enough? Think about that day when you chose to go to treatment. Your emotions were all over the place, yet you knew it was the right thing to do. You chose recovery. The healing process started at that very moment. This is a choice you made. All of the therapy, groups, and extracurricular activities that were offered would not mean a thing unless you chose treatment.

You have to do the work to explore your thought processes in recovery. All you need is one reason to show up. Dig deep into the core of yourself to find what you want to change. Be open to others’ different perspectives and explore deeper aspects of yourself and your life. Do everything you can to show up for yourself.

At The Guest House, we believe in showing up for you every day. It is easy to say that, but we model it. Come see for yourself.

One of the key principles of 12-Step programs is that you cannot get sober alone. While some people may be able to go it alone, that is not the case for most people. Seeking help during your recovery can be the difference between a relapse and sobriety. Sometimes it is difficult to acknowledge when you need help. At The Guest House, we understand you may struggle with asking for help. We pride ourselves on helping people know they don’t have to do it alone. Let us give you a positive sense of connection so you can stop surviving and start thriving. We want to help you be your best self. Give us a call at (855) 483-7800 today.