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Healthy Compromise

A major part of our recovery work involves making changes to our relationships, particularly the ones that have been challenging or unhealthy for us. We have to examine which relationships are supportive of our recovery and which are contributing to our addictive patterns and mental health issues. Our relationship assessment will ultimately prompt us to start setting healthier boundaries for ourselves. Some of the issues we struggle with the most around boundaries have to do with the idea of compromise. We want to be flexible with our loved ones, we want to resolve conflicts and relationship issues, we want to be seen as agreeable, and we want things to be amicable. This is especially true when there is still tension from past issues, old things we have yet to work out, and unresolved problems creating discord between us. Compromise is a good thing in relationships, and it can be something we prioritize and strive for, as long as we’re not sacrificing our own needs and neglecting our own well-being in the process.

Healthy Boundaries

Setting healthy boundaries for ourselves gives us a clear framework for being able to compromise in our relationships, meaning we can strike a healthy balance and make sure everyone’s needs are met. This allows us to be flexible, to make changes and to think about things differently, to make room for new possibilities and to be adaptive, without giving up our autonomy, our self-respect and our sense of self-worth. In order to be able to establish boundaries for ourselves, we have to connect with our inner selves in a deeper way than we might be used to. We have to communicate with ourselves about what our needs are, what boundaries we need to put in place to make sure our needs are met, and what ideas we have around compromise.

Healthy Relationships

When we compromise in relationships that are built upon a foundation of healthy boundaries, we don’t feel disrespected, unheard or taken for granted. We feel our needs and interests are appreciated, validated, respected and cared for. In our recovery specifically, healthy compromise means never having to sacrifice everything we’ve worked so hard for. Healthy compromise means being able to be there for our loved ones without having to receive their pressure, unhealthy treatment or emotional triggers that have contributed to our addictions and mental health issues in the past. It means choosing relationships that prioritize compassion, empathy, forgiveness and making amends. It means choosing relationships that promote understanding, openness, honesty and support.

Our Commitment to Sobriety

We want to ensure that our commitment to our sobriety isn’t derailed because of how other people are treating us, or because of how we’re allowing them to affect us. Our recovery should never be jeopardized by our desire for compromise, and the relationships that are the healthiest for us as we’re working to recover are the ones that support our sobriety and help us come to mutual compromise together, in ways that care for everyone involved.

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