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How Can I Build Confidence in Recovery?

It is common for a person to be in recovery and have low self-confidence. Often, many people develop unhealthy habits that decrease their positive feelings about themselves. You may have felt like you do not deserve to live your best life or that you are undeserving of happiness. The cycle of negative thoughts will eventually come to the surface and can destroy the positive aspects of your life. Finding self-confidence in recovery is a game-changer in your life.

A lack of confidence can interfere with your ability to make progress in recovery. However, you can start to boost your confidence by making several small changes that can make a world of difference in your recovery. By implementing these changes, you can improve your confidence and your overall well-being.

Use Affirmations

You have undoubtedly been through difficult situations during your life. Sometimes your mind will continue to replay scenarios from your life, and you may get stuck emotionally. Understanding that your past emotions are not your present feelings is the key to building confidence in your recovery. You are not the person you were then, and you will continue to grow into the person that you are meant to be.

Taking several minutes each day to focus on a positive affirmation about yourself will do wonders for building your confidence in recovery. An affirmation is a simple, positive statement that you say to yourself. Thinking or repeating these affirmations can decrease negative self-talk and increase your confidence. Using affirmations may seem silly at first. However, you have spent time focusing on being negative toward yourself, and now it is time to be positive.

Forgive Yourself

Most people in recovery struggle with blame. Addiction affects impulse control, and you may have engaged in behavior or said things that you now regret. Thinking about these past actions over and over will only cause you to experience more unwanted feelings.

Forgiving yourself can be challenging. You may feel as if you do not deserve forgiveness or feel that you should punish yourself. Lack of self-forgiveness could be the cause of your lack of confidence in recovery.

Taking responsibility for your behaviors gives you space to acknowledge and let go of anything from your past. Perhaps you choose to set aside several moments for remorse, or you talk to someone about it. Whatever you decide to do, you can stop beating yourself up and start living your best life.

Practice Gratitude

People tend to focus on negative feelings. However, these feelings can increase anxious thinking and even depression. Focusing on the positives within your life can reverse those tendencies. Gratitude increases positivity within your life and increases self-confidence.

You can start to practice gratitude in your life in several ways. You can start by consciously saying thank you to everyone that you can. Just by speaking those words, you are practicing gratitude.

You can also start a gratitude journal. All you need is a pen or pencil and paper. With a gratitude journal, you are free to create whatever you want and write about what you are grateful for in your life, whether big or small. Eventually, you will create a habit of finding gratitude in all things.

Use Positive Self-Talk

How are you speaking to yourself within your mind? Are you speaking positively and building your confidence, or are you dishonoring yourself? How you talk to yourself in your mind is essential to how you feel about yourself. If you tell yourself that you are not good enough or if you badmouth yourself, your confidence will be affected.

You can be your own worse critic and enemy. When you change the “stinking thinking” that goes on inside your mind, you will change your life. You must engage in positive self-talk to increase confidence in recovery. After all, if you are not a fan of yourself, how can you expect others to be?

Take Time to Journal

Taking time out of your daily routine to journal your thoughts and feelings can be the outlet that you have been trying to achieve. Journaling can be a self-empowering form of inner connection and boost your confidence. The most common benefit of journaling is improved mood. Writing your thoughts and feelings down can help increase confidence and even reduce areas of stress within your life.

Start by expressing yourself through words that only you will read. Write about how you feel in that exact moment and explore the paths that you desire to feel or be. Continue to acknowledge your progress, and your confidence will start to grow. In this space, your self-awareness will increase, which leads to increased self-confidence.

Start by writing your goals and a plan to reach your goals. Go ahead and grab a pen and paper to start increasing your confidence in recovery.

Many people struggle with confidence in their lives. However, a lack of confidence can have a serious effect on your recovery. You may feel that you have all the skills you need; however, a lack of confidence can continue to get in the way of living your best life. With the right set of keys, you can unlock any door in your recovery. Building confidence is no different, and The Guest House has the key to unlocking the door of confidence as you pursue your recovery. We value where you are on your journey and will meet you where you are with open arms. Call us today at (855) 483-7800; we are happy to assist you.