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How Can I Celebrate My Creative Beginnings?

You don’t need to paint, play music, or write poetry to be creative. Artists exist everywhere. Friends, family, and you have talents that show off the artist within. Unleash your inner artist by diving into National Creative Beginnings Month.

What Is Creativity?

Original thoughts or products are forms of creativity. Creative people use their imagination and can suspend all that is known to come up with novel ideas. For instance, a person who can take random ingredients and make a delicious meal is creative.

The origins of a person’s creativity have changed over the years, along with the definition. At first, being creative was linked to a person’s mental ability. However, over time researchers shifted the meaning of being an artist. The belief that visual sense, imagination, and style link to creativity also no longer exists. Now, artistry is any innovative aspect.

Discovery vs. Creativity

Richard Foster, a lecturer at Yale, specializes in studying creativity. He believes there is a difference between discovery and innovation. Creativity is a new thought, solution, or piece of art. Discovery is taking from something that already exists or finding something new. If a person makes a discovery, like a new form of a tiger, they’re not creative. However, if a person comes up with a novel way to wash dishes, they’re creative.

Art Is More Than What You Think

People think of artists as people who draw, paint, play music, or write books. However, there’s more to being an artist than traditional art forms. Are you a person who doodles, writes code, or creates new food recipes? Then you’re creative.

A creative product is something that didn’t exist previously in the exact form. A different way to consider creativity is to expand the definition to include the sciences, medicine, or business. Anyone who takes a risk and thinks outside of the box is creative.

Can I Be Creative?

Everyone has the potential to be creative. However, most people don’t know what happens between an empty spot and an idea. What role do knowledge and thought have on original ideas? Your curiosity is what leads to creativity. When you explore new ways to link unrelated things together, you express your creativity. Celebrate your creativity by exploring what interests you. Be curious, let your mind wander, and don’t be afraid of being different.

Creativity is any new or original thoughts, ideas, or products. Anyone who follows their passions, digs deep, or lets their mind wander has the potential to create something new. A healthy way of thinking about creativity is to set aside preconceived ideas about art. Invention isn’t limited to specific genres or people. The Guest House knows everyone has the potential to be creative. Our art and music in healing programs guide you to find your inner artist. Music, art, or another outlet for artistic expression are healthy forms of expression. To learn more, call (855) 483-7800.