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Quality healing is needed for any individual who struggles with trauma. Those who struggle with substance use disorder (SUD) or trauma need a place to escape and a place to heal to begin a journey into a happier life. Healing is a part of the recovery journey and is an essential tool to help individuals who struggle with traumatic events. If left unresolved, trauma can break and burden an individual for the rest of their life, and having the means to lift the burden of traumatic events on your shoulders is best done with a professional’s help.

Diving Deeper Into Trauma

When you want to begin the journey of recovery, identifying traumatic events is a way to start the process. It’s important to understand that the longer trauma goes unresolved or unidentified, the harder it gets to repair and the harder it is to recover.

Those who have experienced traumatic events as children will often find themselves experiencing difficult situations in the future if the traumatic event is not identified and addressed. The same goes for substance abuse; when an individual struggles with substance abuse and leaves it unattended or unaddressed, it becomes more challenging to eliminate it from their life. However, when you dive deeper into trauma or look beneath your substance abuse, you can begin to make real progress.

The Connection Between Trauma and Substance Abuse

Many people struggle with both unresolved trauma and substance abuse, and the two issues are connected. Substance abuse and trauma can prevent an individual from moving forward and progressing in life and cause them to freeze or have a flight-or-fight response that can jeopardize their quality of life. Therefore, it’s essential for those who struggle with unresolved trauma or substance abuse to consider the rest of their life and find appropriate treatment.

Healing and Finding a Safe Haven

Healing is essential for those who struggle with substance abuse and trauma because it can break the burdens of the past. As individuals start finding healing, they can feel safe and build connections that give them more confidence and happiness in their lives.

You can begin healing through a trauma-focused program. You need to work with mental health care providers who understand trauma and its connection to substance abuse and mental health issues. You need to be comfortable with the program because you need an emotionally safe place to address your past trauma and heal, allowing you to become the person you were meant to be.

When you struggle with trauma and substance abuse, it is essential to find healing. You deserve to live a fulfilling, healthy life. The traumatic events in your past do not need to define you. At The Guest House, our compassionate team can help you resolve the burdens of past trauma and overcome substance abuse. Our facility is located on 52-acres in Central Florida and offers a serene and emotionally safe environment to begin the healing process. Learn more by calling The Guest House at (855) 483-7800.