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How Can I Improve Self-Esteem With Creative Therapies?

Many people with mental health disorders and addiction struggle with their self-esteem. They may hate themselves for being sick regardless of the fact that they have an illness. Additionally, they could regret the decisions they’ve made while sick. Creative therapies can help a person improve their self-esteem during treatment.

What Are Creative Therapies?

Creative therapies are types of holistic therapies that allow individuals to heal by tapping into imagination, ideas, and art. The most common forms of creative therapy are art therapy and music therapy. However, they also include less practiced therapies like psychodrama, writing therapy, and dance-movement therapy.

Though they can occur in individual sessions, creative therapies are most common in group therapy settings. Usually, people work together to create something — songs, choreography, monologues, etc. Alternatively, they can all do independent projects, like painting, with the mutual goal of healing. They may even share their artwork with one another.

Creating Something New

When a person participates in creative therapies, they’re often creating something new. They bring something into the world that wasn’t there before. It’s a huge accomplishment to take something in the mind and make it a reality. As such, people in creative therapies might feel proud of themselves. They might also receive external affirmation by sharing their creation with others in the group.

Moreover, a person in creative therapy could realize for the first time in a long time that they’re capable of completing a task. For individuals with anhedonia or lack of motivation, this is major. It also can help individuals who are faltering in their belief that they can heal.


A person who has lived with mental illness or addiction may feel disconnected from their mind and personality. Some of their choices might not match up with their ideals or values. Through self-expression, creative therapies can help a person reconnect with the things that make them unique. They could begin to feel more authentic in their behaviors. As they start feeling more like themselves, their confidence may increase.

If you’re coping with a mental health disorder or addiction, creative therapies can help you increase your self-esteem. You’ll have the opportunity to create something new and express yourself. These therapies can be paired with traditional therapy modalities to offer a larger benefit. At The Guest House, we offer many forms of holistic therapy, including creative therapies, adventure therapies, and mindfulness therapies. With our programming, you’ll receive comprehensive care that addresses your mental health and overall wellness. To learn more, call us at (855) 483-7800.