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Self Expression

Self-expression is the process of taking something deep within ourselves and putting it into an observable form. This is the art of creation. Some may find that they can express themselves in the form of creative writing, while others prefer artwork. Learning to express yourself is a powerful thing and is often a part of many therapy programs. Sometimes we find ourselves with strong emotions that are hard to put into words. Learning to express yourself can really help that process. Here are a few simple benefits you can expect as you work towards learning to have more self-expression.


As we express ourselves, we become more honest with raw emotions and feelings. Many of us struggle with opening up and revealing what is truly bothering us. Learning to express ourselves in different ways can really help this struggle. By learning to be authentic in our emotions and self-expression, we can form meaningful friendships and move through past trauma. 


Self-expression can lead you to actually learn more about yourself. Sometimes we do not fully understand how something is affecting us until we really dive into it. Art therapy is a wonderful option for this very reason. Exploring past trauma can be difficult and you may find that you just do not have the words to express what you felt or are feeling. Art can make that easier by giving you a creative outlet to get out emotions. Once you begin, you will probably find it easier and easier to express yourself. 

Connection With Others

Barriers form between people when there is a lack of true communication. Learning to express yourself, whether through something like art or simply a deep conversation, will greatly help to break down those barriers. When you are able to communicate your problems, your feelings, or your goals, you will find that others are able to better understand what you need from them. As you journey through recovery it will be important for you to learn to communicate and express yourself to your support system. 

There are many benefits to learning self-expression. As we tackle tough emotions, mental health, or addiction, understanding how to express ourselves openly and honestly will be vitally important to the recovery process. Through self-expression, you can feel a sense of authenticity, self-discovery, and connection to others as you gain the skills necessary to express yourself in healthy ways. We at The Guest House are here to help you through your journey of discovery and self-expression. Give us a call today to learn more about all of our different treatment options at (855) 483-7800.