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Woman staring out the window during a lockdown

Everyone experiences emotional walls at some point in life. For some people, these walls are easy to work through and understand. They do not significantly impact daily life and emotional well-being.

However, for others, emotional walls can stifle growth and impact relationships. Learning to overcome emotional walls can be a necessary part of recovery for some individuals.

If you are struggling to break down walls and better understand your mental health, try reaching out to a mental health professional for support. As you begin your journey towards healing, here are a few ways you can start to overcome your emotional barriers and walls.

Acknowledge Your Feelings

Sometimes acknowledging feelings can be scary or uncomfortable. Many people assume that if they push their feelings down enough that those feelings will not affect them. That is simply not the truth.

Always try to acknowledge your feelings in the moment. When you can acknowledge what you are truly feeling, you can begin to better understand why you are feeling specific ways.

Explore the Formation 

Try to think about the first time you remember feeling guarded and having emotional walls built up. Do you remember when it started? What were the situations? Who was involved? Have the walls evolved over time? Do you feel closed off? Start to think about how you can work through those challenges and answer those questions.

Create a Support System 

Have relationships that create comfort for you. When you feel safe, you can begin to work through the walls you have built up. You will feel safe enough to talk about what you are experiencing and how your emotional barriers impact your life and relationships.

Everyone needs support. Build a group of people that you feel equal to. Having a sense of community where you belong and genuinely fit in will help you slowly break through your barriers and walls.

Having emotional walls can stifle growth and impact relationships. If you find yourself buried behind emotional barriers, try to acknowledge your true feelings. Work on understanding the origins of those barriers and when they began to form. Creating a solid support system can help you to work through challenging mental health struggles. You are capable of overcoming every obstacle. Here at The Guest House, we are ready to help you better understand your mental health issues and work on facing your struggles. Call us today to learn about our different treatment options at (855) 483-7800.