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communicationLearning to communicate effectively is important for many different areas of life. It becomes even more essential when you make the big decision to seek therapy for various challenges in your life. Recovery can be a hard journey. You need supportive people around you and the ability to communicate your struggles and needs. Here are a few different reasons communication is so crucial during the recovery journey

Helps in Understanding Our Feelings

When we can communicate what we are feeling, it can help us to work through those emotions. Sometimes speaking feelings out loud can have a profound effect on our well-being and mental health. You may not realize how much you have kept bottled up inside until you start talking out loud. You also may not realize some of your triggers or patterns until you start to acknowledge and communicate those feelings. 

Helps Others Support Us

Whether you are working with a professional, talking with a family member, or confiding in a friend, those people need to understand how you are feeling to be able to support you in the best way for you. How you need others to support you is probably different than how someone else needs to be supported. Try to be open and honest with those in your support circle. 

Helps Work Through Shame or Guilt

Shame and guilt are powerful emotions. These emotions are often felt by those struggling with mental health issues, trauma, and addiction. Communicating about your past emotional struggles and how you are feeling now can help you work through these powerful and hard emotions. 

Helps Build Connections and Bonds

Communicating with others is a great way to strengthen bonds. Having deep connections with others through recovery can help immensely on those challenging and uncomfortable days. Everyone needs support. If you open up, it may help others to open up as well. 

Everyone’s recovery journey looks different. We are all on unique paths, facing different challenges and struggles. One thing we all must learn, however, is to communicate clearly. When we communicate, we can connect with others, show and accept support, and better understand our own struggles. Underlying emotions and trauma often accompany communication challenges. Here at The Guest House, we understand that it can be challenging to navigate your mental health issues and trauma. We have extensive experience helping individuals obtain the skills and tools necessary to face their challenges and lead the life they have always wanted. Call us today at (855) 483-7800 to learn more about our different treatment options.