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How Can We Change our Subconscious Voice?

Our subconscious voice is the voice of our innermost fears, our woundedness, the deeply rooted pain we’ve sustained from loss and trauma. It is the voice of our subconscious mind, where all of our emotional information and memory is stored. The subconscious mind governs the vast majority of our conscious thoughts, most of which are negative and recurring. What is your subconscious voice telling you, on repeat? How is it negative and self-deprecating? How can we change our subconscious voice?

The first step in transforming this voice is to become aware of what it’s telling us. Where does your mind go when you’re not trying to control your thoughts, when you’re not actively thinking or doing anything in particular, in other words, when your mind is wandering uninhibited? Many of us have an inner voice that is filled with self-hatred, self-rejection and self-doubt. We’re consumed with our insecurities, flaws and imperfections. We focus on the regrets of the past rather the possibilities of the future. We focus on our weaknesses rather than our strengths. We develop thought patterns of envy, jealousy, bitterness and resentment. Our thoughts are fear-based and toxic. And we repeat these thoughts over and over again, relentlessly, in recurring thought patterns that can become obsessive and that can even feel addictive.

Our subconscious minds direct our daily lives, our behaviors and our choices, so when we’re dealing with an internal subconscious voice that is negative and toxic, we’re creating lives around that negativity and toxicity. We’re manifesting our life circumstances with that energy. We’re telling ourselves that that’s what we deserve. In order to change our subconscious voice, we have to counteract its repetitiveness with repetition of better, more uplifting, more affirming thoughts of our own choosing. We have to reprogram our subconscious minds to replace the damaging programming we’ve been perpetuating for much of our lives. We have to be mindful about which thoughts we’re choosing, and we have to be vigilant.

If our subconscious voice is telling us we hate ourselves, for example, let’s counter it by telling ourselves the opposite, so that we can create a new truth for ourselves. “I love myself. I am more than good enough. I am worthy. I value myself. I am deserving. I am lovable.”

Give your affirmations your full energy. Work to believe them. Keep repeating them. Soon enough your subconscious voice will be on your own side. You’ll feel like your own best friend, you’ll be your own ally, rather than your own worst enemy, your harshest critic and judge.

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