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How to Balance Academic Standards and Mental Health

Balancing between school, work, and personal obligations can exhaust anyone. Trying to figure out how to manage your workload and stay mentally and physically healthy is a challenge. If you are pursuing academic goals, you want to keep up your grades and meet your school’s academic standards. However, managing your mental health needs at the same time can be a challenge. Luckily, your goal of maintaining academic standards while balancing your mental well-being is achievable.

Rethink How You Think

Planning is a great way to establish how you allot your time. It also helps to be honest about how much time you spend on a task, how often you study, and how you will manage your other responsibilities while focusing on school. Planning is an effective way to balance your school life and personal life and will allow you to make changes as needed.

Maintaining academic standards is essential, especially if you have a scholarship. However, your mental health shouldn’t suffer because you’re not spending enough time taking care of yourself. Don’t think of spending time doing something for yourself as selfish. Self-care is as important to your academics as studying.

Self-Care Is Academic Care

Society places a lot of emphasis on being busy. Because of the push to constantly do something, you can feel guilty or lazy for taking time off to recharge. Don’t allow guilty or anxiety to keep you from enjoying yourself. Instead, dive into and become comfortable with taking care of yourself.

One way to increase your academic productivity and maintain good mental health is to take a break from doing school-related activities one day a week. Think like an athlete. Athletes don’t train seven days a week. Instead, they take one day off to rest and recover. Athletes who don’t take recovery days risk injury or exhaustion. Just like physical muscles, your mental muscles need a break. A recovery day can include spending your time socializing, being active, or doing nothing. Let yourself unwind.

You’re a Priority

Maintaining academic standards and your mental health means learning about yourself. If you need help discovering how to rethink your priorities or self-care, talk with a therapist. Always remember the number one priority in your life isn’t school, grades, or work. Your priority in life is you.

Balancing academic standards and your mental health is challenging. Learning to take care of your mental health needs before anything else takes time and a willingness to shift your thinking. Because society teaches people that being busy and working is valued above taking care of themselves, many are conflicted when discussing their need for self-care. The Guest House believes everyone needs to rethink how they think about their mental health. Our therapists will guide you to a place of strength and awareness. Our location near Ocala, Florida, lends itself to your treatment needs. Call us at (855) 483-7800.