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What Do I Do if My Employment Is Affecting My Mental Health?

Having a stressful or overwhelming job can significantly affect your mental health and overall well-being. Putting your mental health first can be challenging. You may feel as if there is nothing you can do to improve your work situation. If you feel this way, it may be a good idea to work with a mental health professional to sort out your feelings surrounding your employment and begin your journey of growth and healing. As you start your work with a therapist, here are a few tips to create a work environment that is healthy and supportive.

Acknowledge Your Feelings

How do you feel about your job? What emotions do you feel at the beginning of each day or shift? Are you anxious? Are you unsure? When you can acknowledge and understand your feelings, you can begin to learn how to manage and potentially change those feelings. You may also find it helpful to think about who you spend your time with and whether they impact how you feel throughout the day.

Talk With Your Superiora

Depending on your situation, you may want to talk with your superior about how you feel and when you feel that way. There is a good chance that your supervisor can work with you on certain aspects of your job that can help you feel better. If you are happier at work, your performance will probably be better.

Learning to open up about how you feel can be difficult. You may worry that it will come across as if you are complaining. Try to push through those worries and open up. Continuing to grow and improve yourself is important.

Establish Goals

What are you working towards? If you do not like how you feel, think about goals to help you feel better. Establishing goals will help to give you focus in your work life.

Create an Action Plan

Once you establish what you want to improve, you can create an action plan to get there. Think about every step you need to take to reach your end goal. Large goals can feel more manageable when you break them down into smaller steps.

Maintaining your mental health and overall well-being can be difficult if you have a stressful job. Learning how to create a healthy work environment is essential. Talk with your superior to see if any changes can be made. Establishing goals and creating an action plan can help you make changes in your work environment. Here at The Guest House, we understand that life gets stressful. We are here to help you learn the best skills and tools to maintain your health. Call us today at (855) 483-7800 to learn more about our treatment options.