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Fear can have both positive and negative effects on a person’s life. For many, fear is something that is experienced in certain situations and then worked through. For others, fear can become something that disrupts and impacts daily life.

Learning to make fear your friend is a great way to conquer those struggles and keep moving towards your goals. Here are a few ways you can begin to work through your fears.

Identify Your Fears

Identify what your fears are. Identifying your fears probably sounds simple and straightforward. What are you frightened of? What makes you uncomfortable? What is it that keeps your mind racing at night as you fall asleep? Try to look beneath your surface fears and think about the root cause of your worries.

Create Goals

Create goals that help you to work through and conquer your fears. What is going to help you overcome these obstacles? Remember to break your larger goals into smaller steps. Doing so will make it easier to attain your larger goals.

Do a Reality Check

Are your fears realistic? Are you focusing on the worst-case scenario? How likely is it that your fear will become a reality? Try to stay grounded and think about every possible scenario, not just the ones that frighten you. This will help you keep your fears in perspective and realize how strong and capable you are.

Seek Support 

As you work through facing your fears, it is always helpful to have a support system around you. For some people, specific fears can feel debilitating and overwhelming. It can feel as if you cannot possibly face, let alone conquer, those fears.

However, having people who you trust and can open up to can help you talk about what you are feeling and what you are fearing. Try to be open and honest about what you are experiencing.

Fear can be a positive force. It can keep you safe and help you to form boundaries. However, for some individuals, fear can affect everyday life. Make fear your friend and let it motivate you in your life. Identify what your fears are, and create goals to help you work through those fears. Think about your fears in a realistic way. Here at The Guest House, we are a group of professionals ready to help you better understand your fears and work through them. Call us today to learn more about our treatment options at (855) 483-7800.