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Woman taking a nap on the grass

So you have taken a mental health day. Now, what do you do with your day? Using your mental health day to its full advantage is important. Everyone is different, so everyone will need to create a day that best benefits them and their mental health. If you are ready to start your day, here are a few suggestions to make the most of your time.

Get Some Rest

Sometimes rest is needed. If your mental health benefits from rest, then do it. People often struggle with resting because they constantly think about the various tasks and work that need to be done. We live in a nonstop society that glamorizes being busy. Fight through that. It is perfectly acceptable and okay to take a day to rest and recharge. When we fail to recharge, that is when burnout occurs.

Connect With Your Support

Connecting with your support system can be very beneficial. For some, this could look like a phone call. Others might enjoy going to lunch or shopping. Spending time with those who support you can help you to recharge and refresh.

Fuel Your Body

The food we eat can impact our mental health. Fuel your body with healthy foods that set you up for feeling great and ready to tackle your goals. Everyone is different and is affected differently by what they eat and drink. Take time to learn how you personally are affected by your dietary choices. If something you are eating or drinking intensifies your mental health struggles, it may be something to moderate or give up altogether.

Do an Activity You Enjoy

Sometimes doing an activity that you truly enjoy can help you to relax and recenter yourself. Go for that hike in the area you have wanted to explore. Relax and read that book that has been on your reading list. Take time to do something enjoyable.

Taking a mental health day when needed is important and necessary. Spending your day engaged in activities that benefit you is also important. Your day may look like resting so you can recharge and refresh. It may also look like connecting with your support system or doing an enjoyable activity. Finding what works best for you is important. Here at The Guest House, we can help you learn more about your mental health and what skills and tools are best for you. Call us today to learn more about our treatment options at (855) 483-7800