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How to Prioritize Self-Care in Long-Term Recovery

Learning to prioritize self-care is an important part of the recovery journey. Prioritizing self-care can mean different things depending on where you are at in your recovery journey. No matter what stage of recovery you are in, healthy habits are essential in preventing relapse. Determining the healthy habits and self-care measures you most need and finding ways to implement them can be the difference between success and failure in recovery.

This blog will offer ways that you as an alumni can prioritize self-care in recovery, discuss why it is important, and explain how alumni programs like the one at The Guest House can help.

Why Should You Prioritize Self-Care in Recovery?

Prioritizing self-care in recovery is not just about taking a daily shower or putting on clean clothes. This type of self-care extends beyond what the human eye can see and reaches the depth of your being. Self-care includes nurturing and developing the tools, resources, and power within you to create the life you want in recovery. Sometimes this can be a difficult process. However, you are developing the tools needed to prioritize self-care and become the person you desire to be.

Embracing the ups and downs of recovery helps you to be more resilient and embrace the beautiful parts of yourself. As you embark on this new journey, remember to give yourself grace and practice gratitude for everything.

Are All Ways to Prioritize Self-Care in Recovery the Same?

Because everyone is different, prioritizing self-care will be unique to your situation. This means you have your own circumstances and internal makeup that may require different strategies to address. The best idea is to take time to consider your thoughts, feelings, and actions in all situations. Putting your needs aside will lead to burnout and monotony, and these are two feelings you want to avoid in recovery as they could lead to relapse.

Four Tips to Help You Prioritize Self-Care in Recovery

When it comes to prioritizing self-care in recovery, think about your growth and what feels authentic to you. Here are four tips to prioritize self-care as you continue to recover:

  • Practice wellness activities that add value to your recovery: Wellness starts by examining the things that bring you good feelings during your recovery. This could include the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of yourself and your life. For example, perhaps you would feel better if you took a walk on your lunch break or stopped at the park on your way home from work. Additionally, you may want to set a new goal for yourself such as not eating sugar or spending more time with your dog. These are just a few examples of how wellness can create good feelings and add value to your recovery.
  • Create new habits with intention: One thing that can be difficult is that you will find that you have a lot of free time after treatment. While this can be stressful or tempt you to use substances, it can instead be a time to explore new habits with a positive intention. Recognize that prioritizing self-care with intention can create a positive transformation. With this mindset, you intentionally create habits that will leave a positive mark on your life long term.
  • Write in a journal: According to the journal JMIR Mental Health, journaling has positive effects and can help decrease stress. A regular practice of journaling can regulate your emotional ups and downs. Something as simple as writing your thoughts and feelings down can help you prioritize self-care. You can grab a pen and paper and start this positive habit today.
  • Seek connection: Humans were not created to face life alone. It has been said that the opposite of addiction is connection. An alumni program can support you in prioritizing self-care and connect you to other people who understand your struggles. You may try to find a 12-Step program and connect with others who are also seeking sobriety. This will help you to have accountability to others and maintain a positive support system. At The Guest House, we offer an alumni program that provides many ways to receive support. From the moment you leave treatment, our alumni program will help and guide you every step of the way. You are never alone and can always find support.

How Can the Guest House Help?

The Guest House understands how to help people prioritize self-care in recovery. We understand because we built this treatment center on a foundation of hope and experience. We’ve dedicated our lives to helping others be successful in their journey to recovery. At The Guest House, we’ve developed an alumni program that can assist you in finding the connection that you need and moving forward in your recovery.

We offer meditation and yoga, community outings, volunteer opportunities, individual counseling, and much more. With our alumni program, you have the opportunity to be involved as much or as little as you desire. We are all about helping you learn to prioritize self-care and build a fulfilling life of sobriety.

Understanding how to prioritize self-care can be daunting in recovery. You may have thought you had an understanding of how to do that, but it is not working for you. That is okay. It is okay to put yourself first in all things. Your recovery depends on understanding what you need in order to be the best version of yourself. Taking time to prioritize self-care is not selfish; it is an act of perseverance. You are learning how to be kind to this new version of yourself. At The Guest House, we celebrate this version of you. We want to see you grow and put yourself first. Give us a call to learn more at (855) 483-7800.