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If you are in recovery from addiction, you have gone through a tremendous transformation. You took a huge step when you decided to seek help and improve your life. For many people, that start was a little frightening and maybe even a little overwhelming. Through treatment, you pushed through your struggles and worked to better understand your mental health issues and behavior patterns.

One aspect of recovery that you may have noticed is that you have to develop new ways to fill your time. In the past, you participated in unhealthy behaviors, or your substance of choice took your time away. Now you need to fill that time with healthy and positive life choices. It can feel a little off at first. Stepping outside of your comfort zone can be scary, and growth can feel uncomfortable. Relax and try new activities. Here are a few suggestions on how to fill your time in recovery.

Get Creative

Creative activities can be a fulfilling addition to a long-term recovery plan. Activities that pull you into a creative mindset can provide an outlet for strong emotions. Consider drawing, painting, or pottery, to name just a few possibilities.

If you find yourself interested in artwork, consider taking some trips to art museums. Learn about the artists who created your favorite works of art. You might realize that many famous artists also went through transformations and recoveries.

Finding activities that you connect with and allow you to express yourself can be healthy activities for your long-term recovery journey.

Take Up a Sport

Sports can be wonderful activities. Not only do sports provide you with physical activities to help you work towards fitness goals, but athletics provide you with the opportunity to meet new people as well. As you work through recovery, you will begin to grow and expand into the person you have always wanted to be. Your friendships may change along with you. Meeting new people can be challenging. Joining activities that help you meet new people in a stress-free environment can be a great way to do it.

You may worry about sports for fear that you have never done sports before or that you will not be very good. There are many groups and classes to consider. Step outside of your comfort zone and consider choosing a physical activity that will test not only your endurance but also your ability to try new things.

Continue Your Education

Continue your education if that is something you have always wanted to do. What is your dream job? What would you like to do with your life? Are you interested in anything specific? Continuing your education as you move through recovery can help you to see your growth and your potential. You are worth it. You have gone through a life-altering transformation, and you have so much to give to society and your peers.

Consider exploring classes that you find an interest in. You can then work to decide on a major and a career goal. Work with the counselors at your college. They will be able to support you through your classes and help you to work through any challenges or stress you may experience with such a significant life event.

Try a Support Group

Joining a support group is beneficial for many different reasons. One reason is it lets you connect with others in similar situations. When you can connect with people who have similar personal experiences as you have had, it can help you to feel more comfortable and safe expressing yourself. Recovery is a time when most people need some type of support. Learning to find the support that you personally benefit from the most is essential.

One benefit of living in such a social media-driven society is that you can now join many online groups. Many of these online groups are available anytime, day or night. This gives you the opportunity to connect with people all around the world. You would have never met many of these individuals if it were not for the Internet. Connect with others from different cultures and backgrounds and begin to learn how much you may have in common.

Go to New PlacesĀ 

Recovery is all about finding yourself. If you can, travel to new places. Explore your city and stop at places you have never stopped before. Experiencing new places and seeing new sights can help you start your journey fresh and new. You do not need to keep living your old life. Embrace recovery and start exploring all of the new things around you.

Recovery can be an exciting time. It is full of finding yourself and growing into the person you have always wanted to be. You may quickly realize that your daily life and activities look and feel different now that you are living a sober lifestyle. Trying new activities can be both fun and also nerve-racking. If you are someone who worries about stepping outside of your comfort zone, trying new activities is a great idea. Pushing yourself to keep progressing in recovery is essential. Try out creative activities such as painting or drawing. Others may enjoy physical activities, traveling, or support groups. Here at The Guest House, we understand that trying new activities or changing lifestyles can be challenging for some people. Growth is often uncomfortable, and learning to move forward in discomfort takes great courage. We are here to help and support you. Call us today to learn more about the different support options available at (855) 483-7800.