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How to Silence Your Inner Critic

It is common for people to worry about being scrutinized by others but, sometimes, you can be your own worst critic. Luckily, there is an abundance of resources that can teach you how to silence your inner critic. Silencing your inner critic is not impossible, but it can be challenging. Nevertheless, with the proper help, you can learn to flip the script on your critical thoughts.

When to Amplify Your Inner Critic

Your inner critic isn’t always working against you. Sometimes self-criticism is warranted and can make you stronger or more resilient. It can also warn you when something isn’t right. Whether your inner voice is telling you that you’re doing something harmful or neglecting yourself, there are times when it is worth listening to. That inner critic is a part of you, and it can help identify things that either serve you or hurt you. Learn to embrace the positive aspects of your inner critic, and look for times when you can embrace what it’s saying to you.

How to Live With Your Inner Critic

When you don’t try to hide from or push away your inner critic, you learn to accept a part of who you are. In some cases, acknowledging that voice gives you the okay to work on positive thinking.

Find ways to discover the inner voice with compassion and praise for you. Like your inner critic, there is a voice that can tell you when you’re doing okay or can help you through tough times. You can learn how to access the voice and make it a part of your daily inner dialogue. A few ways to increase your self-confidence and silence your inner critic include:

#1. Change the Dialogue

When you find yourself cruelly talking to yourself, try to replace those words with kind words. Try to tune into your thoughts instead of pushing away pain or discomfort. You can start replacing negative thoughts with positive ones by writing down your thoughts and feelings. Explore what you like about yourself and find ways to grow.

#2. Find Compassion

Compassion for yourself spreads to how you feel and treat others. When you feel kindness and acceptance towards yourself, you become calmer and feel empathy. Letting in your feelings and embracing suffering can increase your compassion towards yourself and others. Your empathy and understanding of what it’s like to suffer can pass from you to those you interact with.

#3. Accept Yourself

Too often, the beliefs and words of yourself or others can take control of your thoughts. You may believe there’s something wrong with you, or you need to “fix” something about yourself. However, there’s nothing “wrong” with you. A part of being human is having flaws. Learn to become comfortable accepting your past and working towards your future.

At times, your inner critic can be the biggest obstacle and, sometimes, leads to self-doubt. Although you may have the urge to silence that voice, you can use it as motivation. You can embrace your inner critic, learn to embrace challenges, and improve how you view yourself. The Guest House can work with you to understand how your inner critic affects and can increase the risk of depression or anxiety. Our private location near Ocala, Florida, provides the comfort and privacy you require for you to begin healing your mind and body. Call us at (855) 483-7800.