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The Benefits of Making Time for Fun

They say that age is a state of mind. Luckily, so is fun! Every person deserves to take time each day to kick back and enjoy themselves. Anytime you do something that amuses you or is lively, those activities reward your mind and body. Sometimes people can start to feel guilty when they have time to themselves or engage in the activities that they love. However, the belief that having fun is a bad thing can lead to unhealthy habits and behaviors.

Guilt and Fun

What stops most people from enjoying themselves? Often, adulthood can make you forget how to have fun. Nevertheless, it’s never too late to learn again. Ask yourself about the last time you took any time to go out and enjoy yourself. If you carry a sense of guilt because others are working, there is a long list of chores, or a loved one is going through a rough time, you’re not alone.

However, consider the broad definition of fun and what it means to you. The concept of what is fun and what isn’t is subjective. Your idea of fun may not be the same as your family or friends’ ideas of fun. The subjectiveness of fun means that your fun is yours regardless of time, place, or activity. No matter what fun is to you, make time for it and don’t feel guilty when you do.

The Science of Fun

Scientists have summarized the mental and physical benefits of having fun from subjective studies. Some of the benefits include:

  • The release of hormones: Laughter and physical activity make you feel good. Both laughter and physical activity releases endorphins and decreases stress hormones. Laughter and exercise can even improve relationships or create a bond.
  • Kickstart creativity: Whether you are into sports, cooking, or arts, the time you spend enjoying yourself is a time your mind can take a break. When your mind wanders, it can develop innovative ideas or solutions to problems.
  • Improves your mental state: As you grow older, having fun or playing can increase your happiness and, in some instances, your cognitive abilities. Having fun can also protect your mental health. For example, happiness is protection against depression.
  • Increases energy: Stress can drain your energy. Many times after a stressful event or day, you can feel tired and out of sorts. Spending even a few minutes a day having fun can give you the burst of energy you need to keep going.

Commit yourself to make time to play and have fun. It is a vital act of self-care and love.

Having fun is essential to your mental and physical health. However, taking the time to have fun can make you feel guilty. Instead of thinking of fun as a selfish act, rethink having fun as a preventative measure. Without pleasure, your personal and professional life will suffer. The Guest House can guide you to find a healthy balance between work and play. Our mental health services help you re-connect with your inner self to find joy in life. To learn more, call (855) 483-7800.