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Having a loved one struggling with an eating disorder can be frightening. You probably feel helpless because you desperately want to fix everything, but you just cannot. Having your loved one struggle with anything is hard to handle. Learning to be the support that they need you to be is essential. Eating disorders are very serious and dangerous. Here are a few suggestions to help you approach your loved one about a suspected eating disorder.

Share Your Concerns 

Tell your loved one what you are concerned about. What have you witnessed that made you worried? The more open you are, the higher the chance of your loved one feeling safe enough to open up as well. Try to be direct yet still comforting and supportive.

Listen to Them

Listening to your loved one is essential. What do they think about your concerns? Do they have their own concerns? What would they like to change? When you listen to your loved one, what they say may help you understand their logic and reasoning.

Expect Resistance 

Expect some resistance from your loved one. It may take some time for them to think about your concerns. That is normal. Be patient and let them remain in control.

Explore Professional Support Options 

Offer assistance and support in seeking out support from a mental health professional. You may even do research ahead of time and present some options to your loved one. There are many different support options out there. Explore what your loved one may feel the most comfortable with.

Show Support 

Everyone needs a different type of support. Talk with your loved one about how they want you to support them through their healing journey. Some may benefit from having you available to talk. Others may want you to help them with goals or staying on track. Try to respect what your loved one wants and needs from you.

Having a loved one struggling with an eating disorder can be frightening. Try to show them support as they work towards healing. You may also find that sharing your concerns and helping your loved one explore support options can be helpful. Here at The Guest House, we know how frightening it can be watching a loved one struggle with an eating disorder. We are here to help and support not only your loved one on their journey but you as well. Call us today to learn more about our treatment options at (855) 483-7800